Matchday 19: SV Darmstadt 98 vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: January 30, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Welcome ba…EAT THIS!

Back in business for 2019 but not in the best possible way. Neither luck nor the unbelievable incompetence of the assistant referee were able to save us yesterday against Darmstadt. Imagine a match where you manage to stay ahead until the closing 10′, you eventually lose it and everybody reacts like you were trailing from the beginning. That’s the story of yesterday’s 2-1, read on 😎


Tuesday evening (ffs), with a full brown white guest block (some 3000) in a, colorful in general (minus one terrace), Merck-Stadion the scenery for a match that, as always after a winter break, nobody has a clue about what to expect from it. Reconnoitered game, without much to see, in the opening 20′, with Darmstadt looking slightly more vivid on the pitch. First notable moment in the game wasn’t about something happening in front of anybody’s goal posts, it was a Dudziak injury (20′) that scared the Hell of us but was proven eventually a false alarm with Jeremy returning back to the pitch and Meier back to the bench after a few minutes. First occasion of the game for Darmstadt on 23′ with a Dursun header ending a couple of meters over our crossbar. Hosts escalated the pressure, something that resulted to the double chance of 26′, with the first shot (into the box, to the left but having an acute angle) by Holland being deflected by Himmelmann and the second one (from a dangerous position, edge of the box facing the net) by Stark ending up somewhere in the Stratosphere. Game on, mostly on the same motif…until 37′ when FCSP, with our first real attempt, got us all jumping of our seats – excellent delivery from Möller Daehli into the heart of the box where Ryo Miyaichi opened the score with a header, YESSS!!! 0-1 for FCSP, hosts temporarily in shock, a shock that we took advantage of and almost reached the 2nd on 44′ but Diamantakos’ excellent inspiration (a tricky shot while standing still) bounced on Heuer Fernandes‘ left outer post before escaping to safety. HT whistle with FCSP ahead but situation looking quite fragile.

Unexpectedly, 2nd half kicked off the way the 1st finished, with FCSP having two big chances (especially the first one…), both with Diamantakos to “lock” (according to what Darmstadt coach, Schuster said in the press conference afterwards) the game. First one on 46′ when he was beaten in front of the post in a 1-1 duel by last man standing, keeper Heuer Fernandes and 2nd one on 54′ from a similar position (this time to the left, suspicion of offside here), this time under more pressure, same ending – in both cases seems that he delayed just for a fraction of the second in his final effort. I have the impression that this guy tries…too hard and seems to me a little stressed in the pitch. He has proven in the recent past (even before FCSP) that he has what it takes, let’s hope that he will “relax” a little and find his way to the goal. One way or another, we had two good chances for the 2nd, we didn’t do it and (as maybe expected) soon enough things started turning the other way around. Mandatory substitution (for real this time) on 59′ with Miyaichi getting out slightly injured (hopefully, nothing serious, always afraid about Ryo) and Sobota getting in and then…

Punishment in 3 parts

I. 60′-70′, the Horror

A crystal clear penalty that wan’t awarded to Darmstadt (61′) and a series of Apocalyptic scenes in our box from which we managed somehow to survive. So much carnage in the box (especially between 61′-65′) that cannot recollect everything. Let’s just keep the continuous chaos between 61′-63′, the Mehlem shot on 65′, saved by initially by Himmelmann but the ball getting cleared after a lot of adventure and the 20m Jones shot on 67′ that ended just wide, to the right. All these and a couple more scenes of disorder in a 10′ period that I believe that neither squad nor fans had the chance to stop and breathe.

II. 70′-80′, Calm before the (final) Storm

Survived the preceding period of panic and at this point the situation looked like MAYBE we can get out of there in one piece. Pressure temporarily decreased (the more optimistic may have thought that Darmstadt was out of strength), we had the opportunity to pass the center and show our presence in the field a couple of times but seems that all that the hosts were doing was regrouping and preparing themselves for the final offensive.

III. 80′-90′, Doom…

1-1 for Darmstadt on 81′ with Heller winning Himmelmann with a diagonal shot from within the box to the left and Avevor (in between Heller and Himmelmann) serving as decoration to the scenery… Brother Chris, what kind of thoughts were going through your mind, in which parallel universe were you travelling at the time that Heller executed us? Whatever, shit happens, with a first view I actually saw this as restoration of justice after what had happened after 60′, what the Hell, a draw is fine as well… Greg probably thought this way, squad maybe did the same (Kauczinski didn’t, put Meier in for Diamantakos on 84′ to give a fresh breath to the offensive line), the only thing sure is that Darmstadt, having seen the chance, had other plans. Another defensive fuck up on 86′ (Buballa this time), another onslaught by Heller, overrunning  Avevor (was looking like stoned member of the South End Scum in the pitch in the closing stages) but this time the shot ended just wide… 89′ in the game, hosts again on the attack, Brother Chris still out of space and time, first lost the ball and then lost Dursun while watching the orbit of the lob ball (you have to keep an eye on both man…). Dursun didn’t miss the opportunity and, with an excellent direct volley, executed Himmelmann and FCSP almost from the exact same position that Heller had scored 8′ earlier…

Not an absolute Sudden Death, there were still some 5′ on the clock. There was an opportunity into injury time in the form of quite dangerous free kick for FCSP, just outside the box, facing the Darmstadt posts. Knoll took the shot but not every day is a lucky day and, even if this was a lucky one, we had already managed to spend our share. Ball deflected to the wall, gamed ended after a couple of minutes, good job Darmstadt, good night FCSP…

Guess what has just happened here ^^ (image source:, Photo: Huebner/Ulrich)

Well, that was crap. Lots of people talk about promotion. Promotion needs a certain mindset and, in this sense, there’s still a lot of work to do ahead of us. Darmstadt was far better than us, any way we try to look at the game and their clear superiority during the closing 30′ gives a simple message. You can’t expect to go up when you’re playing away vs a squad that has half of your points and you try to defend the result just by barricading in the back and gambling with time. Maybe some could say that this was just a result of the Darmstadt pressure. When the only way to have to deal with the pressure is this, then again you’re not good enough for promotion. There have been certain mentions to Avevor  in the last part of the report. Saying what happened is not an insult or malicious criticism towards Chris, everybody can have his bad days and we have a constant “policy” here, never “targeting” a player unless there are mentality reasons to do so. These mentions above are quite relevant with what we’re discussing here, when a squad chooses to defend this way, if anyone among the defense is not in his best possible day, this will show on the pitch sooner or later…

However, for anybody hot for Bundesliga, there’s still quite a lot of time until the end of the season and the instability of Union and the other competitors, following close behind, gives FCSP the right to claim it until the very end. There’s still a really good chance here but much more than we showed yesterday is required in order to grab it and do the trick.

First stop? Speak of the Devil, it’s Union at Millerntor next Monday! These guys have still a home game vs FC Köln to play tomorrow evening but regardless of the result this is a bloody 6 pointer! Want glory you Boys in Brown? Want parties in the Reeperbahn starred from some balcony at the center? Want to go and collect 3 (goals) at Allianz Arena? Then get to work… See you next Monday 😎


Line Up:


Zander    Carstens    Avevor   Buballa

Knoll         Dudziak

 Miyaichi (Sobota 59′)  Buchtmann (Flum 75′)  Möller Daehli 


Match goals:

0:1 Miyaichi (37′, Header (again!), Möller Daehli (again!))

1:1 Heller (81′, Right foot shot, Mehlem)

2:1 Dursun (89′, Right foot shot, Platte)

Spectators:  11800 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Carstens(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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