Matchday 33: FC Sankt Pauli vs Arminia Bielefeld 1-0!

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Home Safe 🙂


…and they lived happily ever after… this standard fairytale conclusion maybe not precise enought to describe the overall situation (hard times will come again) but fits like a glove when coming to describe the relief, hapiness and the resulting euphoria (natural and comparable to drugs 😀 ) that Sunday’s match caused. Yeah, the Boys in Brown stood up to the standards when it was mostly required, did what they had to do in the pitch, secured Liga 2 and gave us one of the best weekends that we had in the last years, read on 🙂


Saturday: in the Buda (as usual)

Leeds to Manchester, Manchester to Düsseldorf and finally, after a lot of suspense about catching the connection flight, finally in Hamburg shortly before 2PM. Baggage drop-off and directly next door to the Jolly for the first hellos and meetups with friends, that actually started taking place even before crossing the small distance from the room to the bar 🙂 Place slowly packing up for the upcoming H$V game (taking last agonizing Bundesliga breaths as this is written), familiar and welcome faces (fuckin’ love this place, I could spend my entire trip at athe corner bar stool without doing anyhting else) and while waiting for signs ofthe rest of the Greeks (almost 20 people this time, details towards the end) the dilemma of what to choose from all the things that were taking place at the same time. U23 unfortunately disqualified due to time and distance, so it ended up being between the Wine Festival Against Racism in the Museum and the Handball extravaganza in the Buda across the street. So, after 25′ Fortuna – H$V, off to handball!

In, just before the game of the Men vs  HSG Weddingstedt/Hennstedt/Delve and an atmosphere slightly different than the usual with the hardcore support missing (“responsible sources” said that this has happened due to lack of support from the rest of the home crowd ^^) and most of the noise coming from the guest block (just the part of the terrace after the door), consisted of people with drums, shouting “D-FENS” (ffs!). This “D-FENS” thing nevertheless proven not enough for the guests as the Boys in Brown simply consumed them like a snack, reaching an easy 34-20 win and gaining applause from the entire Buda, with the guests equally happy having enjoyed the game as well and honoring a guy of theirs that was probably ending his amateur career. Lots of positive vibes and a bloody good place to be, even without the presence of hardcore support, led by fat bastards wearing Octopus shaped full faces and stuff 😀 😀 😀

Boys have just finished kicking some ass 😀

Small break for a smoke outside with a majestic weather and almost everybody aligned like the big crocodiles at the coasts of the Nile, consuming the sun above, along with the news of the H$V defeat already having reached the place (not really bothered, handball was priority at the time) and back in for the Ladies’ game who had an equally easy time against  HSG Holstein Kiel/Kronshagen, taking the foot off the throttle at some point and winning only 31-19. Highlight, last weekend’s Hamburg Pokal trophy won by the Men, which was presented along with trays with shots of various colours. First buddies from Athens had already arrived in the mean time (brothers from the Scum crew fucked up in Berlin and expected later in the evening 😀 ) and we managed to cover a little the part of the support making some funny noise all along, while the Ladies were giving free handball lessons to the opponent (by the way, our No 6 kicks ass, was executing them on the counter attack all along the 2nd half!).

Here was supposed to be a picture of the Ladies after full time but the bastard shot proven blury, have the Hamburg Pokal instead 😀

Finally out after some 4 hours of FCSP handball among friends and goodbye to the Buda for this season (not only for us, was the last home weekend as well). We keep repeating this every time and we’ll do it again. In case you didn’t have the chance to do so so far, a visit there or places like the Borgweg (home of the Blind football, started succesfully the back-to-back Bundesliga project this weekend, winning 2-0 Schalke at Wangen im Allgäu) is AN ABSOLUTE MUST. The heart of the amateur FCSP beats in such places, so do your self a favor next time and try to combine your football trip with a visit to any of our amateur departments.

