Matchday 28: Holstein Kiel vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: April 8, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Runnin’ outta gas…

Nope! This is definitely not the team we knew before the H$V game. We were supposed to be making a U-turn to the series of bad results getting us back in track.  The game with Duisburg should have been the one but after the disappointing tie, everyone believed this one would make a difference. Didn’t happen. In fact this one proved, we’re even bigger circus than what we thought we were! Looks like the little black spots we’ve spotted really early in the season, now make their presence known.


Action early on 5’ for Kiel. After a big lobe repelled from our defensives, the ball ends to Lee. He shoots from 26 meters but the ball ends to Brodersen’s grasp. Kiel definitely had the first say to whatever took place in this first half. Sankt Pauli kind of rushed things and looked really stunned. No initiatives and any attempt was futile and weak. Nervousness in our box as well. On 27’,  Brodersen jumps to secure the ball but falls down clumpsy loosing it from his grip. Instead of heading back to the net area though he decides to rush for it leaving the box unprotected. Lee makes it there first and sends the ball back to an empty net area. Luckily Hoogma sends it away saving the day temporarily. The midline struggle was in favor of Kiel clearly and they could easily march in and out of our box at will. Our defense looked desperate. On 35’ Kiel in our box again and after many ball exchanges it ends up to Lee, who was standing untroubled among Avevor, Hoogma and Carstens. He receives the ball taking his time to aim but we were damn lucky his aim wasn’t true. Sends the ball way higher than he should, saving us from the trouble of moving to the center of the field. Looks like we would have our shot in this first lousy half. Clock shows 41’. From the very few bright moments in this game, Sobota troubling Kiel defense, dragging as much as he could on him before he sent the ball to Knoll . Marvin cleverly slides it to Meier. Meier was in a profound place of scoring and he would have done that unless Thesker did not illegally pull his shirt to stop him. A rightful red card for Thesker and a penalty kick which of course Meier did not miss. A really dominant first half for Kiel which ended up in our favor. Leading the score and Kiel was with one player less. How could we fuck that up??

The answer to the previous question came from Avevor. “Easy Peasy”!! Early on 50’ Honsak with the ball, with Sankt Pauli defensives on his tail. Avevor decides to leave his player (exposing Brodersen in case Honsak decided to pass) and marches against Honsak trying to hit the ball. Instead of the ball though, he finds Honsak’s legs. The ref whistles penalty and there you have it. Mühling executes. 1-1 and no more words to it. Three minutes later the ball is with Okugawa and Avevor is in front of him. Okugawa easily sends the ball to Lee who was waiting in the heart of our defense were Hoogma and Carstens were sleeping. Lee shoots and gives Kiel the lead. 2-1 and we really, never looked more hopeless. On 69’ the same scenario repeated from our left this time. Ball ends with Kiel again. Untroubled he attempts to do the 3-1 but Carstens this time blocks the ball with a header saving his early mistake. One of the few bright moments for us in this second half came from Zehir on 79’ and his exquisite 23 meter shot against Kronholm. He is in the right place though and repels the ball. Kiel clearly was trying to keep the score as it was without taking any risks. They barricaded themselves in their box waiting for the final whistle, giving us a bit of space to move forward. On 83’ a corner kick from Knoll. Confusion in Kiel’s box and ball ends to Miyaichi. Ryo shoots and sends the ball way way above Kiel’s upper post. No chance to threaten. We seemed to be lost in our own gameplay there. Even one minute later, on 84’ Meier leaves for Knoll who sends to Möller Daehli. He shoots but Kronholm repels. Mohler Daehli receives the ball again and with Kronholm our of place, all he had to do was turn the ball in the box of Kiel were1-2 of our players were waiting against an empty net area. Daehli though, decides to shoot again with no luck. Kronholm repells once again. Almost 4 minutes of xtra time and the final whistle sounded so damn liberating.

Let’s be honest here. Our defense sucks big time. We knew that. Always has been our weak leg but man….this circus we’ve been brewing from the start of the season is out of this world. Defensives that don’t know where to place themselves and how to protect our box from an incoming offense. Sometimes it kind looks funny actually cos let’s face it…We are Sankt Pauli cos we simply don’t give a fuck about football and results. But man…there’s a slight difference here. It is one thing to try your best and lose no matter what and another thing to just be unable to play and try to hide your incompetence behind other players or bad weather or bad luck. So what now? What can we say now, and who’s to blame for this one? Maybe….I say maaaaaaaybe it is not our bad luck, but our LOUSY DEFENSE that sucks big time. Again….We don’t give a fuck about results and actually we have no anxiety for this season. The league is won. No chance for us to fight for relegation or whatsoever so we’re happy to just watch the team play and drink beers and yada yada.

What is something that I cannot tolerate though or to put it better….Something I cannot explain (speaking personal), is the fact that since we need players capable of standing their ground when an incoming offense is on its way, or even be smart enough to see through situations and evaluate when they need to rush or when they need to drag…..Since we are in a desperate need of such players… cos lets face it…..the ones in our defense are clearly incompetent of the task requested by them. It was obvious from the start of the season but they were hiding behind a really good midline that never left too much fuzz for them to handle. Now in these last four games, our midline is not at its best so the team is split in two leaving too much for the defense to handle. And of course now is where the problem is even more obvious. Our defense acts like a circus of clowns, each one trying to impress with a new silly stunt, leaving our keeper exposed every time. Avevor  did his worse today (I say that in every game but in the next he’s always there with a new stunt) but Hoogma and Carstens followed him closely by sleeping in the most time of the game , with Lee and the rest of Kiel partying in our box. SO THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS: Why haven’t we moved in purchasing defensive players capable of playing??? Everyone says our defense sucks. Why hasn’t anyone done anything bout it? Instead, we saw an entire season of posts and articles from Sankt Pauli stating the good condition of our defense and how the rest of the teams find it hard to penetrate and so on. Biiiiiiig difference what we read from what we saw

… Anyway…this can go on for pages and pages. No point in it actually. What we said about being Sankt Pauli is what it is. We don’t give a single FUCK about football and results since the season is saved. No matter what stunts we see in the field , we’ll still be there raising our cups to the team, hoping to get the next game. And the next one will be Sunday against Arminia Bielefeld inside Millerntor. We’ll all be there physically and mentally to support our beloved Sankt Pauli. Despite our gameplay, our will is stronger and more focused than ever. STILL NUMBER ONE IN HAMBURG! FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


  Carstens (Miyaichi 77′)  Avevor   Hoogma   Buballa (Zehir 58′)

Dudziak (Allagui  68′)        Knoll

          Sobota    Buchtmann Möller Daehli


Match goals:

0:1 Meier (43′, Right Foot Penalty, Meier)

1:1 Mühling (50′, Right Foot Penalty, Honsak)

2:1 J.-S. Lee (53′, Right Foot shot, Okugawa)

Spectators:  13274 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Dudziak(4)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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