Matchday 29: Erzgebirge Aue vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1…

Posted: April 8, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Talk is cheap

Well, well, here we are… ^^ From a situation where everything was looking under control (people were asking Kauczinski about promotion on PKs 😀 ) some weeks ago to a point when we all start doing calculations about the points required to secure the league. The fact that this change is also a result of a crazy situation with most of the squads squashing within a quite narrow point range is not an excuse. It’s not only about our place in the table, it’s also about the football we play…


Already from the press conference messages were passed about a militant FCSP that we were about to watch in the pitch, so we may didn’t expect high class, seminar room football but we all expected at least a physical and passionate game, especially in a game of such significance as this one. Opening stage impressions were positive not because of anything spectacular taking place in the pitch but mostly because of the aggresive FCSP pressing that gave Aue a hard time but unfortunately didn’t last for long. A quite conservative opening in general for both, with not really much happening. An attempt by Möller Daehli to create a situation from the left (4′), a 17m shot by Rizzuto easily blocked by Himmelmann (14′) and, with this and that and we reached 25′. By then, the opening stage aggresive pressing has given its place to a more “relaxed” way of defending, a situation that Fandrich exploited in the best possible way by making a good amount of distance, observed via eye contact by 4-5 of ours, before he tries the 20+m shot that deflected on Avevor‘s back (good thing that AndyChristos is not in charge of the match report today 😀 ) and ended up relaxing in the back of our net, having already sent Himmelmann to the other side. 1-0 for Aue and the interesting fact is that took FCSP some 15′ to wake up, squad started becoming aggresive only after 40′, something that fortunately paid up. Aue seemed really uncomfortable under pressure and didn’t actually take long. First an attempt by Sahin, good penetration in the box but not the desired outcome, ball ended sky high and immediately after the free kick from the keeper (44′) the equalizer for FCSP, result of Buchtmann‘s persistence who tried once on the counter attack, lost the ball, regained it and cut to the left for incoming Bouhaddouz who finally managed to find the target – for some reason he looked more pissed than happy after scoring ^^ Full time whistle with FCSP having got back to the game but having left no guarantees that, if required, we can do it again…

Back in the 2nd half with a similar attempt of FCSP to press a little more that deflated soon enough and nothing much until 57′ and the moment that Lady Luck twinkled her eye to FCSP. Foul for Aue some 25+m from the goal, a bad wall setup from Himmelmann who unterestimated the opponent and practically allowed a free shot and the shot from Tiffert that bounced first to Himmelmann‘s left post and then to the right before the ball gets cleared the fuck away from Avevor… Our respone an unlucky 20m shot by Buchtmann (60′) and from this point onwards radio silence. This, for some reason which I personally don’t get, turned to a game where both squads where looking more or less satisfied with the draw, both of them were looking far more interested in protecting the back than creating something. Just a personal onslaught from Hertner for Aue on 75′, ending to a shot really close to Himmelmann‘s right corner, who looked though full in control of the situation. And then Sudden Death… Buballa (heads up Daniel!) fucked up out of the blue, lost the ball from Köpke into the box and eventually a penalty was awarded (81′). Probably this wasn’t a penalty but the penalty we missed last week wasn’t either, play on… Penalty was converted to goal on 82′ by Kvesic and that was it. For the remaining 10m of the game our reaction was expressed in the form of a “system” according to which Himmelmann was taking the strongest kick he could and everybody else was waiting on the other side, something that led to nothing more than a Diamantakos shot on a back on 89’… Game over on 94′, was obvious anyway that, the way we would try to score, was more possible conceding a 3rd (in case Aue was interested to do it) than equalizing…

Kvesic executing FCSP (source:

Our entire performance can be summarized just fine by this tweet, posted by YSP, shortly before the equalizer:

Could also recall a certain moment at the 2nd half, with the score still at 1-1, with Bouhaddouz having stole the ball and being at the right flank just outside the box and NO LIVING BROWN WHITE SOUL to be found anywhere around, at least within the limits of the camera. Squad was nowhere to be found during the biggest part of the game and this is not the worse part. What was really dissapointing was the fact that FCSP was behaving in the pitch like we were really happy with an away draw against a team that wasn’t looking able to represent any kind of a serious threat. So much for the Friday statements about going focused and aggresive. And what was even more dissapointing was the feeling that I was left it on half time whistle, that, being back in the score again, would be really difficult to come back again…

Still, this is not the end of the world and there are a couple of arguments to support this. Unlike last years,we are not the ones that carry the pressure, relegation zone is still behind us. Furthermore, there are a lot of possible candidates except us and there will be a lot of cannibalism during the last matchdays. A look at the next matchday alone is quite indicative of the fact that we can do our job even without achieving the maximum results, all we have to do in theory is just not fuck it up. Actually, in the best case scenario, we’re capable to finish the season safe even without achieving any further victory (even from 15th place, where the end of the matchday is leaving us), something of course that I personally wouldn’t even like to think about it. And, for fucks sake, this squad is not a lost case, there are both the individual qualities and the preconditions required to do better than that…

From this point of view, next week’s home game against Union is a bloody final. Boys In Brown, PLEASE (with lots of cream and sugar) WAKE THE FUCK UP, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, get out and play perhaps some good football and, most of all, STAY FUCKIN’ FOCUSED AND DON’T SHOOT YOUR OWN FEET. AndyChristos and Dina will be up there to represent the Scum but unfortunately they can’t play football, neither they nor the thousand locals along with the dozens of fans from all around the globe that will pack Millerntor to get behind you. It’s clearly up to you Boys In Brown, FFS, C’MON!!!

Line Up:


Buballa (Sobiech 83′)   Ziereis     Avevor    Park

    Dudziak               Buchtmann 

   Möller Daehli (Neudecker 70′) Allagui (Diamantakos 80′) Sahin


Match goals:

1:0 Fandrich (25′, Right Foot Shot, Köpke)

1:1 Bouhaddouz (44′, Left Foot Shot, Buchtmann)

2:1 Kvesic (82′, Right Foot Penalty, Köpke)

Spectators: 14700 (sold out I think but not sure)

Sankt Pauli cards: Dudziak(5, misses next), Buchtmann(3), Buballa(3), Bouhaddouz(3)

Match highlights can be found here (you may experience a ball breaking ad first)


Further reading:



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