Just a small request for the end towards our handball department. Would be more than nice next time if we were able to find at the tiny fanshop at the entrance some XL gear for people like the Scum Fat Bastard 😀

Action for the rest of the night moved across the street (what a surprise) when we finally managed to gather almost all together. Boys and girls from the Athens Club, Martino Club (yes, there’s a club there as well), Chania and last but not least the Soridon Scum delegates Ernesto, Marco (gentlemen you still owe ticket money to Torben 😀 ) and Elena, with the local Greek burping beast (Giannis) covering everybody else with all sorts of noise 😀 The feeling for a guy like me, being away from my local neighborhood for some months and getting eventually to meet my FCSP pals in Hamburg along with all the local friends that I haven’t seen for a while as well? Priceless 😉 Special mention to Rafa and the Piratas Del Sur that we were finally able to meet after a long time speaking over the internet and funny highlight of the evening, my attempt to play chess after I don’t know how many years (was never good anyway) and the slow suffering in the hands of the local maitre, Stefan 😀

Suffering in the hands of Stefan 😀

Sunday: THE MATCH!

The decent hours of the last 2 matchdays (15:30) thankfully provided everybody with the ability to somehow make up for the lost hours of sleep during the last days and day started shortly before noon. An incredible sun over Hamburg and the entire neighborhood buzzing from life. A constant back and forth between Jolly and the area outside Gegengerade, stopping every a couple of minutes to say hello to someone and meeting people that we wanted to catch up with – hail to: brother @KleinerTod & Myra, @DerNonnenmacher@fiat_morales & @januarydevil666@Horrstn and to the one of the few that I wasn’t able to meet, @diepauliane – girl, we’re all expecting to see you back next season with us as usual, in good shape and ready for even better things 🙂

A temporary separation from the rest of the Greeks, they went towards the Süd, South End Scum as usual towards Gegengerade, this time to the upper layers, thanks to Giannis, Biergott and a few more people (Millerntor still a small place, we managed to spot each other along the course of the match 😀 ) and everybody ready for the biggest battle of the season. General mood before the game quite relaxed, probably result of the victory against Fürth last week (been told that the mood was much different before that, mostly anxiety) along with the feeling that, one way or another, things will work for us, remained only to be seen if the optimistic mood was justified. Millerntor was looking different than its usual image this season, you could feel the passion all around and, for anybody that couldn’t, the fact of a Hauptribune choreo (!!!) must have provided an indication that today was NOT an ordinary day. Entrance within Hell and ready to go!

Squads about to get in the field, Gegengerade, all systems go

Game on and the first chance for FCSP, less than 10″(!) after kickoff with a Sobiech 20m volley blocked by Ortega. An Arminia counter attack that ended up to a Hartherz shot from within the box that got blocked by some FCSP legs on 4′ and a Sobiech header after a corner in the same minute summarize the opening 5′. Seemed that this was to be a game with FCSP trying to unlock Arminia‘s defense but the guests being ready to grab the slightest chance that we would provide them in order to do some (decisive the way things were in the table) damage. Fortunately even our, tragicomic in certain occasions this season, defense stood up to standards this time and didn’t made the mistakes that made us pulling hair out of our heads again and again this season. A more “quiet” period into the game before FCSP starts unfolding, mainly from the left flank, after 25’. FCSP counter attack on 26′ with Diamantakos crossing half of the pitch before he enters the box and tries a shot (from a really acute angle) that was easily handled by Ortega and another one on 27′, with Diamantakos making the same route (Έεετσι ρε Άρχοντα!) but this time, instead of storming in, he lifted up the head and made the ideal parallel ball to incoming Flum, whose shot ended up really close to Ortega‘s left post, good work! Game on and while most of us had one eye in the pitch and another one checking the other results (situation still complicated at this point), HELL IN MILLERNTOR ON 39’! Again an organized FCSP attack from the left, ball to Park outside the box in a position more fit to a parallel crossing but Mr. Yi-Young Park had other ideas ^^ First he avoided his guard, got in with a difficult angle and while he pretended that he’s looking for the cross, in the very last moment in cold blood, sent the ball in Ortega‘s “guarded” angle (tough when opponent has approached at such distance) for his first ever FCSP goal as a professional, the goal that turned Millerntor to an exploded steam kettle! FUCKIN’ HELL!!! INSANITY!!! It’s been a long time since I last saw Millerntor going sooo wild (this probably must have happened last week as well), the feeling was…in fact I don’t have the proper words but I believe anybody having been in such position can fully understand the feeling… Game on, nothing big until the end of the half and off to the dressing rooms, having already achieved the so hardly needed goal, things were looking like we are almost there but, with all these things we had already witnessed this season, nobody could be really sure until the very end, some serious nail eating expected for the 2nd half…


