Matchday 20: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Union Berlin 3-2!

Posted: February 5, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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source:, ©️ dpa

You reach the end of the game, being somehow 2-0 ahead. You then concede 2 goals in less than 2′ (85″!) but you still manage to win the game with a penalty on 94′. Monday evening stories of football madness someone could say. No my friend, at least no when you are an FCSP fan 😄


Having seen Union destroying Köln on Thursday got slightly scared about this one. Yes, they’re not as good as home when they play away but the message, at the end of their victorious 2-0, was really clear, “we’re coming to kick some ass”. With squad coming from an unlucky game vs Darmstadt and a game open to everything, draw was looking like a good result, problem is that we needed something more than that.

Union got with a little stronger momentum in the game. Nevertheless, the first interesting moment of the match was ours, a defensive Union fuck-up (OK, there was some good brown white high pressure there) that forced Gikiewicz to two saves (winning duels actually), first vs Knoll and then vs Allagui, at the edge of his box. Union kept the initiative and actually started quantifying it after 20′ in the game. Our turn for a fuck-up now with Avevor‘s lame header pass towards Himmelmann becoming the perfect assist for Kroos who, fortunately, got stopped by Robin. FFS, Brother Chris tell the truth: do you smoke before the game??? Do you??? DON’T 😅 22′ in the game, corner for Union from the right, CHAOS (as probably expected) in our box and happy ending with Himmelmann eventually blocking the ball, right on our goal line. Goal may didn’t come for Union but came for us shortly afterwards in the form of a 30m volley rocket by Sami Allagui who went crazy along with almost the entire Millerntor (OK, guest block did not appreciate it so much). Gikiewicz, who tried his best there, still tries to find exactly where this one came from. 1-0 FCSP on 23′ and, out of nowhere, a brand new perspective to the game. To make things even better, FCSP defense was looking quite comfortable in dealing with Union‘s attempts to find corridors leading to our goal. Hence, even though Union had the ball, they were not really able to do something with it – on the contrary, towards the end of the half we had a couple of chances to make it 2-0 and send them to the dressing rooms with feet weighing 200kg each. Knoll deep free kick delivery from the right with Allagui putting his foot first on the ball, sending it a couple of meters over the crossbar (44′) AND AGAIN Allagui with a header from a dangerous position which ended up by Gikiewicz‘s right post. HT 1-0 FCSP, spirits really high but equally high the level of danger awareness 😉

Believe it or not, FCSP kept on being solid at the beginning of the 2nd half, regardless of the Union efforts and not only that, we managed to score a 2nd on 62′! Corner by Knoll from the right, header by Meier at the first post, GOAL!!! Carnage at the terraces of Millerntor along with a sense (for the first time in the game) that maybe we have nailed this. This carried on looking good even when we got in the closing 10′ but never underestimate a) Union Berlin b) FCSP’s suicidal tendencies. The warning shot by Abdullahi on 82′ (16m shot, JUST by Himmelmann‘s left post), 2-1 on 84’ (long deep delivery from the left, Andersson won Avevor on the air for the assist to Prömel who scored from close distance) and… 2-2 on 86′ while still posting 2-1… (Himmelmann had already managed to save another one in between, how can all this happen in 85″? Beats me…). Corner from the left, “clearance” by FCSP, the first shot by Gogia (wore the brown white jersey for a while), again save by Himmelmann but Abdullahi the first one on the rebound for the equalizer… Despair mixed with some “of course, we’re FCSP, what the fuck did you expect” thoughts and the agony about preserving at least the draw… And here comes the best part with FCSP waking up in a way and getting the rabbit out of the hat on 92′, thanks to a careless penalty by Abdullahi (from Heaven to Hell) on Buchtmann (in from 76′). Knoll is supposed to take these ones, however Meier took both the initiative and the ball (hmmm…chill out boy, if this had ended unsuccessfully maybe there would be a different talk around today) and executed Gikiewicz in really cold blood on 94′. No time for anything more, FT FCSP 3 – Union 2 with us still trying to find out what the fuck has happened, while being congratulated by Liverpool fans (at Brudenell for their game) next to us 😅

2-1, MADNESSSSS!!! (source:, ©️ Witters)

Yeps, this is a Partyraiser, however we shouldn’t forget how thin the line between success and failure is. If Abdullahi was a little more careful, we would now probably discuss about our total blackout and how good we are on saying “fuck off” to opportunity when comes knocking on our door. Somehow, not only we avoided getting screwed up but after Aue vs Köln having been postponed, we’re going next Friday to play Köln…being above them on the table, life is kinky sometimes 😎

Of course, don’t expect the squad that paid their respects to Union last week, expect Hell instead… A hot stadium, a solid squad hungry for promotion with an offensive line spitting pain, this is what awaits us on Friday. The familiar to all of us defensive exhibition of bullshit that was occasionally observed even yesterday is strictly prohibited. This squad, finding us in a loose condition, can easily serve us with 4 goals to  take home for the weekend. Boys in Brown THIS IS BIG, passing with even 1pt from there is extremely significant on the way to Bundesliga. Everybody (?!?!?) knows that South End Scum has no special promotion aspirations but is also known that you, young, full of energy and expectations, have some. So, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, go Köln on Friday with the knife between the teeth (NO, NO, don’t kill anyone, just be militant 😁) and get back glorious 😎 Three SES commissars will be there to observe the squad and assist with screaming, shouting and religious profanity. In fact, there’s going to be a big, happy and colorful FCSP fan assembly for this one (Holland only 35, ffs 😅), don’t spoil it for everybody you Boys in Brown, alright?

Line Up:


Kalla    Carstens    Avevor    Buballa

Flum         Knoll

 Möller Daehli (Miyaichi 84′)  Sobota

Allagui (Buchtmann 76′)

                Meier (Hoogma 90+6′)


Match goals:

1:0 Allagui (23′, Right foot missile)

2:0 Meier (62′, Header, Buchtmann)

2:1 Prömel (84′, Right foot shot, Andersson)

2:2 Abdullahi (86′, Right foot shot, Gogia)

3:2 Meier (90+4′, Right foot penalty)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Allagui(3), Flum(6), Knoll(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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