Matchday 13: FC Sankt Pauli vs 1.FC Heidenheim 1-1

Posted: November 13, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Almost there baby!

Typical Saturday match day for Sankt Pauli. Standards are high now and we expected nothing less than what we saw. Maybe some of us had higher expectations than a tie but then again…with a first half of complete Sankt Pauli domination and a second one of shared opportunities and goals, we’d say that everyone got satisfied in the end. One point is better than none and we’re still high In the ranks.


Early action from Sankt Pauli on 2’.  Corner kick and Neudecker in a rebound header with  Müller sending the ball away over his upper post, just before it ends to the nets.  Game proceeds and Sankt Pauli shows clear domination over the field. Proper game plan and ball to the grass.  Another corner for Sankt Pauli on 11’ and the ball ends up with Dudziak who kind of rushes it and misses a good opportunity to open the score. On 19’ Allagui  passes on to Knoll who tries his feet from distance. His shot though is blocked. Well played and all we seemed to miss was the final moment. 29’ and foul play against Dudziak, which the ref seemed to miss (fucked us up on many occasions), but the ball ends with Knoll who passes to Neudecker. He shoots from distance forcing Müller to fall down to his left leg to save his nets. Sankt Pauli started getting dangerous forcing almost every Heidenheim player standing guard behind the midline. First time they managed to threaten came on 35’ with Dovedan  shooting hard but getting blocked from Buballa and the rebound from Griesbeck going way out of our nets. Sankt Pauli took initiative from then and on with no bright moments though, until  45’ where Heidenheim had their second attempt for this first half. Busch in a sprint , sending the ball in our box with Schnatterer  shooting but sending the ball far from our nets. Final whistle to this first half sends both teams to the lockers with Sankt Pauli dominating completely most of these first 45 minutes but unfortunately missing the final goal.

Second half underway and things go as they used to. Sankt Pauli taking initiative but this time Heidenheim followed. 52’ and we are becoming witnesses in a barrage of tactical bullshit by Sankt Pauli defense. Heidenheim in our box and we simply cannot send the ball away. Ziereis  and Avevor are the masterminds here with Ziereis simply unable to stop Thomalla  and Avevor shooting clumpsy trying to send the ball away, only managing to send it back to Thomalla. He dribbles through the confused Avevor and leaves it to Schnatterer who shoots and opens the score for Heidenheim . Well done boys!! Of course Sankt Pauli ’s reaction was quick enough to lock Heidenheim back to their box. On 56’ Knoll  passes to Daehli, and he passes to Veerman who catches a nice header, sending it slightly far from the nets. Some minutes later though, and in particular, on 62’ , the same scenery with the same people again. Knoll receives the ball and sends a nice pass to Veerman who is left all alone on Müller’s left side. Shoots and evens the score. And not only that. 7 minutes later, on 68’ we got soooo close to the second. Hats off to Daniel Buballa here. Marches with the ball and actually entering Heidenheim box. He passes to the center but Müller repels it and just before he blocks it, Buballa steals it from his hands and goes for a second attempt. The ball is brought to safety by Heidenheim defensives. On 78’ another bad call from the ref ends up with Allagui  and Veerman receiving a yellow card on a Mainka illegal defense against Veerman (the definition of a foul play). Although rightfully irritated, Veerman and Allagui loose their calm and start yelling at the ref … You know the rest. Last moment in the game belonged to Sankt Pauli on 88’when after a corner kick , Veerman gets the header but sends it slightly above the upper post. Final whistle from the ref, 3 minutes after 90’ ends the game leaving us 4th in the ranks but really close in points to the three above us.

Let’s keep up that attitude please! Sankt Pauli dominating a game and actually being the hunter in a game although we found ourselves behind in the score. When was the last time that happened? Mistakes? Yes there where a few and most of them on the open wound Sankt Pauli ‘s been keeping open all this time: DEFENSE! Of course with the mid and front lines literally flying, the mistakes in defense can’t be easily spotted but it takes no more than a siege of our box from the opponent team and then it all gets obvious. The goal we suffered as well as the one in the previous game where typical defense bullshit. So yeah…if we have to mark some blind spots these would have to be them. Other than those, I think with a little more work on our offensive tactic’s finale we’d easily get the goal difference worked! Plenty of time to work on them all til our next game against Jahn Regensburg on Sunday the 25th. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum (Zehir 76′)   Knoll  

           Buchtmann (Veerman 52′)  Möller Daehli   Neudecker

 Allagui (Diamantakos 85′)


Match goals:

0:1 Schnatterer (52′, Right Foot shot)

1:1 Veerman (62′, Right Foot shot, Knoll)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards:  Flum(5, misses next match), Knoll(1), Veerman(1), Allagui(2), Ziereis(3)

Short match highlights


Further reading:

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