A slightly different 2nd half, with FCSP more conservative in the pitch and Arminia looking, unsuccesfully at the beginning, for ways to spoil our party. They changed to a much more offensive formation, making also the necessary substitutions and the first worrying signal came on 60′ with a header (sorry, can’t tell who, even after the replay 😀 ) following a corner, just over Himmelmann‘s crossbar. A big moment on 68’ with BIG Kalla collecting a BIG standing ovation upon leaving the match and the moment of horror on 70′, with a bloody dangerous Arminia attack ending up to Volgsammer‘s feet in front of Himmelmann (to the right) – Himmelmann‘s left leg saved the day, our health and maybe the entire season… They came again close on 75’ with a Prietl 30m rocket just by Himmelmann‘s right post but this was as far as they could go… They tried all they could for the remaining quarter of the game but it was looking more possible for us to score a 2nd one in the counter attack than them equalizing but this wasn’t much help for all of us at the moment, just a bad moment could destroy everything. Meanwhile good news had arrived from the other games, was looking apparent that if we were able to keep this, it was salvation from today. Another big standing ovation for Diamantakos on 90′ (Bouhaddouz in, Zehir already in for Koglin from 85′) and then the 3 most agonizing minutes of the past 3 years… Words singly can’t capture the relief that conquered Millerntor with the final whistle and the party that followed for the next 20′ or so… We simply deserved this as fans, nothing more.

Comments on the game? None, except a big “well done” both to coaches (Kauczinski‘s face after full time whistle says it all) and squad (for getting serious even towards the end – better late than never). A small conclusion can take place after the last game of the season next week. Now, just a few words about… Lasse Sobiech:

Have to admit that I became mad when I heard the news about his transfer. Unless something was really wrong in his relation with the club (seems that it’s not the case here), his choice seemed (and STILL seems) to me, simply incomprehensible. Football ambition looks out of scope when going to a club that is being relegated to Liga 2 next season, money looks like a more possible motivaton here. We hadn’t any intention to speak about it (yeah, like anybody’s giving a fuck 😀 ) but the way he played yesterday and especially the way that he led the celebrations in front of the Süd after full time, took their toll on me. Can’t forget his work and contribution all these years. The guy is obviously NOT FC Sankt Pauli but he committed himself 1910% to the Club during the years spent with us. His choice is respected and, even though I hate to admit it, a part of me will really miss this guy… Sincerely all the best for the future!

A word as well for probably the unluckiest person that have ever served this Club in the past 10 years, Ryo Miyaichi, whose teammates chose a wonderful way to honour yesterday by wearing jerseys with his name at some point. I’d like to believe that, regardless of the incredibly unfortunate suffering he’s been through since he arrived at St. Pauli, he feels at home and it’s just a matter of time to finally come back and this time flourish for good in the brown white jersey. Get well Ryo, get back stronger!

