Matchday 17: FC Sankt Pauli vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth 2-0

Posted: December 17, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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End of round 1 with 31 😎

This will be a carefree 2nd round. FCSP completed the 1st on Saturday with a 2-0 victory over Greuther Fürth, reached 31 points (only 9 away from the magic 40 😆), guaranteeing us a remaining season free of high pressure pills, visits to the doctors and all weird stuff that happens when you’re flirting with disaster. The Boys in Brown did actually better than that. Seems that somehow we’re serious promotion play-off candidates, sharing the nomination with Union, 4 pts ahead of the remaining competition. No idea what will happen during the 2nd round but screw the future, these will be a fine Winter break 😎


Kick-ass pregame with almost all of us in the same place after one year or so, I wasn’t the only poor bastard that had been away from the Scum neighborhood for a while. Sitting finally together and sharing moments with all of them was proven actually more significant than the game itself, a game expected to be won one way or another (?!?!?). Ridiculously hilarious atmosphere, would require a really heavy home defeat to spoil the mood 😁 Some new (to me) faces as well, good participation, all the ingredients from our side for an excellent afternoon already in place.

Explosive start for FCSP and everybody up already on 2′, watching Miyaichi smashing SGF‘s crossbar from 10m at the end of a mini brown white siege. Full game control by FCSP, passive role for SGF but no further big moments to follow and pace started dropping after the opening quarter. All these until 21′. Corner from the right by Knoll, first header by Veerman, crazy instinctive save by Burchert, ball bouncing first on the crossbar and then vertically just in front of the goal line where incoming Carstens (wooohooo!) finished the job almost from zero distance for his first ever professional goal! 1-0 for FCSP and back to “normal” until the end of the half, with FCSP retaining possession and control but nothing to very few coming out of it. Only moment to keep, at the end of the half (45+1′) not so because of its conclusion (Dudziak shot deflected somewhere to corner) but rather because of the action by Möller Daehli just before, who managed to distribute vomit bags to two SGF defenders next to the righ corner flag. HT FCSP 1 – SGF 0 with things looking under total control.

Florian Carstens has just lost his virginity 😇

Same style entrance for FCSP in the 2nd half. BIG one for FCSP on 46′ with Sauer clearing just in front of the goal line right in front of incoming Allagui and ANOTHER one on 49′ with ball ending up on SGF‘s left post after a deep vertical ball, with Allagui being the last man to touch it. Things slightly changed after 50′ with SGF finally getting their shit together and trying to get something out of the game and with FCSP once again providing them the space to do it (why?). Fortunately, just a couple of chances, an Ernst 14m shot which ended up inches by Himmelmann‘s left post (couldn’t do shit here, phew!) and another 18m Steininger shot on 67′ that this time found Robin ready, answering with a brilliant save. Thankfully, for both the Millerntor and the Soridon crowds, solution came on 69′, before things get worse. Cross from the left by that sadist, Möller Daehli, header and 2-0 by Ryoooooooooooooo Miyaiiiichiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH, Friday’s birthday boy (together with Flum, best wishes to both, “get well soon” to the latter!) treated everybody for his birthday with the best possible sweet, a bloody goal 😎 What happened after the goal? Yeps you guessed right, SGF dominated the pitch, winning actually at a certain point 6 corners in a row. Really can’t understand this “maintenance mode” attitude, however we didn’t pay any price for it this time. Best moment for SGF came on 87′ with a Maloca header on Himmelmann‘s crossbar. We had also a half chance by Diamantakos on 82′ (15m shot, wide) and a 3rd goal on 93′ that didn’t cound due to an incorrect offside given, FT FCSP 2 – SGF 0, everybody happy, at least with the result.

Ryo is back…for good ^^

Overall, everybody’s happy however I think that I have a slight problem here. It’s about this attitude, retreating back at some point in the 2nd half and giving rights to the opponent, regardless of their ability. We have already paid the price for that a couple of times, could happen on Saturday as well. Simply doesn’t make sense, especially in matches like this one where we have already proven that we’re the best squad in the pitch, we need to work on this coach ^^

A little more moaning, a message to “our” Greek guy, Diamantakos: Αδελφέ, είναι αντιληπτό πόσο πολύ θες να βοηθήσεις αλλά το να βουτάς σαν τον Καραγκούνη, όπως έκανες στο 79′, δεν είναι ο τρόπος. Είμαστε Sankt Pauli, εδώ δεν είναι η γαμημένη Superleague, αυτή η συμπεριφορά είναι απλά ντροπιαστική, τόσο για το σύλλογο όσο και τους οπαδούς. Έχεις τη στήριξη ολονών, έχεις το χρόνο, κάνε τα πράγματα σωστά και όλα θα γίνουν όπως πρέπει, αυτές οι μαλακίες όμως, πέρα από το γεγονός ότι είναι ανήθικες, δεν πιάνουνε δω πέρα. Δεν είσαι πρωτάρης στη Bundesliga, θα ‘πρεπε να το ξέρεις ήδη… Και βέβαια, δε θα συζητάγαμε τίποτα από όλα αυτά, αν δεν είχε προηγηθεί η αποβολή στο…φιλικό (ξέρεις εσύ). Σε γουστάρουμε, γουστάρουμε το πάθος σου αλλά το πάθος έχει όρια. Σύνελθε, καλές γιορτές 😉

Next week, again Millerntor and (well well) we have FC Magdeburg coming in town. Things are simple, their ultras are right wing pricks. Enjoyed as hell crushing them on matchday 1. Back then, I watched it in Glasgow, enjoying the excellent company of people from GSP, YSP, DSP (and more – Hell!!!). Next week I will enjoy it in Soridon (my last one for this season, back to Leeds for the rest of the season), together with the South End Scum and the excellent company of the Athens Club that will pay us a visit on the day. There’s an event in place (poster below) to celebrate the winter break, everything is expected to be really cool, Boys in Brown, please do to the job, take care of these bastards and put the cherry on the cake for us 😅 FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Zander    Carstens    Avevor   Kalla

Knoll         Dudziak

 Miyaichi (Schneider 88′)    Allagui (Diamantakos 67′)   Möller Daehli (Sobota 78′)


Match goals:

1:0 Carstens (21′, Header, Veerman)

2:0 Miyaichi (69′, Header, Möller Daehli)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out, magic picture however, seems that some season ticket holders prefer TV…)

Sankt Pauli cards: Diamantakos (1, grrr…)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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