Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli vs Holstein Kiel 0-1

Posted: October 30, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Just a tiny scratch!

OK, at the end of the day…nobody died. Great game man. Despite the result which could be considered a bad moment and a bad call, first half was ours and the second was split between the two teams with the luckiest eventually winning the three points. About time we witnessed some football from Sankt Pauli. Ball to the ground and direct passes creating opportunities through the entire game. With a bit more luck the result could be much, much different. As Uncle Zouz stated though, in our after game Skype-chat: “I’d rather lose 3 points now , being 4th in the ranks rather than in relegation zone”


First half underway and Sankt Pauli dictates the pace. Clever game play and secure passes were the main elements to our strategy and guess what…it worked! Early enough, on 8’,  Knoll , executes a free kick and Allagui becomes dangerous. Jumps in front of everyone trying to catch a header. He hits the ball though  with the back of his head sending it a little bit out of Kronholm’s left post. Then later, on 19’, the tables turn and  Allagui is the one serving the ball for Buballa. Opens it nicely while Buballa is in Kiel’s box. Buballa controls it and shoots but Kronholm repels it sending it away. The rest of the game unfolded likewise. A first half of total Sankt Pauli domination. With Kiel’s box constantly being under siege and almost all of her 11 players holding back. On 38’ Möller Daehli  marches through the entire left wing and opens a high ball to Neudecker. Richard takes the header but yet again…Kronholm blocks it. Same luck of course had Allagui’s header on 41’. Sahin  leaves cleverly for Möller Daehli. Daehli opens high for Allagui. He receives the header but…you know the rest. Kronholm saves yet again. First half ends with nothing other than Allagui being the main character for us and Kronholm for Kiel, saving their nets more than once. Final whistle sends the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and things seem the same as we left them. Sankt Pauli on the hunt. Early on 47’ Allagui opens a  ball to Neudecker. Neudecker leaves it for Knoll who shoots. Strong but predictable. Easy job for Kronholm to block. On 51’, the  first moment for Kiel with Kinsombi attempting a really dangerous distant shot. We were lucky enough he hit the upper post. Shortly after though came the answer from Neudecker. 56’ and the ball is headed to  Flum. He leaves it to Möller Daehli who sends a direct pass to Neudecker. He shoots but sends the ball to the outter net area. Really unlucky with our final attempts or maybe Kronholm was just in a devilish day. Clock shows 57’ and Serra opens a dangerous pass for Schindler who slightly misses to shoot the way he wanted. Certain goal if he caught the ball as he thought he would, as Himmelmann  was way off position. Another step closer to the goal on 58’ for Sankt Pauli when Möller Daehli takes advantage of the mistake in Kiel’s defense. He shoots but …Yes , you guessed right. Kronholm blocks once again. Clock shows 60’. What the other teams can’t do, we usually offer. So this time the rule applied. Dehm flanks and opens a high ball and passes above Schindler’s head and in front of Himmelmann who, instead of blocking it, stays put. The ball ends with Serra who sends the ball to the nets. And thus..ended Kiel’s reign. Sankt Pauli tried to reverse the unlucky moment. On 63’ Knoll sends a high ball to Kiel’s box and Allagui is there going for the header. Kronholm catches the ball while it passes the line. An undisputed goal for Sankt Pauli, ref though never whistled so we suppose this is another save for Kronholm right? Anyway. Mid line battles followed which kind of slowed the pace down until 88’ and the best chance of the game for Sankt Pauli. Allagui showing his skill and class, receives the ball and sees Kronholm being out of his secure area. Decides to shoot with a lobe. Almost perfect execution but needed a little less strength as the ball hit the upper post. Such a pity for Allagui and Sankt Pauli. 4 minutes of xtra time made no difference. Final whistle in the game sends the players to the lockers for the last time.

Ok. We’ve had bad results and bad results. This one is one of them that came to pass unremembered. We’re still fourth in the ranks, only 2 points away from the first so…yeah. Whatever dude. We just saw Sankt Pauli dominate the game and get unlucky more than once. Kiel’s keeper did his personal game of the season, blocking almost everything and to those he missed, our bad luck made sure the ball wouldn’t hit his nets. Sometimes it is what it is. With the same passion against Arminia this Sunday, I don’t give them many chances. Who knows ? Maybe if we nail the next one and results work for us, we end up first in the ranks. Wouldn’t that be a treat? Forza SANKT PAULI!!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum (Zehir 76′)  Knoll  

           Sahin (Miyaichi 58′) Möller Daehli  Neudecker (Veerman 66′)


Match goals:

0:1 Serra (59′, Header, Dehm)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Allagui(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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