Matchday 06: FC Ingolstadt vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1!

Posted: September 22, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Football fairytales… A bollocks game for 70′, then you have into the pitch the unluckiest guy that I can remember in the modern history of the Club. This guy, having not made an official appearance since May 31st 2017, scores out of the blue the winner on 82′ and turns the guest block and every place where Brown White maniacs are gathered into Hell… Welcome back Ryo Miyaich 🙂


This was somehow critical. Ingolstadt, coming from a 6-0 defeat from Bochum was looking like the ideal opponent for a restart, after 3 consecutive unlucky results (4 when adding the usual Pokal fiasco in the equation). A defeat on the other hands could lead to clouds over Millerntor, with squad having been the sitting duck for everybody for the past month. Feeling quite for the first version, got the hell out of work to take the road down to Slocken, to watch the game with YSP, the excellent organization that my sorry ass is privileged enough to be assigned, during my stay in England. A quick call to the AndyChristos in Athens, to throw some fuel to the fire regarding the “Avevor debate” (😂) on the occasion of Christopher‘s return and ready for some football, ready for everything with this squad actually 😆

Game on with FCSP in possesion in the opening section and FCI behaving somehow like the guest (would expect different from them, whatever). Not much though, a shot by Buchtmann, result of a smart corner execution that could be something but ended far away from target on 8′, the moment to remember. First FCI moment came on 22′ with Pledl, trying a shot outside the box, taking the rebound after some kind of clearance – shot ended sidenetting on Himmelmann‘s left corner. Some chaos in our box on 24’, nothing came out of it for FCI but quite indicative of our occasional defensive confusion (we were good yesterday overall at the back) and nothing much for the rest of the half, except a quite clever diagonal shot from Dudziak on 40′ that ended less than 1m from Knaller‘s right corner…and a quite dangerous Matip header (over the crossbar) for FCI on 44′. HT 0-0 with the bollockology in the pub being more interesting than the game itself.

A little more lively the opening quarter of the 2nd half, with FCI behaving more than the host that was something from the game. Something between shot and flank by Paulo Otavio wide over the crossbar on 49′, one for us with an ambitious Knoll shot (outside the box to the left) which ended a couple of meters from Knaller‘s left post and a really dangerous Pledl header over the crossbar on 59′ for FCI. Pace decreased again afterwards with the only points of the game that really drew attention being Miyaichi‘s entrance on 70’ and Kerschbaumer‘s 2nd yellow->red that left FCI with 10 on the pitch. And then…CHAOS! A Zehir (in from 73′) vertical looong ball coming from behind the center landed just within the box where the inexcusable indecisiveness of Knaller allowed Miyaichi to get the winner header after one bounce and score 0-1 for FCSP on 82!!! Fuckin’ Hell, what a twist if fate, what a comeback!!! FCI had nothing more to offer in the game, especiall outnumbered, FT on 94′ with FCSP back in the winning path and Ryo the face of the day ☺️

An evening that Ryo will never forget 🙂 (image source:

Aaah, no mood for game comments here. All I will keep from this game is Miyaichi‘s moment, a moment to be added to the “unforgetable” library, next to Tschauner’s goal some years ago and a lot of similar stuff 🙂. We weren’t really creative but at least we looked overall solid at the back. Of course, Ingolstadt‘s poor picture in the game (these guys looked really pale in a game that supposed to be a must-win for them) does not make it something really mentionable, so what is the real gain here are the 3pts gained after some time.

This was an excellent way to begin the boxing week that culminates on 30/9 at Volksparkstadion (a couple of us will be there ^^). In between there’s an intermediate stop: Paderborn at Millerntor on Wednesday. Need to nail this, not only for the obvious 3pts but also for the confidence boost that a victory will provide in view of H$V. Everybody in there, make the Millerntor a cauldron, get behind the Boys in Brown and push them to the bloody victory, FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum (Zehir 73′)   Knoll  

           Sahin (Miyaichi 70′)   Buchtmann (Carstens 90+3′)  Möller Daehli    


Match goals:

0:1 Miyaichi (82′, Header, Zehir)

Spectators:  10164

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (👍🏿)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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