And now? Blood pressure back to normal, one more remains: THE SONDERZUG! We’ve been saved, it’s going to be a carefree ride to Duisburg, already jealous of the lucky ones that will make it. A little more talk on the season (not much, we’re known lazy bastards) with the last match report of it. Closing with some exciting news (that probably will not be “news” at the time this will be posted (Monday morning now as these lines are written, still one night in Hamburg ^^), Christopher Buchtmann for 3 more years with us 🙂

Line Up:


Koglin (Zehir 85′)  Sobiech  Avevor

     Kalla (Sobota 68′)    Park    Flum    Dudziak

       Möller Daehli  Neudecker

                                     Diamantakos (Bouhaddouz 90′)

Match goals:

1:0 Park (39′, Left Foot shot, Neudecker)

Spectators: 29546 (sold-out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Squad entrance

End of match

Match highlights here


Further reading:


Post Match – party time!

This atmosphere has been really missed for a long time. The unbelievably good weather plus the victory made the trick. Everywhere around Millerntor, party. Party in front of Gegengerade, party in the Nord, LOTS also around the Clubheim. The neighborhood? Streets full of crowds, indicating the place where pubs were hidden somewhere beyond. Cheering (some “SCHEISS ST. PAULI” involved 😀 ), positive vibes from everywhere and a relaxed atmosphere, the kind that occurs only after some big depressurization 🙂 A lot of wandering around without a specific aim, just gathering moments and final destination at some point (surprise!) the Jolly where all the Greek element was gathered again in order to exchange stories, impressions – was really something listening to impressions of “first timers” (there were at least 6), all of them converging towards the same direction: the magic of this neighborhood and the astonishing surprise regarding the way people are experiencing football here 🙂 Insane scenes around the place meanwhile, with the outrageous bastard Husky wondering around the place, wearing a a tall stool as hat and lots of clean fun until the very end, can’t exactly when it was, withdrawn dead but last Greek standing around 3:00 AM 😀

Now, last day in Hamburg, trying to put together thoughts, not for the season (still time for that) but just for the weekend. Even though there’s still one night left (love Monday evening quality time at the Jolly 😀 ), it already feels like the end, in the sense that mission completed 🙂 There have been a lot of excellent trips in the last years but I can harly recall a weekend in Hamburg lately where EVERYTHING went smooth, and “everything” goes for the football part. Have almost forgotten how it is, having a triumphant weekend at home and, believe me, it makes a big difference. This will be from the ones that in the distant future will be still remembered without having to look at the FCSP ticket album 🙂

And of course, aside the victory who changed the entire perspective, there is also the place and, most of all, the people who make it. Some of them were mentioned earlier, still feeling grateful to some more that weren’t so far. Feeling the duty to say thanks for one more life-lasting experience to a lot of people. Hans & Mahu as always (refer to AndyChristos’ Union report for further details 😀 ), Gianis the Animal from Goumenissa 😀 , Jan the Cider Bastard, Ruben, all the Jolly staff (at least Stefan, Martha, Tania, Kriller, Biergott, Basil, and a couple of kick-ass people that haven’t seen before), Adrian & Kristoph at the SheBeen, Niklas, Kermit, Kaiser, Vögel, Waixie, Sönke, Aris, the Fanladen Crew for being there for us as always (unless you get familiar with the demand for tickets there – for those who don’t know, there were local clubs that didn’t manage to get any tickets at all this time – you can’t really comprehend the appreciation that these people show towards the clubs that travel from abroad to support FCSP, we’re always grateful for that) and I don’t know who else. Starts again, like every live report, to sound like a bloody Academy Award speech but I really can’t help it 😀 Probably a few I forgot and potentially a couple more to be added tonight – thanks a million everybody, till next time 🙂

HAIL, HAIL to the Scum Brothers Ernesto & Marco that I hadn’t watched an FCSP game with them since last August, Elena & Torben, Azzz, Ioanna, Petros, Lambis, Nikos and and the entire outrageous Greek Brigade that made it to Hamburg this weekend – ΑΥΤΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ, ΠΑΝΤΑ ΤΕΤΟΙΑ, θα τα πούμε Αθήνα από Δεκέμβρη αγόρια και κορίτσια 😉

Still one more thing, Hamburg readers DON’T FORGET!!!

PS: One man poster campaign, HUGE respect to Carlos 🙂


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