Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli vs Stoke City 2-0

Posted: July 28, 2018 by Zouz in 2018
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No conclusions, a good afternoon

Yeps boys and girls, holidays are over. The traditional season opener at Millerntor signaled the kick-off of the new season, fun is over, next week we play Liga. This year’s guest, the usual suspect after the partnership that nobody has understood its nature, Stoke City. Positive of the situation? Stoke City broadacsted the game, they’re offering free registration to their web TV channel (thumbs up for that!), meaning that we had the chance in the last moment to watch the game live 😉


News spread really fast and Soridon opened for the few around to watch. News from there are encouraging, the Scum Electrician and (non) football Guru, Mr. Kostas, after watching the match, stated that “we’re ready” 😀 My sorry ass is missing the place, thankfully end of November approaches (there will be a stop at Hamburg in between ^^) and will have the chance to watch at least 3-4 games in there, Leeds is good but nothing like the Scum home 😀

Typical Hamburg weather for the opener, still a good crowd (15.311) for the match, Süd and Nord closed but the rest of the stadium quite occupied. A crowd that, except the football game, had the chance to experience a unique moment.

No words needed here, anyone not aware about his offer to the Club can click on the “x” button at the top of the tab now, hopefully there will be a lot more, in or out of the pitch 🙂 Happy anniversary Schnecke 🙂 ☠️

To the game now, game started with what which appears to be close to next Sunday’s starting XI (no info on that, just the thing that makes sense to do), a 4-1-4-1 formation (whateva 😀 ) and Sami Allagui losing the first chance of the game on 1′, missing slightly Butland‘s left corner from 15m 🙂 Guests had the response with Berahino but Himmelmann was ready and repelled his powerful shot (into the box, to the right) to corner. After a promising start, Stoke started looking more in conrol until 20′-something when a drinking break occured (really don’t get it, it was raining socks, unless they stopped because of it). After the break FCSP had again a good moment with Knoll on 27′ (25m shot, bueatifuly saved by Butland) but the following 10′ were more for the guests and Himmelmann showεd that he’s in a really good condition (hopefully things are indeed this way), acting correctly in 3 occasions (33′ McLean, 36′ Ince (no link on kicker!!! 😀 ) free kick, there was also a Berahino goal, correctly called off for offensive foul on Himmelmann, on 34′) before FCSP responds with the last good chance of the first half, a Möller Daehli close call, following a pass from Allagui (who looks much more effective in giving assists than finishing the job) that was saved by Butland (watching the match, I had the impression that it was a defending tackle) on 39′. Half time 0-0 but after a game better than the score suggests and FCSP having shown that we can play good football during periods of the game.

Source: FCSP EN on Twitter

Things changed with the beginning of the 2nd half. FCSP fixed the gaps at the back, started dominating the game and approaching closer to the other end of the field. Results started soon to appear, a good but unsuccessful Sobota onslaught on 51′, an Allagui shot on Butland, following a defensive error on 53′ and finally the 1-0 on 60′ with Allagui serving from the right (see? 😀 ) and Möller Daehli finishing from 11m 🙂 No serious game for some time, nothing much for the 10′ that followed the goal and 10 (6 for FCSP, 4 for Stoke) substitutions between 71′ and 74′. Game started resuming after 75′ but finished (in terms of suspense) soon enough. An 18m shot for Stoke (Edwards 78′) over Himmelmann‘s (was ready) crossbar, newcomer Neudecker‘s shot on Butland‘s right outer post on 79′ and…2-0 on 80’ thanks to an aerial martial arts move (nobody around in risk) by another newcomer, Schneider on 80′ 🙂 Things of course could be otherwise if Diouf wasn’t missing the unmissable on 82′ 😀 It could be even 3-0 but, after the entrance of Ryo Miyaichi on 87′ (welcome back Ryo!!!), Butland (last man standing) stopped once more Neudecker from 5m on 90′ 🙂 FT FCSP 2 – Stoke 0.

Winning Stoke one week before the start of the season means nothing. We did it last year as well but it didn’t help much. Still, squad looked in a good shape, most of the guys used seemed like they are in a good personal shape as well. If squad can be solid enough and have a performance similar to the one of the 2nd half, it could be normally good enough for Magdeburg but this is just a gut feeling. Good seeing Millerntor being alive again (even from TV) expected to be much livelier for the first home game but before that fingers crossed and positive energy everywhere for the match vs Magdeburg next Sunday, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠️☠️☠️

No match stats today, we’ll be doing this shit for the entire season and, after all, nobody gives really a fuck 😂 Refer to the pages in the “Further reading” section below 😀

1-0 Möller Daehli 60′

2-0, Schneider 80′


Further reading:


Not over yet ^^

Union Jacks and St. George’s crosses, some of them serving as cloacks for people inside Millerntor. Things that normally wouldn’t be tolerated happen because of a partnership that no one (at least, haven’t met anyone yet) understands. Even the game wasn’t so friendly, this is a connection that nobody seems to feel. “Ethically speaking”, this doesn’t seem like a compatible with our Club’s values partnership, there are lots of clubs in the UK alone that are far more fit for a partnership in this sense. However, there are bigger contradictions in the Club, the existence of Under Armour speaks for itself, so let’s assume “for the progress of the conversation” that it’s alright and have a look at the sporting benefits. Has anyone seen any? Alright, maybe the Club has identified some long term-benefits that we are not in a position to know. Fair enough, let’s say that this is alright as well…

Still, why we should have that crap in and around the stadium? Asked the friend who sent me the photo above (knows stuff ^^) why we playing vs them at the dress rehearshal and not vs Celtic for example. He responded “Celtic PLC is a bastard” ( 😂😂😂 ). OK, disappointing news for the FCSP/Celtic cult lovers, still there are plenty of clubs coming directly at the edge of the tongue that could serve as better partners in such an occasion. C’mon Club, this should be a feast for the new season in a way, we all (us and you) deserve better than this 😉

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