News: Brief farewell to a Brown White Hero…

Posted: August 19, 2018 by Zouz in FCSP Players, News
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Earlier today, Philipp Heerwagen‘s transfer to FC Ingolstadt was announced, with a contract valid until the end of the season. This is a sad day for the Club (wanted to keep him), for us fans and in a way even for Philipp himself who probably had to make the hard choice between staying with the Club that he loves or finally having the chance to play, at least for a while, football before the end of his career. Saying that he will be missed is just not able to describe the feeling. In fact nobody will be missed as much as Philipp Heerwagen, considering the total time that spent playing with FCSP all these years…


Why? Simply because really few in the past 7 years identified so much with the club at the level Philipp Heerwagen did. When others were posting glamorous selfies on social media, Heerwagen was in Ethiopia with Viva Con Aqua. When others were asking for more money or more playing time, Heerwagen was just waiting, without any complains or other shit. And you know what? He kept on doing this even when it was obvious that he wasn’t taking the chances he deserved. There are strong indications to support this but this would lead to a really awkward discussion that has really nothing to offer…

The above have nothing to do with Kauczinski‘s choices who are completely respected and there’s actually some strong logic behind them. Still, I will personally never understand why he chose NOT to use him on matchday 34 last season, when we were already safe… Heerwagen should have his chances even before Kauczinski arrives, being used at Duisburg would be more a gesture of appreciation than a vote of confidence.

One way or another, Philipp is 35. A goalkeeper aged 35, being practically inactive for the past 7 years (with the exeption of season 2016-17). This looks like his last chance to play football and, from this point of view, his decision is respected. We all wish that he will not regret this choice and his remaining football years will pay back for today. After that, we would really like to see him involved in the Brown White happenings again. He has already won his place in the Brown White Hall Of Fame, he’s one of us…

That’s why today’s news are so sad, even though they didn’t come as a shock… He will be incredibly missed, our warmest wishes as a Scum crew (he was always one of the People’s favorites 😊) for all the best in the years to come. You’ll never walk alone brother, stay passionate, stay health, stay Heerwagen, good luck!!! ☠️☠️☠️



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