Matchday 02: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Darmstadt 2-0

Posted: August 11, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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This is Millerntor you fuckerzzz!!!

Ok what’s better than the situation as it is now? And I mean now. The view at the table shows clearly Sankt Pauli in the first place and Hamburg in the last. We can officially end the season now. Bahahaha…Ok let’s cut the crap.  A big meeting at Soridon as usual yesterday with the boys from The Athen Klub being there with us supporting with their vibe (Vasilis – the teacher feeding us potato chips with a special hot sauce to lift up our spirit) and all of us together witnessed another Match day of Sankt Pauli dominating their opponent inside Millerntor this time. Read below.


Early on 4’ and after a DaehliNeudecker collaboration, the ball ends with Buchtmann. He shoots but Heuer Fernandes is there and blocks. Then on 11’ Allagui with the ball marching towards Darmstadt’s box from the side. Trying to open a ball for Buchtmann but Holland cuts its flow, leaving it for Heuer Fernandes. On 17’ Allagui on an air duel leaves the ball to Flum. His shot a couple of meters away from Darmstadt nets. The action is relentless. Sankt Pauli dominating the entire field hammering Darmstadt. On 26’ Allagui leaves cleverly for Möller Daehli. He marches from the left side and opens a ball for Flum. Flum’s header though goes a bit higher then the upper post. Then on 28’ it was time for our defense to shine. Free kick for Darmstadt and Sulu finds his way to the ball between Ziereis and Avevor. Himmelmann makes a miraculous save and sends the ball to a corner. That was all with Darmstadt though. Sankt Pauli kept working on ways to break their defense but Darmstadt’s game was really closed. Almost all of Darmstadt standing in front of Heuer Fernandes trying to survive this first half. On 36’ our defense once again decides to fuck up. Second time Darmstadt made it to our box and second time our defense fucks up. Holland sends to Dursun and he shoots. Damn lucky Himmelmann was in a good day and repels the danger. And that sums up all the action in this first half. 1 minute of extra time and the ref sends the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli seemed fiercer than ever. The midline was ours clearly. Didn’t take much for Darmstadt to understand. On 52’ working with the ball in our midline and it ends with Möller Daehli. He opens it from the left aiming for someone’s head in Darmstadt’s box. Neudecker pulls back smart and gets himself free from all Darmstadt defensives. The header ends in Darmstadt’s nets. The party had only begun. Almost close to the second one on 67’. Möller Daehli sends a high lobe to Allagui leaving him alone behind Darmstadt’s defense line. Allagui just dribbles and dribbles and dribbles, up until the entire defense is back to their box. He passes through the keeper but his shot is stopped by Darmstadt defensives. Just shoot the damn ball man. Of course in all our domination over the field we couldn’t skip giving Darmstadt some moments. On 72’ a free kick for Darmstadt and the ball passes in front of our defensives. Franke’s head reaches first as Avevor observes the header being blocked by Himmelmann. Avevor once again caught not knowing where the freakin ball was. Turning round and round in despair trying to locate the damn thing. Seriously??? Anyway on 85’ Neudecker sees an opening though Darmstadt defense. Dribbles right through it and sends the ball to Buchtmann who doubles the goals for Sankt Pauli. Then on 89’ Sobota almost scores a third goal. If only his shot was couple of inches lower. He finds the upper post. 2 minutes of extra time and the game is over.

Sankt Pauli was dominant in the entire game. Damn it this is what we’d call a home game. Millerntor devoured pour Darmstadt from the first moment. This was something we needed to see at last. The previous season every home game meant defeat or tie. This had to change and hopefully this is the start of a new era. Kauczinski seems to have created a really solid middle line for Sankt Pauli. Exactly what we said in the previous match report. The main burden of scoring would go to the mid line leaving Allagui to open spaces for them but still. Allagui…enough with the dribbling my good man. Just fuckin shoot the damn thing. You just can’t miss opportunities like the one on 67’. Just can’t. And of course here we have to mention that all that was possible only cos Himmelmann was in an awesome day. Avevor and Ziereis keep on fucking everything up and if we don’t work on that, this will be our downfall. Next week there’s our first DFB-Pokal game against Wehen from Liga 3. Friday on 21:45 (Greek time). Chance for the coach to give some players a rest and work on rotation for others. No matter what, we stand our ground. FORZA SANKT PAULI.

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis   Avevor   Buballa


Neudecker Flum Buchtmann (Nehrig 90’+1) Möller Daehli (Sobota 77′) 

                       Allagui (Diamantakos 73′)


Match goals:

1:0 Neudecker (52′, Header, Möller Daehli)

2:0 Buchtmann (85′, Right Foot shot, Neudecker)

Spectators: 29140

Sankt Pauli cards: Neudecker(1), Ziereis(1), Sobota(1)

Match (extended, 10′) highlights here


Further reading:


The table ^^

Just look at it. Isn’t it a really nice wat for the ranks to be? Just ends the season now damn it!! 🙂 🙂


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