Matchday 31: Jahn Regensburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-1!!!

Posted: April 22, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Somebody WAKE THEM UP!

Remember all the bullshit talk of the previous matchday about this game? Remember how we said that from now and on every game is a final for us and that we have to face every team with the appropriate heaviness? Remember how we said that if we won today we could leave relegation zone behind? Well all that was true and indeed IF we won this match day against Regensburg we would jump 10th with 40 points, right below Union. But noooo sir. Fuck all that. Sankt Pauli managed not only to fuck up, but also to deliver one of the most humiliating losses so far. Just read below!


First half underway and early action on 10’. Ball in our box and we are trying to send it away (How hard can it be????). Ball up, ball down, ball up, ball down and all that taking place in our box. Ziereis tries to send away with a header but only manages to send the ball half a meter away were Grüttner  stands. He takes the opportunity and opens the score for Regensburg. Sankt Pauli tries to turn this. First on 13’ with Allagui  sending the ball to  Diamantakos who shoots but gets blocked by Weis and then on 15’ when Diamantakos saves a ball heading out, sending it the same time back to Ziereis. Ziereis header is predictable and an easy job for Weis. Another bright moment of defensive creativity from Sankt Pauli on 21’. Buballa tries to drive the ball away but no luck to that. The ball falls on Regensburg feet and, in particular, George’s. He  sends a high ball in our box where all our defensives where standing guard but somehow Adamyan finds his way with a header amongst all of them, sending the ball to the lower left corner where Himmelmann couldn’t do anything. 2-0 for Regensburg and all we could think of was, how things could go worse. On 29’ Allagui tries a sort of shot but it gets sloppy and repelled easily. Park takes the rebound and shoots from distance but with no luck. No problem for Regensburg. On 36’ Corner with Buchtmann. Diamantakos with the header slightly misses the nets. The first half was close to its end and as it looked from it we where expecting no other touching moments but we where mistaken. 45’+1 and the Boys in Brown decide the need to make it easier for Regensburg. Allagui karate kicks Grüttner, and receives a direct red card while Kalla receives yellow for “talking back”. Final whistle for this first half and of we go to find some painkillers.

Second half underway and we’re desperate. On 48’ Regensburg manages to make our desperation even bigger.  Mees  just receives the ball and marches alone and unharmed. He shoots and so simple as that the score is 3-0. The game is doomed so all we wait is something to hold on to. On 52’ Diamantakos opens the ball nicely to Flum who steps over it with his sole and sends the ball to the nets. There’s where we get caught off guard and start making scenarios again. Sankt Pauli kind of found its way over the midline again and all we hope for is just a second lucky shot in Regensburg’s nets to get us back in the game. Of course all our hopes went futile . On 70’ Mees again tries to put a tombstone on us by expanding his foot a breath away from our nets, but Himmelmann is there blocking his shot. On 75’ we saw Regensburg having trouble in scoring a 4th goal and we decided to make it even easier. So…another red card for Sahin who tried to secure the ball from George extending his foot dangerously. Simply no luck after that. Noone expected anything. Just the game to come at its end. Last big moment in the game belonged to Regensburg. 85’ an open ball to Mees finds its way high above our upper post.

Final whistle in the game sounded so damn liberating!!!

Damn we need to write something now huh? What and how? A big question mark was drawn to everyone’s faces after the game. Disappointment along with frustration and anger. A really toxic cocktail don’t you think? Well, if we look at the positive side of it (if there’s any), we’re still able to turn this cos we’re still on relegation zone, only three points away from safety. But then again, judging by what we saw today, how can a team with such loose joints in the game and with such incompetence in creating or holding back claim anything positive from the three next games? How can a team save itself when most of its players look like they’ve already fallen to their knees just waiting for a mercy shot in the back of the head? The answer is simple amigos. With a biiiig, huuuuge slap in the face by the fans. They are the ones to lift you up and of course they are the ones to kick your butt when this is needed. NOW is when this team needs us the most. Stay at its side and scream your lungs out all of you in Millerntor next Saturday. It is the only way to remind these players the meaning of this damn brown white uniform they wear. Everyone there. Next Saturday against Greuther Fürth. The players need to offer blood to their fans to redeem themselves. Greuther Fürth in Millerntor looks like a nice sacrificial lamb.

Line Up:


Park    Ziereis     Avevor    Buballa (Schneider 39′)

    Flum (Zehir 83′)

          Kalla                 Buchtmann     

Neudecker (Cenk Sahin 71′)                  Allagui


Match goals:

1:0 Grüttner (10′, Right Foot shot)

2:0 Adamyan (21′, Header, George)

3:0 Mees (48′, Right Foot Shot, Grüttner)

3:1 Flum (53′, Right Foot Shot, Diamantakos)

Spectators: 15224 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Neudecker(2), Kalla(2), Diamantakos(2), Allagui(direct red), Cenk Sahin(direct red)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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