Matchday 28: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Sandhausen 1-1

Posted: April 2, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Another game of utter mediocrity. Or that’s how we saw it at least. Sankt Pauli facing Sandhausen this time failed to step up and gain the three points despite our early opener. Better in most of the game but still unable to create offensively, despite some bright moments here and there. The lost penalty kick is no excuse. The problem is much bigger. Read below.


The tradition of the early action still stands for Sankt Pauli. 8’ and Park on the corner. First Flum and then Avevor fail to find their way to the ball. SVS clears the threat. The game was mostly a fight for the mid line which we kind of controlled. The problem was that we couldn’t unfurl an offense without messing it up in the end. On 14’ Dudziak sends the ball to Sahin. He gets stopped easily by SVS. Ball goes back n forth and ends up on our side. 22’ and Derstroff passes through our defense attempting to open the score. Avevor is there trying to clear the danger but sends the ball to Förster  who is kind enough to hit the upper side of our upper post and send the ball away. Two minutes later comes the punishment. 26’ and Allagui sends a direct pass to Möller Daehli. The Norweigian sends the ball again directly back to Allagui who finds his way to the nets and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. First serious attempt on our side and the first goal on our side. Of course after that, nothing else besides ball going back and forth exchanging sides took place. The guests tried to answer with no luck. On 30’ Gislason tries to shoot after a Förster, Daghfous combination. No luck. On 37’ a corner from Daghfous worries not Himmelmann who secures the ball. On 43’ another Daghfous – Gislason ping pong ends up with Gislason shooting once again out of target. Final whistle a couple of minutes later sends the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and this time, Sandhausen had the first words. 53’ Förster on a direct shoot against Himmelmann.  Robin says no. On 54’ though our defence made sure the day would be remembered. Another great defensive miracle created by Sankt Pauli defense ladies and gentlemen making Jesus look like a cheap trickster. Park and Buballa go ping pong with the first sending the ball away and the second blocking its way sending it back, while only 3 meters away from our own nets. Take your time and read it again.  The ball goes to Gislason who shoots and evens the score. Well done boys. SVS had no chance of evening the score. We just made sure they’d do it somehow. Anyway. The chance to make up for this act of stupidity on 67’. A minute earlier, Karl brings down Allagui who was alone before Schuhen. Reff shows the white dot. Bouhaddouz takes over. His shot is way too predictable and slow, ending in Schuhen’s hands. No blame in Bouhaddouz. You cannot expect to win a match with a penalty kick. On 69’ Paqarada executes a free shot a bit away from our nets. Our attempts mostly ended behind the mid line, while SVS seemed to have a better control but couldn’t find the nets under no circumstance. (Without us helping at least!!!) On 72’ Daghfous shoots nicely but Himmelmann repels his shot. Ziereis sends the ball away securing our box. A little later, on 81’ Daghfous finds Gislason whose shot is blocked. Ball ends to Wooten’s feet. Himmelmann reacts rapidly and blocks again while Ziereis sends the ball to a corner. If we are to mention something good out of this mediocrity, that would be Ziereis’s improvement. Knew his place and every time he had to interfere, his aid was most helpful. Let’s hope he keeps the same pace. After SVS said what they had to say, the last moments of the game were ours to spend. Not that it made any difference though. 85’ and a nice distant shot from Neudecker a little above SVS’s upper post. Last moment of the game comes on 90+1′. Neudecker on a distant free kick, finds Schneider who tries something like a header but his effort is weak, ending right to Schuhen’s hands. Final whistle. Game ends.

We really can’t really figure out what the hell is going on here. Just check our latest games. We were better all the way but despite that, we didn’t manage to win. Defense our definite number one, when it comes to bad sectors on our hard disk. We really need tons of improvement there. Many mistakes and most of them end up being fatal for us. This time we were both lucky and unlucky. Himmelmann was in a really good shape today but unfortunately, we cannot say the same about our offense that worked a gameplay only once. This one time was the goal. Other than that, it was just one player with the ball running up front and the others just following like cattle. It cannot work like that damn it. There has to be a plan. Something to build upon and as it appears we don’t have that. We are mostly based on solo enlightenments and luck. That just CAN’T WORK. Especially when we suck so bad at defense. Anyway the ranks are so tight that even with one point earned today, a three pointer in the next game could get us in the 7th or even the 8th place.  Of course this means we have to win against Aue next Saturday. One thing is for sure. Through good or bad, we’ll be there screaming our lungs out. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Park    Ziereis     Avevor    Buballa

    Flum                   Dudziak

   Cenk Sahin (Buchtmann 75′)    Möller Daehli (Neudecker 70′)

Bouhaddouz      Allagui (Schneider 86′)

Match goals:

1:0 Allagui (26′, Right Foot Shot, Möller Daehli)

1:1 Gislason (54′, Right Foot Shot, Knipping)

Spectators: 29381

Sankt Pauli cards: Park(3), Dudziak(4)

Match highlights


Further reading:




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