Matchday 25: FC Sankt Pauli vs H$V 0-4!!!

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This is the aftertaste of such a trip. On one hand you have the friends, the shots, the beers and all the atmosphere you get when visiting Sankt Pauli and on the other you have all the shit that took place in the field being a big black stain to the entire trip.



It always feels awesome when a trip like that starts. Waking up early and heading to beloved Sankt Pauli area in Hamburg. Nothing can beat that. This time it was a big crew flying. 4 Scums (AndyXristos, Johhny Handsome, Ernesto and Elena) along with George and Ioanna from Athens Club. Would meet up uncle Zouzounos flying from Leeds and two comrades from Stuttgart (George – Stelios). Not bad hey? Once landed, first things first. A quick beer and waiting for the Fanladen to open to collect tickets and do some shopping. Next day would be impossible to do that so it had to be done at the moment. Checking in to the hotel and shopping at the super market a few shit so we could survive the next days, leading us to have Giannis the monster skinhead waiting us for two and a half hours at Jolly (we suck!!). Taking out the early nagging of Giannis as we entered Jolly (“Με ειπατε 16:30 και εχει παει 19:00 η ωρα ρε μαλαααααακες μη σας γαμησω!!!”), it was fun to be there once again. Beers and Mexicaner shots and then again more beers and so on…. Quite a busy schedule for the first day and no rest at all leading to early retirement from Jolly. About one o clock way back to the hotel to die.



Saturday was supposed to be all bout chill. Moving out to feel the city vibes. Walking around till mid-day until we sat at a local Turkish place for what else? Döner!!! A little spicy but damn awesome. Then back to base for some rest. I myself went up to meet Zouzounos who just arrived and headed for the Sankt Pauli Women’s Football team. Had my share of trouble trying to find the way in, as the women play behind Millerntor in a really fortified area if you decide to move in from the front side of Millerntor. Made it to the 2nd half as soon as it started raining. No one cares bout rain though. We’re lions remember? The women’s team lost 3-0 but really no one cared bout result. Nice atmosphere and cool people.  Wandered around Millerntor for a while. Dropped at the Museum wine bar for a quick drink (which by the way hosted a live gig of Millerntor Brigade and stood a little at the Clubheim meeting with brother Hans  and many other known faces (Zouzounos could run for mare with all his connections up there… 🙂 🙂 ). Jolly was packed so we decided to move our asses to the Zoo. Nice atmosphere and beer kept flowing like water. Clock showed 04:00 am and it was time to move from our chairs back to the hotel for a quick rest before the big day!



At last! Sunday was here and the reason we were in Hamburg was couple of hours away. All of the crew met behind Jolly Roger, outside Kleine Pause. Cops made their presence known but that didn’t affect the good mood everyone had. Around 500-1000 Sankt Pauli fans and USP gathered around the Jolly area waiting for the game to start drinking beers and pointing middle fingers to the H$V ultras as soon as they arrived. Chit–chat took way too long though and once we realized we were not gonna find a place in Gegengerade to stay, it was already late. Found a spot to fit in the lower level of Gegengerade. Millerntor was literally packed having no free space for anyone. Making our selves comfortable (as comfortable we could), we waited for the first whistle in the game. The bells started to chime!!!

Game started with both teams acting cautiously, protecting their box. Midline battle mostly til someone found a usable break in each other’s defense. First moment came in 21’. Hunt finds Douglas Santos to Himmelmann‘s right side. Santos tries to send it back in the center of the box where Lasogga stands. His pass breaks through Kalla but luckily Himmelmann stops it. A little later, on 28’, van Drongelen tries to send a ball away from H$V box but Alex Meier receives. Executes on the spot but the ball goes little away from H$V nets. Excellent vol plane shot with no luck unfortunately. The defenses had opened and looked like the action had started. Badly for us our defense was at its worst day (funny hey?). 4 minute after Meier’s shot, on 32’, H$V earns a foul kick in a really good position. Hunt executes above the wall but finds the upper post. NO ONE watches Lasogga who sneaks behind our defense line and untroubled receives the rebound header and opens the score. Nothing more to this first half as teams kind of closed back again and midline siege carried on til the end of this first half.

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli seemed to be kind of awakened trying to find an answer to the bad, first half. On 46’ Miyaichi receives the ball and shoots but Pollersbeck (who was at his best performance!!!) sends the ball to a corner. A corner we let got to waste shortly after. Clock shows 53’ and Mangala marches with the ball downside to our box. Passes through our defense like it wasn’t even there. Ball ends to Özcan who shoots. Himmelmann repels but the rebound goes to Narey who sends it in the nets. Sankt Pauli though, had some breaths left. On 56’ Meier passes on to Allagui. He shoots really exquisitely but Pollersbeck blocks it once again. Looked like Pollersbeck would not be broken today. On the other hand our defense kept fucking up everything. On 61’ the ball is to our box. Buchtmann messes up everything trying to send the ball away. Gets things complicated and unluckily sends the ball to Lasogga who shoots and scores the third goal for H$V. On 67’ Kalla tries to turn the page. Distant shot but the heavy feet combined to Pollersbeck’s impregnable net area lead to a corner. Gone to waste as well as the rest. Jatta on 76’ tries his luck with a shot that passes through everyone but luckily ends up at our upper post.  Clock shows 82’ and the ref decides to break the game and sends the teams to the lockers after having repeatedly warned of such a turn unless the pyro stopped. Luckily the game continued on 87’. On 88’ the tombstone to our drama from Douglas Santos. Distant shot and the ball ends to our nets. 1 minute after full time the ref whistles for the final time.

