Matchday 32: FC Sankt Pauli vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth 3-0

Posted: April 29, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Oooh yeah baby!

At fuckin last…Hallelujah. There was no other option. This was ultimatum for us and thankfully the players finally got the message. Sankt Pauli dropped on poor Greuther Fürth’s head like a 10 ton steel anvil and brought the poor bastartds to the ground not knowing what hit em. Sankt Pauli striked early leaving SpVgg with no options other than to submit to their will. Daaaamn it felt good. Just read below!


First half underway and even for us known to be early starters….this was tooo early. Just one minute of gameplay and Sankt Pauli shows its teeth. Buchtmann with the ball passes to Möller Daehli but the  ball ends way to the left of the keeper’s nets. On 7’ came the big bite. First corner for Sankt Pauli. Ball somehow ends to Avevor’s feet. He shoots sloppy and with no luck. The ball is repelled and ends to Diamantakos who passes it to Möller Daehli. His header is led to another corner. Buchtmann executes. Ziereis  sends a header  to Diamantakos and he unleashes an unstoppable vol plané shot that almost tears the nets apart. No reaction from Burchert who was left there a living statue watching the ball break his virginity… Action carried furthermore with Buchtmann on 15’. Möller Daehli  passes and Buchtmann shoots but the ball is too predictable for Burchert to block. Sankt Pauli dominated the entire field and this was obvious on all our attempts. Decisive and always first to the ball. Of course we couldn’t leave our typical defensive bullshit behind. Just like on 18’, when  Avevor in one of his exceptional moments again, receives the ball and while trying to send it away (deciding which foot to use), he sends it directly to SpVgg feet. Narey comes to shoot but luckily for us Himmelmann blocks it. Then again on 31’ he is left all alone this time trying to send the ball back to Himmelmann, he sends it directly to Dursun. A gift Himmelmann made sure they wouldn’t take adavantage of. Taking this two bright moments aside, all the rest was Sankt Pauli. On 39’ Neudecker sends to Möller Daehli who shoots. Burchert  repels but Flum is there and with a header he doubles the score for us. Some minutes later, the ref sends both teams to the lockers

Second half underway and the first chance belongs to Fürth. On 59’ many passes between SpVgg players and the ball ends to Dursun. He sends it vertically to Green who shoots from a distance of 16 meters but Himmelmann seems to have no trouble in blocking it. Then on 61’ comes the punishment.  Diamantakos with the ball, passing it to Neudecker who shoots wonderfully on the top right corner of Burchert and adds another goal to the score board. Great job from Möller Daehli who managed to hide  Neudecker during Diamantakos’s pass, leaving Neudecker alone with time enough to aim. Sankt Pauli seemed relentless. No space left for SpVgg which seemed hopeless, especially after the third goal they suffered. Hasty moves and bad calls giving us the opportunity every time to take the ball and organize an offensive, which of course we weren’t rushing any more at the moment. On 65’ Flum tests his foot  on another shot going really really really close to the outer net area. On one of SpVgg’s acts of desperation, on 77’, Ernst shoots from a distance of 17 meters. Himmelmann laughs as he saw the shot flying way above his nets. A more slow second half. Clearly all bout domination. 78’, Diamantakos dribbles exquisitely and manages to leave himself alone with the keeper but his shot is blocked. A shot from Wittek on 81’ that ended on Himmelmann’s arms concludes all the action on this second half.

Sankt Pauli at last, dominates an opponent team in Millerntor. Better late than never huh? And of course this happened in a game where there was no other option available other than us gaining those three points. For a reason, everything seemed to work. Everything we’ve wanted to see from our team was there. Passion, creativity but mostly a team that played its game based on a plan. And of course there were moments were we could’ve been better and others were we almost fucked up (Rings any bells?) but 95% of the game we looked nothing like this terrible pathetic mix, we did all those previous match days. Nothing is saved though just by this good performance. We are way above relegation zone but still…There are two more games to go and our difference with the teams below us in the ranks is one point top. We need to secure each and every one of these two last games if we want to be certain of our stay in the second league. Next Sunday, Arminia Bielefeld won’t be an easy one. Three points might give those fuckers a chance in Aufstieg. So every motive is with them. The brown and white squad we saw today though will not fear those bastards. Bloodshot eyes and razor sharp teeth await them. Those three points are ours… FORZA SANKT PAULI

Line Up:


 Ziereis  Sobiech   Avevor    Dudziak

               Nehrig (Park 58′)           Buchtmann (Flum 30′)

 Kalla     Möller Daehli (Sobota 76′)  Neudecker


Match goals:

1:0 Diamantakos (7., Linksschuss, Ziereis)

2:0 Flum (39., Kopfball, Möller Daehli)

3:0 Neudecker (61., Linksschuss, Möller Daehli)

Spectators: 29005

Sankt Pauli cards: Park(4), Kalla(3)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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