Matchday 16: VfL Bochum vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3!!!

Posted: December 11, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Yeah baby! Bring it On!!!

Forzaaaa SANKT PAULI….. A train that demolishes any obstacle is what we’ve become. A split first half where both teams proved worthy and a demolishing second half with Sankt Pauli proving their winner attitude, against Bochum, in a game where the odds were against us we left with the three points of victory in our pockets. Lacking players in the basic eleven, with Miyaichi and Kalla being called to fill in the gaps, Sankt Pauli proved that we are not high in the ranks just by accident. Read below.


Sankt Pauli’s early start is becoming our trademark. Clock shows 6’ and Miyaichi flanks from the right. Sends a high pass to the other side where Allagui stands. He receives the ball and shoots but a little away from the nets. Good way to open the table of opportunities. The ball sees mostly brown white feet. Bochum trying to break through to our box but our midline was strong enough to hold. On 15’ and while Sankt Pauli keeps on bringing heat in Bochum’s box, Zander this time sends a high pass to Allagui. Ball passes through two of Bochum’s defensives and ends up to our Tunisian who is placed correctly. Receives the header and sends the ball to the nets. Of course couple of minutes laters a defensive fuck up gives Bochum the opportunity to laugh at it a bit. 17’ and the little moments of confusion in our defense leave Saglam with the ball in front of him. He shoots from a really close distance but the ball ends in our right outer net area. That was the biggest threat up til a certain point. Mostly us in the game but couldn’t claim that we owned ball possession. Some what split between the two teams but definitely Sankt Pauli had the most steady pace. On 35’ though, our defense proves its inability once again. Ball ends to Bochum offensives from our defense’s inability to drive the ball away. Avevor tries to send the ball away but unluckily sends it to Losilla. He sends to Saglam  who passes on to Hinterseer . He shoots and sends the ball to our nets.  Bad moment but Hinterseer’s stupid grin wouldn’t last long. On 41’ Ryo Miyaichi is brought down illegaly while in Bochum’s box. Ref shows the eleven meters white dot. Allagui proceeds in executing but Riemann repels it. Veerman though, who started marching making sure things would go right, sees the ball and shoots it. Ball in the nets and 1-2 for Sankt Pauli. A final moment for Bochum on 44’. So close to even the score once again but we get lucky. Weilandt’s header goes way above our upper post. Final whistle in this first half sends the players to the lockers

Second half underway and we didn’t even make it to sit in our chairs when Dudziak after the first hit and a quick 1-2 ends with the ball in his feet testing his shot against Riemann. He repels and sends the ball to a corner. The corner was executed a bit hasty and cause no actual threat but the early scene we pulled proved that we were there to leave with three points in our pockets. On 57’ Sobota tries his shot against Riemann but sends it really far from his nets. Sankt Pauli proved us wrong in our expectations that they’d hold back to secure the score. No Sir! All the team was constantly pushing the pace, leaving Bochum the chance only to counter attack. On 62’ Riemann sees danger once again from a free kick Allagui executed. Ball ending a bit above his upper post though. Big breath of relief for the goalkeeper who felt his nets threatened once again. Sankt Pauli kept hammering Bochum’s box with direct passes from Veerman to Allagui and on. Bochum saw only some bright light on 78’. Ganvoula comes to a header but Robin was placed well enough to repel it, sayin no to a possible 2-2 VFL tried to steal there.  On 81’ Veerman came really close to end the day for Bochum. Receives the ball and passes through Gyamerah, shooting a nice lobe against Riemann. Unlucky though, as the ball ends a couple of meters away from the nets. One minute later it is Allagui that receives the ball trying to make it happen from a really nasty position. Really far right. His shot is excellent though. Only the good position Riemann had, saved him from a third. Something that of course didn’t happen on 86’. Nehrig with the ball opening to Veerman. He sends a nice pass to Möller Daehli who shoots and sends the ball to Bochum’s nets for the third time. No hope for Bochum who seemed to be eating Hinterseer’s ironic celebration through the ass. Not even on 90’+2 where Ganvoula saw his last chance to score a goal. Jan Philipp Kalla though, says no standing in the line and repelling his shot. 2 more minutes and the players were sent to the lockers for the final time for this game.

3-0 (image source:

Great game from Sankt Pauli. Great payback for the fans that made the trip to Bochum to witness our beloved brown white armada crush VFL scum. Will, determination and the winner attitude that we proved we finally conquered, helped us through this match day. Although the result makes it look easy it wasn’t easy at all considering the fact that the team suffered major player injuries and had to run the game with ones that were not so well prepared. Soridon looked more packed than ever and with Zouzounos back in our roster, the vibes where stronger than ever. The platter of dead animals skinned and waiting to be devoured in contrast to the vegetarian pizzas and all that under alcohol in many forms. Get it? Controversy over matters considering the team, tactics and yada yada. Nothing can bit such an energy booster right? The team looks up to the next game, or should we say the next victim? 4th in the ranks and sharing points with Union Berlin (3rd), it makes it really interesting to see how the ranks will look till the Winter break. Eyes fixed upon Saturday and our next match day (homegame) against Greuther . Still…it won’t be an easy one but damn it these guys look like they can do anything at the moment. Forza SANKT PAULI.

Line Up:


 Zander           Ziereis          Avevor         Kalla

  Flum (Zehir 74′)   Dudziak  

           Miyaichi (Möller Daehli 76′)    Sobota   

                                    Allagui (Nehrig 83′) 


Match goals:

0:1 Allagui (15′, Header, Zander)

1:1 Hinterseer (35′, Right Foot Shot, Saglam)

1:2 Veerman (42′, Right Foot Shot, Allagui)

1:3 Möller Daehli (86′, Left Foot shot, Veerman)

Spectators: 22916

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(5, misses next match), Zander(1), Veerman (2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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