Matchday 24: SC Paderborn 07 vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1

Posted: March 4, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Killer Instinct!

Inside Paderborn baby. Yeah!!! This is how we rock damn it. Not an easy match at all though. Paderborn was tough and threatened on many occasions. The winner attitude of FCSP though couldn’t not miss these three points. The Boys in Brown proved all the U-Turn chit-chat we were talking bout in the previous match game, to be true.


Really early action from Paderborn on 1’, proof that they were there to claim the three points too. Confusion a little before the midline, with the ball ending from Gueye’s feet to Avevor. He gets confused and sends back to Gueye who sends a direct pass to Michel. He shoots but Himmelmann saves the day for Sankt Pauli sending the ball to a corner for Paderborn. Paderborn came in aggressive, and with our midline not pressing forward, our defense had to break all of Paderborn’s attacks. Not an easy task for our defense nowadays. On 23’ the second big moment for them. Michel and Gueye play the one-two with Gueye doin a splendid work breaking through three of our defensives, sending back to Michel. He shoots from 13 meters against Himmelmann but Robin is there blocking the ball. A moment that kind of woke us up. On 32’ Knoll passes on to Daehli. Daehli runs through the entire left wing of Paderborn sending the ball to their box. None of us is there and their defensives send the ball away but luckily on to Kalla’s feet. Kalla tries a shot but it is goes really high above Zingerle ’s upper post. 3 minutes later comes a mini punishment for Paderborn. Corner from Knoll and the ball goes from Hoogma , to Zehir and ends with Meier. He shoots and sends the ball to the nets but the reff finds him at an offside position. A really tight decision but the camera angle isn’t really enlightening so we’ll have to go with the ref’s call. The first half was close to see its end and we started gaining more confidence to this first half which originally belonged to Paderborn. They made sure they had their moment just before the final whistle too. On 42’, Ritter executes a free kick and finds Hünemeier. Camera shows him a little offside too but the game proceeded. His header is blocked by Himmelmann and we try to send the ball away. Avevor with the ball in his feet trips on it and falls, leaving the ball to whoever…Luckily Buballa  is there to send the ball deeper to the midline. And three minutes later, the ref whistles for halftime.

Second half underway and the tables turn. Sankt Pauli has the first say now. 46’ and Miyaichi with the ball on his feet on Paderborn’s right side. Sends to Meier who goes for an exquisite vol plane shot directly to the heart of Zingerle’s nets. Zingerle though is there blocking his shot. On 59’ Tekpetey  marches from our left sending a fast direct ball to Pröger . The ball passes through Avevor and Hoogma easily and would have ended with Pröger if Buballa wasn’t there to send it away to safety. Paderborn called for a penalty there but not even close as Daniel Buballa’s game was clean and onto the ball. On 65’ Miyaichi shows his quality. Ends up with the ball on his feet close to Paderborn nets. Instead of shooting a lousy shot though, he decided to bass to Meier. Our 1,96cm Stürmer shoots with all he’s got but Zingerle says no once again. And while our front line kept hammering Zingerle, our defense kept exposing Himmelmann in a different way every time. 74’ and Zolinski with the ball at his feet. Between two of our defensives and Avevor in front of him, it seemed that his attempt would be blocked easily. Not exactly this way though. Avevor in front of him tries to kick away the ball from Zolinski‘s feet but misses it (?????) and Zolinski carries on towards Himmelmann. Shoots, but again Robin says no, yet another time. On 81’ a corner from Knoll. Meier sees it coming. Jumps higher than anyone and with a splendid header sends the ball to Paderborn’s nets. Not even Zingerle’s hand was able to stop it. Kind of blocked it trying to change its course but this time Meier left no room for options. On 87’ Zehir saw red (second yellow), for a tactic foul he did against Tekpetey. Right decision from the ref, Mrs Steinhaus , who despite a couple of moments maybe here and there, did a great job through the entire game. With ten players left we barricaded to our box trying to last for the remaining time in the game. (Not a good call if I am asked). On 90+4′ the biggest moment of the game for Paderborn. Schwede flanks and sends the ball to Hünemeier who luckily finds the upper post. Ball ends up to Paderborn feet there and there’s a mini siege of our box with Paderborn players dropping to the ground one after the other asking for penalty kick. (Yeh yeh). Final whistle in the game shortly after that sends the players to the lockers.

Don’t anyone dare brag about this victory. We were lucky as fuck for three reasons.

  1. Himmelmann was in his best performance. A granite wall saying no to anything. Being exposed from his defensives more than once he really did the game of his life today.
  2. Paderborn could have ended us easily. EASILY!! On more than one occasions. Our defense is a circus where they could march in and out any time they wanted. THEM being on their worst day was our ticket to victory.
  3. We re damn lucky to be able to replace an already awesome Stürmer as Veerman with another even more awesome as Meier. Smells the goal like a shark smells blood and he is always on the right time to the right place.

The winner attitude my friends. That’s what kept us alive in this game and of course this attitude is hard to get. But that alone is not enough for the next match day. Next match day we play against H$V inside Millerntor. Most of the Scum crew is flying in for the game. Friends from Athens Club are doing the same. Friends from other clubs all round the globe are doing the same. The whole world is gonna shake at the dawn of that day. The word is one and simple. NEXT SUNDAY H$V DIES. As simple as that. Everyone’s gonna be there. The game of the games. All 11 players in the field should be flawless and on the 100% of their performance. Everyone and with no exceptions. EVERYONE…Let’s stick to that. Ultimate defilement of H$V on Sunday the 10th of March. Don’t miss it. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


Kalla    Avevor  Hoogma Buballa

Zehir         Knoll

  Miyaichi (Carstens 87′)  Möller Daehli (Park  90′)   Sobota (Schneider 67′)



Match goals:

1:0 Meier (81′, Header, Knoll)

Spectators: 14504

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(1), Schneider(1), Buballa(2), Zehir(red/2nd yellow)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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