Matchday 05: Erzgebirge Aue vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-1

Posted: September 18, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Ok can someone please tell me that this was just a nightmare? A bad dream that we had to endure? Seriously? This was Sankt Pauli? This is the football team that started so hopefully the first two match days? A game of utter incompetence and imbecility at some point, where literally NOTHING worked.


Ok first half underway and the action is mostly in the midline as usual. Both teams trying to set base for a game plan to work. Looks like the chance Aue has been waiting, we were so kind to provide. 11’ and a big mistake from Veerman in the midline. Aue on our box. First shot from Iyoha repelled by Himmelmann. None of our defensives can block the ball repelled by Himmelmann and ends to Kempe’s  feet. The following shot ends to our nets. What a great start for us hey? The answer was quick though. On 16’ a free kick from Knoll and Veerman beats everyone in the air taking the header and sending the ball to Aue nets. Not only that though. Sankt Pauli looked like they wanted to nail the game. Kind of beat Aue to the midline battle. On 20’ another big chance for us with Buchtmann on a distant shot. Möller Daehli passes cleverly and Buchtmann shoots. Männel slightly touches the end of the ball with the tip of his fingers managing to save the day for Aue. Then on 31’ it all goes to waste. Quick pass ends to Testroet 23 meters away from Himmelmann. He thinks not much and shoots, sending the ball to the upper right corner. Impossible to save. And there goes Sankt Pauli. Futile attempts on futile attempts. Running with no brains just trying to find space but clearly everything on our gameplay (if we ever had one) was jammed. Couple of runs from Neudecker, Möller Daehli and Buchtmann but really nothing able to threaten Aue. 1 minute xtra time  and then final whistle.

Second half underway and things look the same. Sankt Pauli just running up and down and Aue just waiting for a chance. On 56’ a march from Möller Daehli ends with him falling down a little out of Aue’s box. Passes through everyone and the only man able to stop him is Rizzuto by pulling his pants. Ref sees no illegal action and the game carries on. Then almost 10 minutes later we get so close to the equalizer. 69’ and the ball is up in the air close to Veerman . He jumps again and just before he finds it, Männel finds it first and changes its course saving the day once again. Aue seemed to understand the trick and waited for us to fuck up. On 75’ and after another offensive action gone to waste on our behalf, Iyoha  sends a distant pass to Hochscheidt who is in the heart of our defense alone. He marches intact, shoots and ends the game. Final moment of the game came on 78’ with Buchtmann. A 13 meter shoot but Männel is there once again saving his nets. The 4 minutes of xtra time were just wasted as were the rest of the 90 minutes of the game. Final whistle saves us from forking our eyes out.

Remember last year? Remember how shitty it was and us trying desperately to avoid relegation? Well actually if you look at the results, you’ll see that this year started even worse. After the first two promising victories, three defeats in a row. THREE DEFEATS IN A ROW!!! And we can eat the first two. We said what we had to say about em. But now? NOW? Against Aue? Against THEM? What the fuck was that shit? Zero gameplay, zero plan, zero attitude. Only the Sankt Pauli fans proved worthy by honoring antifascism.

You think it is defense that sucked? No man. Not at all. It was EVERYONE that SUCKED. The midline, the offense, the defense. The players simply didn’t know what to do when the ball came to their feet. And that my friends is where the coach comes in. When it is not one player or one or two lucky moments here and there but your entire squad sucking ass….then you know it. The fish starts stinking from the head. This is Sankt Pauli damn it. Not a freakin circus you think your coaching man. Wake the fuck up and start finding solutions. Work plans and strategies and cut it up with this fucking rotation already. It doesn’t help. Air game play  and lobes from the one side of the field to the next where no one is there to get it, futile attempts on attack with no hope based on pure luck but the worst thing is the communication breakdown. The players couldn’t find each other to change a decent 1-2. As soon as one got the ball, all the others abandoned the area leaving him alone to carry the torch. No one around to help and then back from the start again. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Get your shit together people. Wrap it up. This Friday we face Ingolstadt out. No fuck ups this time. Plenty of time to turn this. As long as we realize it. Forza SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Park     Ziereis  Carstens   Dudziak (Sobota 46′)

  Flum (Diamantakos 88′)   Knoll  Neudecker (Schneider 46′)


Möller Daehli   



Match goals:

1:0 Kempe (11′, Left Foot Shot, Iyoha)

1:1 Veerman (16′, Header, Knoll)

2:1 Testroet (31′, Right Foot Shot, Rapp)

3:1 Hochscheidt (75′, Right Foot shot, Rizzuto)

Spectators:  12000

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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