Matchday 09: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Sandhausen 3-1

Posted: October 9, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Millerntor bash!

After a successful march against H$V scum (didn’t lose and in the end we could’ve scored), the next on the list would be poor Sandhausen. The team has showed great improvement and the coach finally seemed to be finding a solid base from which he could work his rotation every once on a while without destroying its core. We are finally finding secure steps in the field and at last, we are witnessing our beloved Sankt Pauli creating opportunities….Daaaamn…It feels good!!


First half underway and Sant Pauli manages to make us step off our chairs early enough. On 9’,  Dudziak with a tricky high lobe-pass, finds Knoll who tries to change the course of the ball with a backflip but Lomb blocks it. Sankt Pauli makes a hell of a good start with clever game play, wanting to break it to Sandhausen’s nets really early. 7 minutes later, the efforts bear fruit. Clock shows 17’ and Sankt Pauli on an example of how to hide the ball from the opponent. Möller Daehli  leaves it for Dudziak after a corner kick. Dudziak sends the ball in Sandhausen area where Diamantakos  is left alone. Diamantakos is kind of caught off guard as he seems to be confused on which foot to use. Luckily for us, the ball chooses itself and picks his left foot, ending in the nets. The best possible way to open the game and Sankt Pauli looking more fresh than ever. Aggressive and sort of arrogant if I may do say so. Sandhausen on the other hand looked terrible. Taken under our furious opening, took her sometime to find a pace. After our goal we kind of stepped back and finally on 38’ the first chance for Sandhausen with Klingmann opening a high ball and Schleusener outflanking Avevor, taking the header sending it directly to Himmelmann. Time flies and the furious start gave its place to a dull game. Final moment in this first half belonged to Sandhausen. 45’ and a mini siege in our box. Schleusener escapes Avevor and tries to open a ball to someone. He tries to win a penalty with no luck and he ball ends to Klingmann. His shot is blocked. Final whistle in this first half.

Second half underway and Sandhausen tries to turn the game. 56’ and a foul kick makes Himmelmann Superman-Jump to repel the danger while Dudziak sends the ball away to safety. Then the ball is send back to our box again. Förster  shoots and Buballa sends the ball away to a corner.The  corner was a step closer for SandhausenSchleusener with the header just cm away from the ball. Lucky us! On 73’ another foul kick for Sandhausen. Müller executes and Behrens with the header makes the score even. And not only that…On 74’ another high ball close to Behrens but this time he slightly misses. Sankt Pauli needed a wakeup call to take us out of this mini Sandhausen siege of our box. On 78’ Veerman, after a magnificent ball control,  shoots, but Lomb repels. The ball ends with Buchtmann who feeds Veerman. He  shoots again but sends it in the outer net area. Sankt Pauli dominates the game totally showing who’s boss. On 82’,  Veerman passes to Buchtmann. He dribbles and sends back to Veerman who passes it to Möller Daehli. Daehli shoots but still finds the outer net area. On 88’ another effort close to scoring. Neudecker to Buchtmann. He sends a high ball to Allagui. If only his leg was 2 inches longer.  Sankt Pauli was so close…Salvation came on 90’. Buchtmann sends the ball , out of the side line, with his hands to Allagui. Allagui sees Veerman and goes for the 1-2. Veerman sends a sneaky heel-pass to Allagui and Allagui executes with presicion. Gooooal. 2-1 and this was not enough. 90’+4. Allagui is left alone with the ball and sends a clever pass to Neudecker. He dribbles more than he should allowing Lomb to react. Neudecker shoots and Lomb repels it. But Buchtmann is there though. Shoots and seals the win.

Can’t say that we dominated the entire game. No. We gave Sandhausen space enough. But when we decided to end the game there was just us in the field. Sandhausen was hopeless. We needed this victory. Not only for the three points. It also took our minds away from the heavy losses we suffered couple of weeks ago. Moral is clearly high and this is the way it should be. In the second half , Sankt Pauli was everything we hoped for.  Well prepared. Ball down and gameplay through direct passes. Hiding the ball from the opponent and actually….this is the first time after any matchdays that we see a complete Sankt Pauli offense and not just players here and there. We play like that against Duisburg, they definitely stand no chance. Next game is on Monday 22/10 against MSV. Can you hear em shaking? Hahaha…Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum (Allagui  87′)   Knoll  

          Miyaichi  (Neudecker 76′)   Buchtmann   Möller Daehli


Match goals:

1:0 Diamantakos (17′,  Left Foot shot, Dudziak)

1:1 K. Behrens (73′, Header, F. Müller)

2:1 Allagui (90′, Right Foot Shot, Veerman)

3:1 Buchtmann (90′ + 4, Left Foot shot, Neudecker)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Miyaichi(1), Dudziak(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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