Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli vs Dynamo Dresden 1-1

Posted: December 3, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Acrophobia 😋

Alright. you Boys in Brown, you can open up your eyes again now, these two matchdays of agony are over – 6 pts from the top, 4 pts from the promotion play-offs place and with 4th place all ours, normality has been restored 😋 (A little more) seriously now, there’s some kind of phobia here but it’s not about fear of heights. It’s called lack of self confidence, it’s the thing that drives football squads crawling back in their holes for safety towards the end of games, only to get trapped in there and eventualy pay the price. FCSP 1 – SGD 1, almost like last week, next time will be better 😉


Sweeeeeet! Home after 11 months and directly Soridon from the airport on Thursday night, only to miss for a couple of hours the 6-person-strong Scum bunch that flew to Hamburg for the game early bird Friday morning. Under any other circumstances I would be really jealous but, considering the fact that I already had my small share of Hamburg for 2018, watching my first game at Soridon since August 2017 is at least as good as being there. Life is sweet in Leeds under the protective umbrella of Yorkshire St. Pauli (they’re protecting their football assets, I currently worth around 2.4 million quids) but nothing like home-sweet-home (Aaaaaawww Greg 😂) for Xmas!

So, off to Soridon on Saturday and…pre-match disaster!!! Some bastard (^^) had managed to pull out at some point the decoder plug. As result of it, that fucking thing, instead of just opening when asked 30′ before the game, got into a bloody sequence of system and program updates. Kickoff without picture and with people checking score on mobile phones, a pirate streaming established on a laptop on 10′, Sky Go installation and proper streaming on the laptop completed on 20′, connected to the projector for everyone to see before 30′ and full functional (running from decoder) mode on 40′. However, while we were fighting the beast of technology, nothing was really happening in the pitch. The absolute silence in the terraces, as part of the protest taking place all over Germany against the fan-hostile math TV dates, seems that affected the squads in the pitch in some way. The words of the commentator when Millerntor started roarrring as the clock hit 45:00 (“finally football” or something) almost fully reflect the image of Millerntor, in and out of the pitch.

Nothing, really nothing, except a couple of unlucky shots, unworthy of mention. The only thing to keep is the two mandatory substitutions due to injury (Zehir for Knoll 24′ Veerman for Möller Daehli 36′, get well both). Play in the pitch was completely inline with the cemetary silence on the terraces. Can’t say if this was a coincidence, the only thing sure is that this is the worse half I have probably watched this season. 1st half a bunch of nothing, everyone can reach their own conclusions ^^

Football match looking and sounding like a (bad) theater play… (image source:

2nd half underway (with proper atmosphere and proper venue conditions 😁), first warning shot a 20m Allagui shot just wide on 46′ and…there was no second one! Chaos in the Dresden box, shot by Dudziak from 11m (right of the spot) and 1-0 for FCSP on 47′!!! Game on with everything under control, having gave absolutely no rights to Dresden which was looking simply harmless…until the last quarter of the game. At this point, having not learnt our lesson from last matchday, we simply started retreating, giving the right to these bastards to raise claims on the game. Didn’t take long, a 10m Koné shot easily handled by Himmelmann on 74′, another one from 20+m by Ebert again on Himmelmann on 84′ and KABOOM on 86’… Corner from the right, 2 consecutive headers in our box, last one by Müller into the net, 1-1… FCSP of course again full speed ahead, chaos in their box towards the end of injury time and ALMOST the winner from Dudziak on 93′ (this would be something!) but Schubert said no and sealed Dresden‘s lucky escape from Millerntor…

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough (image source:

That really hurt… Not so because of the points lost (OK, they count as well) but mainly because we gave these bastards the pleasure to leave with something from Millerntor. We’re talking about the disgrace of the fan movement, this guest block mob that were throwing beer cans and other objects towards an FCSP fan who was carried in critical condition to the hospital, after having collapsed in the Nordkurve. Fortunately, an FCSP lady doctor was there, offered the emergency first aid, guy was transferred to the hospital, he’s now in stable condition and seems that he’ll be alright. However, this will NOT be forgotten. The bright side is that the fuckin’ police beat them mercilessly, pepper-sprayed their ass to Hell and send a good number of them in the hospital. Probably a case of excessive violence by the police but, under the circumstances described above, sorry but we currently don’t give a fuck as South End Scum, let’s talk next week about it. These guys shouldn’t be granted not even the very fundamental animal rights ^^

Why this one wasn’t won? Simply because, at the very same time that some of the players bite the bait and talk to the cameras about promotion, this squad doesn’t even have confidence in themselves, these two do not go along. Yeah, OK, we had a couple of unlucky substitutions and a change of plans but FFS there were 20′ to go, we were ahead and instead of finishing them, we gave space and the initiative to the troupe that collected EIGHT from Köln 3 weeks ago! Maybe if you have a Maginot defensive line, you’re allowed to sadistically torture such bastards by letting them smashing their faces on the wall again and again but we DON’T have one… The fact that we took initiative directly after the equalizer suggests that this wasn’t an issue of stamina but rather an issue of mentality. A good idea would be leaving aside the promotion talk for now and work on this instead, shall we?

Next week is Bochum away, and yes, I’m quite optimistic about that (?!?). No solid arguments here, just an inner belief that we’re better than the last two weeks suggest. Let’s work a little harder, let’s go there and do something, let’s keep it interesting for the promotion junkies 😁 FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Zander    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

                Dudziak    Knoll (Zehir 24′) 

 Miyaichi (Sahin 74′)    Möller Daehli (Veerman 36′)    Sobota


Match goals:

1:0 Dudziak (47′, Left Foot Shot, Allagui)

1:1 Müller (86′, Header)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Zehir(1), Dudziak(3)

Match highlights here (for some reason, they start with the 2nd half ^^)


Further reading:


Bonus material: Sunday antifascist groundhopping 😎

Half a dozen of Scum was at the charming area of Tavros on Sunday. Reason? The hot derby between Fostiras and Sourmena for the 1st league of the Athens amateur championship. Fans from both sides (especially Sourmena, Scum neighborhood squad) are openly defined as antifascist. This had raised security concerns that were handled with a (not so 😅) organized moto march with the pleasant company of comrades from Asteras Exarcheion and…some police bikes on our tail ^^ (those weren’t invited) that made it over there with a slight delay. Final score 4-0 for the hosts Fostiras (not so painful, after all it was already 2-0 when we eventually made it to the stadium 😅) but this was most about having clean fun with the other side into a really friendly atmosphere, exchanging greetings in person through half time, antifascist and ACAB shouts along the game and a…couple of quite offensive chants (OK, it’s Greece, part of the protocol,  I was told 😇). Aaaah. good to be back here again, small photo gallery below 😎

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