DFB Pokal 2018-19 Rnd 1 draw: ATTENTION, this is NOT a coffee-shop…

Posted: June 9, 2018 by Zouz in 2018-19
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First of all, happy new season everybody, as yesterday’s draw signaled the beginning of 2018-19 activities. Of course this is only typical and in essence nothing more than a connection to the things to come, before a long period of slumber and mostly transfer rumours that will be interrupted once again shortly on June 29th for the Liga 2 schedule draw. However, we now know our 1st round opponent: it’s SSV Wehen Wiesbaden and after the first (ignorant, read below) Scum reaction, is considered, especially considering our Pokal history (you don’t even need history, just look back at last year ^^). one of the opponents that we certainly wouldn’t prefer, read on 😉


First of all, bollocks!

I wrote that crap. why bollocks? Simply because they should remind something to me, two the reasons:

a) this club is not exactly a local Bierhaus, they have played Liga 2 twice, with last season being 2008-09. This is the season that towards the end of it made my first ever trip to Millerntor, back in the days when Hansa Rostock was considered the primary local rival (no match with H$V for lots of years). Alright, got in in the first place for the magic of FCSP not football itself, so this sounds excusable.

b) This is NOT excusable. Since their relegation they have become permanent habitants of Liga 3 (a place we approached more than once during the recent past) and actually last year they had an excellent season, getting closer than ever to the return in Liga 2 via the promotion-playoff process, a chance that was lost to KSC only for 1 point. In other words if things had turned the other way last April/May they could now occupy OUR place in Liga 2. You don’t know them, you said Greg?

Well, who is SSV Wehen Wiesbaden? First of all, where the fuck is Wiesbaden?

Wiesbaden is located in the South West of Germany, making this one of the longest trips that brown white support will have to take this season. In fact, looks much easier for the guys from Holland and Belgium than for the Hamburg people to get there, thumbs up for the HH commandos that will get on the train/bus to do this trip 😀

It’s a city approximate 300.000 strong, capital of the federal state of Hesse, home of the USAF European HQ and lots of multinational companies that are active in the area. The latter makes them the 10th richest city in Germany. They have a lot of Spas, historic sightseeings and, since 2007, they also have…another football team!

Exactly, the Club history under this name is quite short. The “Wiesbaden” part was added to the initial “SSV Wehen” name on 2007 when club moved to the city from Taunusstein, something that caused the reaction of their Ultras, “Psychopathen Wehen 1999”, who reacted to the move simply by dissolving, giving their place to a new fan core called “Supremus Dilectio”…who came close to dissolving themselves on 2015, in view of a merger with deadly local rival, SV Wiesbaden (ffs 😀 ) that fortunately (for them) never took place. In fact, even though the club “exists” since 1926, considering the city and fan-core switch, one could easily say that they exist as a club no more than 12 years. After all, you’re not THAT inexcusable Greg, you just don’t really give a fuck (and hopefully I will never have to) about Liga 3 😀

Footballwise, they’re expected to be a really tough opponent for 2 reasons.

a) any opponent is a tough opponent for FCSP (says the Scum man)

b) they’re indeed tough to beat (says Uwe Stöver)

Seriously, the club is not a stranger to our Sports Director (not Ewald, Uwe 😉 ), who has spent a couple of years there (11/2007-6/2009) as Sports Director. Moreover, their aforementioned last year performance guarantees a squad that is fully capable of kicking our ass if they catch us with the pants down. I’d like to believe that this will work as a warning side for us and we’ll avoid a fiasco like the ones we have suffered throughout recent years in the Pokal, with most recent last year’s one.

image source: http://www.as-p.com

Their home ground, Brita-Arena (named after a former sponsor), even though it was built n 2007, looks (with a first look) like a small but really pretty old school place, maybe a little more “polished” due to its young age. Has a total capacity of 12.250 seats, 50% of them sitting, the other 50% standing ones. I assume that the name of FCSP alone is enough to create a sold-out, even though the possibility of the game taking place in a stadium not completely packed (data speak about an average attendance significantly lower than 30%,) and with the majority of fans belonging to FCSP should not be excluded 🙂

Regarding their loyal fan-base (Supremus Dilectio), seems that…they’re not so many of them, at least this is what PreussenForum (link to the full article at the end) suggests 😀

Some further reading on them reveals a typical small “Ultra” group, contradictive as usual, with both moments of bravery and foolishness, plus some “unusual” ones – they “lost” their home banner to Dresden Ultras (fuck off!) some years ago…only to replace it with an identical one the following matchday ^^ Searched but couldn’t find any references to right-wing connections or similar shit (if anyone knows something, comment section is always open), they look overall like a small and awkward but still sympathetic footbal fan bunch 🙂

Conclusion? An opponent that shouldn’t (and I don’t believe that it will happen) be underestimated under any circumstances. Eventually, I think that the final outcome will not be depended on how seriously we will take them but on the quality of the Summer preparation instead. Of course, at this stage we are, it’s premature to dicuss anything. We don’t know which exactly the squad will be yet, we have no idea which the opening Liga 2 schedule (starts a couple of weeks earlier) will be, in fact at this stage we know shit 😀 One thing looks more certain and this is not because of the opponent but because of our tradition, this will be no easy ride. Remains only to be seen if FCSP will prove us once more wrong but this time in a pleasant way, for a change 🙂 Match will take place within the 17-20/8 match weekend, plan your availablility or ability to watch, if at some Greek island or something 😀

Next appointment, end of June for the league fixtures. Until then, try an enjoy the worst part of Summer that is actually Summer only in terms of heat and try the best possible to fight the pain from the lack of the most addictive drug in our lives, FCSP!



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