Matchday 18: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Magdeburg 4-1!!!

Posted: December 25, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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What a season finale man…Really never thought it would end this way, but then again…Why not?  Magdeburg scumbags are barely alive and they thought Millerntor would be a U-Turn in their lousy game play? Well, Sankt Pauli is third in the ranks and trust me….This is not by chance. Magdeburg tasted what Millerntor looks like when it is angry. First half was kinda split but the second half was all bout Sankt Pauli beating the shit out of them. And, from what they pulled after the end of the game (laterzzz…), I believe they deserved more…


Early action did not belong to Sankt Pauli this time. Magdeburg came in more decisive. Last game of the season and they thought they could win. On  9’ Lohkemper against Avevor and Ziereis. Breaks  through them like they weren’t even there and shoots. Luckily Himmelmann  was there and saved the day by sending the ball to a corner. Magdeburg fucked up the following corner and Sankt Pauli took initiative. Pressing forward and keeping the ball to the midline. On 16’ Marvin Knoll executes a foul kick. Nehrig is on the line. Using his head he finds the ball leaving Brunst unable to react and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. Of course defense kept fucking up what our front line worked so hard to build. On 23’ (…and while we were discussing how was it possible to fuck up such a game), corner executed from Magdeburg and Müller  goes for the header. Scores but before he touched the ball he used his elbow illegally against Zander. His goal was cancelled while Zander was being treated from Sankt Pauli’s medical team. And it wasn’t just Zander injured. On 32’, Henk Veerman clashes with Beck. Looks like Veerman got it worse though. Minutes later he gets substituted by Diamantakos and later, after the game we learned that he’ll probably miss the entire next season. Daamn. As if that wasn’t enough, on 35’ Magdeburg again messing with our defense. Not a hard task after all right. Our defensives get confused and can’t follow the change of ball direction. Zander slips and Niemeyer is left alone with the ball. He shoots and evens the score. Sankt Pauli pushes forward again. On 38’ a corner kick ends up with Knoll sending a header to Daehli who shoots a nice one from 22 meters away but straight to the hands of Brunst. The table of opportunities ends up with Magdeburg on 42’.  Breaking through our defense looks so easy nowadays. Lohkemper shoots from our right side  but Himmelmann is there once again.

Second half underway and everyone hoped for a better 45′ than the first, but really no one saw that coming. Before we even managed to settle to our chairs, on 58’, a  pass from Daehli and Nehrig shoots hard. Brunst repels. The siege continues and Knoll passes to Nehrig once again who is brought down illegally in the box. Penalty kick. Knoll executes on 59’ and doubles the score for Sankt Pauli. Sankt Pauli was furious.  On 63’ Nehrig passes cleverly to Diamantakos. “Der Grieche” dribbles exquisitely against Magdeburg defensives and shoots a diagonal shot, leaving Brunst with no options. 3-1 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just begun. Sankt Pauli dominating the field,dictating the pace, leaving Magdeburg literally with no options. They looked so desperate. Only some bright moments here and there for them but really nothing worthy. 72’ they were not even close to threatening but still…Lohkemper ends with the ball at his feet and shoots. Easy job for Himmelmann to secure. Sankt Pauli keeps pushing them until 90’+3  where Diamantakos  striked again. Möller Daehli to Miyaichi . He finds Allagui  and he finds “Der Grieche” who seals the day with a fourth goal against Magdeburg scum. Nothing more to it. Just the ref’s final whistle sending the players to the lockers!

What a great season finale. What a great atmosphere at Soridon. Most comrades from Athens Club payed a visit for this match day. Beer drinking, pizza devouring and book reading as the boys in Soridon organized a nice event for this season finale. Sankt Pauli for the last game before the winter break crushing Magdeburg fascists sending them (hopefully) on the way to liga 3. We still had to endure 45’ of agony before but it was a worthy wait I tell ya. The only black spot was Veerman’s injury. The flying Dutchman proved to be a beast in our frontline. Great ability with the ball and great perspective to the game. Big loss. Let’s all hope he finds his way through and gets in the field before the season ends, although first info wants him missing the entire second round. In other news. H$V was defeated, Union was defeated and was defeated leaving us third, only 3 points away from H$V and just 2 from . Next game is Thursday 16/01 against Wehen. A friendly game just to keep us warm until the first official game of the season, on Tuesday 29/1, away against Darmstadt. Nothing more to it.  We’re just stoked for a really interesting second half. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Note: Later in the day we got the word that Magdeburg fascist assholes, proved their class by breaking the barrier in the Nord and jumped to the other side attacking women, children, without anyone getting hurt fortunately, cos there was an immediate response by stewards and Nord Support and they pulled back to their hole.

Line Up:


Zander (Carstens 46′)   Ziereis    Avevor    Kalla

    Knoll  Nehrig (Zehir 77′)

     Miyaichi               Allagui          Möller Daehli 

                           Veerman (Diamantakos 35′)


Match goals:

1:0 Nehrig (16′, Header, Knoll)

1:1 Niemeyer (35′, Left Foot Shot, Beck)

2:1 Knoll (59′, Penalty Kick, Left Foot Shot, Nehrig)

3:1 Diamantakos (63′, Left Foot Shot, Nehrig)

4:1 Diamantakos (90′ + 3, Right Foot Shot, Allagui)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Veerman(3), Nehrig(2), Diamantakos(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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