OK, if I have to talk bout it as if it was another game, I’d say the usual stuff about the defense and how they fuck up everything. Don’t wanna name players and shit here cos I think everyone fucked up more or less. Not just the defense. Midline sucked too. In the previous match report we were talking about this game and what it meant to us and how every player should see this game as THE GAME OF THE SEASON. Well it went all the way around. Exactly the opposite. H$V read our gameplay so well. They managed to block our front line and party on our defense. Anyway…These are notes the coach should keep in mind and find ways to work upon. Hopefully we’ll see that improved this Saturday against Sandhausen!

The problem with this matchday is not us having lost. That would be OK if it was the only cloud in the sky. I mean…OK, it was a loss from the hated rival but still….The problem here is waaaay bigger. The fans should be cohesive, screaming their lungs out for the team, pointing a BIG MIDDLE FINGER TO H$V. Despite their team winning, the H$V Ultras should feel second only cos our fans would make em feel as such. Despite that though, what happened in the second half after the stoppage was shameful. Gegengerade pricks pointing middle fingers to the USP. Unheard and unspoken tragedy. The H$V assholes would have been laughing their asses off. And why wouldn’t they? Not only their team crushed ours, but FCSP fans kept verbally fighting each other like little bitches. I mean……where to start here? First of all …….

…..Talking about Süd and attitude. Man come on. You have three warnings in this game that it is going to be stopped. And you still keep throwing shit in the field. Fuck the fines the team is going to pay…..It goes way beyond that. Deciding to keep on throwing pyro and taking a risk of game stoppage in a game of almost 30.000 fans is a bit too much. No bad intentions behind it, no doubt. But think a bit more. Can’t decide on the spot for all the others in Millerntor. Besides that… USP need to sort out some sort of cleansing in the SüdKurve cos there are some assholes there who are nothing more than common hooligans. Gentlemen….this is SANKT PAULI. Hooliganism is not a part of our culture and whoever thinks he can act in such a manner should be banned……

……..Of course sayin all that about the Süd, doesn’t make what the fans from Gegengerade did, right. Raising middle fingers to SüdKurve ? What the fuck is this man? What was so wrong that got you triggered? Bad blood from 2010 when the USP did a 5′ protest blocking the entrance to Gegengerade. They apologized later explaining their actions but seems like some people from Gegengerade can’t let that go. Really though? Middle fingering for pyro? The funny thing is that they didn’t even start their show at the stoppage. Nagging had already started from the second warning if I am not mistaken. “No better reason to get to the USP, so let’s start nagging about that”….You’re real brainiacs are you? Didn’t even bother to wait for the stoppage to make their case more solid.  WELCOME TO THE HELL OF MILLERNTOR. This to me looked more like a funny circus for the guests than an actual hell for anyone who stepped foot on it. The H$V ultras had an easy job. They kept screaming for their team while you guys did all the work verbally attacking the USP whereas H$V should be doing that. Better start leaving matters of the past to the past and work on some cohesiveness here shall we?

……….THE GAME OF THE SEASON man. A game that winning or loosing , should be a punch in the stomach for the H$V fascists who entered Millerntor. They should see what Millerntor is all bout. They should tremble on the way out. They should know that the boss of this city is not about winning or loosing a game but it is about the attitude the fans bare. The cohesiveness in their line and the common message they bring forth. What we did was offer these assholes amusement.

No more words here. This match day was a good opportunity for some to start thinking what Sankt Pauli is all about.

Line Up:


Kalla   Avevor   Hoogma  Buballa

  Buchtmann (Zehir 83′)   Knoll (Flum 84′)

          Miyaichi                               Neudecker (Sobota 73′)

Allagui (Schneider 62′)    Meier


Match goals:

0:1 Lasogga (32′, Header, Hunt)

0:2 Narey (53′, Left Foot Shot, B. Özcan)

0:3 Lasogga (61′, Right Foot Shot, B. Özcan)

0:4 Douglas Santos (88′, Left Foot Shot, G. Sakai)

Spectators:  29226 (sold out, you get what the missing 320 are, right?)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights here (watch out H$V dressing room celebrations included!)


Further reading:


Back to the hotel the mood was kind of troubled. Definitely not what we expected to see. Those of us who still had some energy left went out for a beer(It always starts with “A” beer….haha) Jolly was packed. Impregnable. Headed on to the Zoo which was actually very cozy and relaxed. (Most of the Skin-Heads where at a local live show of a punk-oi band at club Monkeys). After Zoo, about 00:00 we decide to go take another look at Jolly , but things where still packed inside. My energy bar was beyond low so I moved on to the hotel to die after a big day out on the street with rain still weating our shoulders. The rest of the crew found a nice spot close toKleine Pause where they actually had big time drinking 80-90 shots all in the house just for singing Happy Birthday in Greek to a local celebrating customer(I am obviously kidding ….it took more than that..hahaha). I am damn jealous of those fuckers!!! 🙂



Monday is all bout the way home. Packed our shit and did a check out. Met Giannis(The Monster) and Hans for a quick coffee and the Deathpresso café and then airport and home. So many good memories man. Want it to start all over again. The only black spot is the attitude of the fans for me, blackening the whole trip. The defeat was nothing. Sankt Pauli is still number one in Hamburg. H$V will always be second no matter how many times they beat us cos let’s face it. SANKT PAULI IS NOT ABOUT FOOTBALL. Through Football it spreads the antifascist idea and quality to the world. Till the next trip amigos. SMASH FASCISM-FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!


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