Matchday 03: FC Union Berlin vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-1 !!!!!

Posted: August 27, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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…and not because  Avevor was not in the starting eleven (not even in the bench). This was supposed to be the day everyone would see why I’m writing what I’m writing and why I am not so fond of him (Not the man himself of course…). Seeing the result and taking into account the previous, victorious matchdays, someone would easily assume that his absence defined our loss. So sorry to disappoint you fellas but NO. 40’ of an exquisite first half proved that wrong. All it took to get us to this shameful day was a criminally stupid 4 minute, team fuck up and a bad call from our coach. Read below…


First half underway and what a bright start for Sankt Pauli. Knoll and Ziereis as basic two defensives, with Buballa and Dudziak on their sides seemed to be forming an unbreakable defensive line. First time we saw Sankt Pauli dissolving the opposite offence before it becomes dangerous. First time we saw the midline working perfectly with the defense. Union attacks crushed on our defensive wall and then the ball was pushed forward to the midline and then all could happen. On 8’ Diamantakos is against Friedrich but caught offside.  On 14’ Knoll tries his luck on a free kick but sends the ball directly in the wall. On 21’, and after a really non fair play act by Hedlund the ball ends to Andersson . Luckily his shot goes way right from our right corner. On 26’ Dudziak sends to Flum. Distant shot, strong enough but breaks into bodies. Action goes a bit further but we seemed to be controlling it all the way. On 30’ Union in a free kick. Prömel higher than all but header is way off our right post. All good and well up til 43’.  Ball from the side. Dudziak tries to claim and is  brought down (Illegaly in my humble opinion. An ankle to the chest is not a legal way to claim the ball). Ref whistles nothing. The ball ends to Prömel who shoots and opens the score for Union. Then it all went downhill. On 45’+2 we manage to fuck everything up ourselves. Ball from the side and passes over three of our defensives. Before Knoll attempted to repel, Gogia  shoots and doubles the goals for Union. The worst possible outcome out of this first half. Started off so promising. Dominant everywhere and ended up falling behind by two goals. Final whistle sends the players to the lockers.

On 53’ coach decides to go berserk. Veerman takes Nehrig‘s place. Can you imagine that? In a futile attempt to push things early, he decides to bring more players to Union’s box by weakening our back up. A really bad call and a great gift for Union. 3 minutes later, on 56’ a distant ball to Andersson who is alone with Ziereis. He dribbles through Ziereis and scores. Bad call followed a bad call. Coach decides to maintain a mid line and takes Diamantakos out. His place is covered by Sahin. Futile shots followed futile attempts. One of them was a distant pass ends somehow to Veerman. His shot finds Friedrich’s back and changes its course ending to the nets. Better than nothing. Actually this goal kind of gives us a fresh air of confidence. On 76’ a free kick and the ball goes close to Veerman’s feet, passing near Union‘s right post. Our offensive is left slightly behind missing an opportunity to getting us back to the game. On 86’ Möller Daehli sends to Buchtmann . Buchtmann shoots but is unlucky as his shot is repelled by the keeper’s shoulder to a corner. Corner kick gone to waste and Union decides to end the game. On 87’ on a fully organized attack against whatever’s left from our defense. Zulj to Andersson and the tombstone is set. 4-1. Final whistle comes as salvation.

And this is what we must forget. Bad day, bad calls, bad mood and damn it…This happened after an exquisite start where Sankt Pauli seemed more fierce than ever. One thing led to another and instead of destroying Union, we ended up suffering a really devastating loss. Whatever Sankt Pauli needs to work on and if we need to have a reference on how to organize our offence or defense, is those first 35-40 minutes. Everything worked as a clock and we must definitely work on that. There won’t always be fuck up refs (many, many, many bad calls on his account). There won’t always be bad decisions from our coach (2nd half is all on you coach) but there’s always gonna be fucked up moments like the one on 45’+2. We still can’t get rid of this bad side of our self. BUT FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Don’t judge the team by this awful result and don’t make hasty assumptions. Our worst game ever included our best 35-40 minutes in the last 2-3 years. We’re turning the damn page. This Sunday we play against FC Köln in Millerntor. I personally hope to see the SAME line up more FOCUSED more DETERMINED and even more PASSIONATE! FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis  Knoll   Buballa (Carstens 87′)

Nehrig (Veerman 53′)  Flum

    Möller Daehli  Buchtmann Neudecker 

     Diamantakos (Cenk Sahin  62′)


Match goals:

1:0 Prömel (44′, Left Foot Shot)

2:0 Gogia (45′ + 2, Right Foot Shot, Trimmel)

3:0 Andersson (57′, Right Foot Shot, Schmiedebach)

3:1 Veerman (71′, Left Foot Shot)

4:1 Andersson (88′, Right Foot Shot, Zulj)

Spectators: 22012 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Flum(3), Buchtmann(1), Sahin(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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