Matchday 21: FC Köln vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-1

Posted: February 9, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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No complaints

Reality check yesterday evening for the Boys in Brown. In front of 50.000 people (5.000 brown white) Köln made it look easy for them in the 2nd half, showing that they are at least one level above us overall, however we fought passionately, we never quit the game and we showed everyone that we didn’t go there only for the sake of the trip. Unfortunately, sometimes these are not enough, especially when you’re not in the top shape that you were supposed to be. No complaints overall, Boys in Brown play on, the rest read on.


A lot of optimism before the game, fed mainly by last week’s insane victory but Köln in Rhein-Energie-Stadion is always a completely different story. The way I see it, the only way to win this was to steal it by getting ahead, holding on and maybe take advantage of their carelessness at some point and kill them with a 2nd. Otherwise, a clean 0-0 would look ideal to me, even though keeping a clean sheet against Köln in there, with the defence maturity we have maybe looks more difficult than winning them. Whatever, optimism is always good, uplifts the moods of people, no problem with that as long as the truth doesn’t throw you down in the end 😉

As probably expected, Köln dictated the pace of the game from the very first moment, trying with various ways to penetrate through and they almost got there on 12′. Knoll almost executed us inadvertedly when Geis‘ almost 30m shot found his head, heading straight towards our right corner but Svend Brodersen (in instead of Himmelmann in the last moment, Robin had some kind of problem, hopefully nothing serious) saved the day with an excellent stretch and dive. Continuous situations in and around our box (83% possesion for Köln in the opening quarter!) but we were managing somehow to deal with the situation and not only this, we also had our first chance on 20′. FCSP deploying from the left, looooong diagonal lob from outer space (Kalla in fact) to Allagui deep in the box, to the right, whose direct volley sidenetted Horn‘s posts. 25’ in the game and time for what seems to have become an integral part of FCSP tradition – EXCELLENT assist from Avevor to Cordoba who stormed in our box from the right, fortunately Brodersen was there and saved again the day. We never “abuse” our players in here but doing jokes instead to deal with the situation is not the best way either. Seriously, maybe Avevor should have a one-to-one with a sport psychologist (I believe we have at least one on board) and discuss this concentration issue. We love you Chris, we love the attitude, we love your commitment to the Club but this has to be solved, it’s simply dangerous… Continuous pressure by Köln, a couple of chaotic scenes in our box but with the Boys in Brown somehow holding on…until 32′ where Köln got the lead – corner from the right, first header by Czichos, leg projection from Terodde, ball to the crossbar and goal on the rebound by Cordoba…from a position so offside that the only ones who didn’t notice was me and the assistant referree. And of course, the Scum bastard has every right (and duty!) to have already consumed 2-3 double Laphroaig 10s and a couple of spliffs until then but there’s no excuse for the assistant ref. It’s not about the interests of FCSP, we had the same discussion 2 matchdays ago when assistant missed a crystal clear penalty in favor of our opponent. Köln doesn’t need this, they proved that they were a better team alright, it’s just about poor decisions, spoiling the fun for everybody… Whatever, it happened, this is football, play on. And the Boys played on, surprisingly moving forward and immediately exercising some serious pressure which was awarded just 6′ later! Buchtmann corner from the left on 38′, header among all by Allagui (ffs 😆), saved initially by Horn but (guess who?) Meier on the rebound finished the job from close distance, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Didn’t expect the squad to come from behind in such a short notice and judging by the reactions around me in the Brudenell, I wasn’t the only one 😉 Equalizer momentum kept on for a little while, FOXY attempt by Kalla with something between cross and shot (shot actually) who forced Horn to a save on 42′ but the end of the half belonged to the hosts. Köln in front, first attempt by Drexler, save by Brodersen who managed also, with a super reaction, to deflect, almost from zero distance, Terodde‘s rebound shot, FUCKIN’ HELL!!! HT Köln 1 – FCSP 1 with FCSP somehow being still alive and well.

JAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (source:, ©️ Witters)

The reality check we were talking about in the introduction occured in the 2nd half. 53′ in the game and 2-1 for Köln, again by Cordoba but this time a completely different story. Geis long and precise diagonal ball from behind the center to the left flank where Clemens got the ball, converged towards the box and passed to incoming Cordoba who gave no chance to Brodersen and finished for the 2-1. Speed, precision, simplicity, goal. 2-1 and this time Köln moved fast and finished the game before we have any chance to get back in business. Corner from the right, Kalla lost Cordoba, 3-1 for FCSP and 3rd for Cordoba on 58′. Execution in 5′, when something like this happens to you in there with more than half an hour to go, leaving the pitch with heads high becomes also a priority, this could end up really ugly… It didn’t. We almost got back in the game on 63′ when Horn almost got killed by his colleague Drexler but eventually saved to a corner, an incident that was result of Allagui‘s persistence (this guy looks so much better comparing to his early period when he wanted to “prove things”). Game went on, almost until the end, with Köln still in the initiative but not in the highest gear anymore and FCSP still trying the best they could but nothing really spectacular from both sides. Final 4-1 came on 85′, against the flow of the game someone could argue. Terodde this time, let’s not recycle what alredy discussed in the first half… This was the final score, a score that underlines the difference between the two squads but sounds a little harsh for FCSP at the same time.

This looks like the 4th ^^ (source:, ©️ dpa/Marcel Kusch)

Had the pleasure (Sonderzug digaaa!) to attend a 4-0 in the same place some 5 years ago. Score sounds really close but these two games have nothing to do with each other. Back then we had walkers in the pitch, yesterday wasn’t such a thing, maybe just a few slightly disorientated (^ ^). Back then 4-0 sounded lenient, yesterday 4-1 sounded harsh. But, hey, this is football, if you don’t give your absolute best when you’re playing away against a superior team, unless you’re really lucky or they really stoned, you will eventually get punished. No complaints from the squad, hopefully lessons taught yesterday have been really learnt and we’ll use the experience along the rest of the way…

…starting with Aue next Saturday at Millerntor. If we want to stay on promotion course, this simply must be won. No wisdom here of course, this is a no-brainer but is in such cases that we usually screw up 🙂 The good thing is that this looks like a game that we can win, even without the most solid defensive behavior, providing that the creative part will work as expected. Whatever, these are just exercises on paper, let’s see what the Boys in Brown have to say inside the pitch, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


    Carstens    Avevor   Hoogma

                       Zander                                                         Kalla (Miyaichi 63′)

Dudziak         Knoll

                                             Allagui                     Buchtmann (Möller Daehli 71′)

                         Meier (Schneider 79′)


Match goals:

1:0 Cordoba (32′, Right foot shot, Terodde)

1:1 Meier (38′, Header, Allagui)

2:1 Cordoba (53′, Right foot shot, Clemens)

3:1 Cordoba (58′, Header, Geis)

4:1 Terodde (85′, Left foot shot, Schmitz)

Spectators:  50000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Carstens(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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