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Posted: April 10, 2019 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Kauczinski & Stöver OUT – Luhukay & Rettig “IN”

Bomb exploded at the neighborhood this morning with Kauczinski/Stöver being “released” and Luhukay/Rettig (?) filling up for them until the end of the season. Nobody expected a move of such magnitude, remains only to be seen if this will be proven beneficiary for the Club or not, discussion just starting and will be around for a long time.


(We are good in creating internal chaos, first sentence is copy-pasted from…December 2014) Too early to make any kind of evaluation on the situation. This is all brand new, the only thing can be done here is expressing some thoughts on the key players involved:

Markus Kauczinski: Still not getting while he’s out. Yeah, alright we had 4 consecutive bad results, 1-10 points, 1-10 goals. Really? Let me remind you that this is not the first time happening, not even in the current season. Let me remind you the negative streak back in August/September. 4 games 0-9 points (plus one disqualification), 7-15(!!!) goals, 3 from Wehen-Wiesbaden… However, the team recovered back back then and, as we speak, we’re still in 6th place, 4 pts behind Union. In this sense, he absolutely deserved his chance, at least until the end of the season. The only thing that could explain this move at this point, is the thought that a shock could shake enough the squad and put us back on the promotion hunt race. We’ll talk about this towards the end…

Uwe Stöver: This REALLY DOESN’T make sense, at least at this point. First of all, this guy didn’t come package with Kauczinski, so this goes out. Furthermore, makes no sense to release this guy at this point, just like it didn’t make sense with Azzuzi 4-5 years ago. This is the guy primarily responsible for our transfer moves and actually there was a lot of Club euphoria about the renewals that he recently achieved. Something doesn’t look right here, if it was a case of being unhappy with his choices we expect to see some of them departing end of season as well. Still, there are moves that he did that were really for the best interest of the Club. He got in Veerman and when Veerman got injured (get well boy, expecting you back stronger), he pulled Alex Meier out of the hat… Really can’t understand it, especially now.

Jos Luhukay: Bloody Hell, this sounds really controversial… This guy has a good overall reputation and a proven Bundesliga experience. What seems to be the problem here is that as soon as his recruitment was announced, stories from his last UK adventure at Sheffield Wednesday started leaking and some of them are really terrifying… Stories talking not only about poor results/performance but about detachment from the squad as well. We don’t want to go into further details at the moment, the guy has just been hired, let’s consider him innocent until proven guilty and take it over from there, fingers crossed…

Andreas RettigThe name of the substitute makes the question about the reasons behind Stöver‘s release even more interesting. Why? Simply because Rettig is not just a temporary solution for the post, he’s a temporary solution for FCSP, he’s leaving end of September. That’s why the decision of changing Sports Director at this point seems incomprehensible. Sounds a little like “let’s get him out now, Rettig will handle Summer transfers and we will find someone afterwards”. Firing him package with Kauczinski leaves space for a lot of misinterpretations. This one could just mean that there are a lot of things that we simply don’t know about…

Now that we have taken a look at everybody involved in the “drama”, let’s talk a little about why all this may have happened (back to the end of the first paragraph). At least the way I see it, seems like the Club thought that a shock could wake up the squad and get us back in the promotion race. In a few words, kick ass in the 6 remaining matchdays and earn 5 points more than Union and more than the competition in general. This could make sense if we had a squad that was overall better than Union but is now behind just because of Kauczinski‘s mistakes. Does anybody really believe that? Does anybody believe that Luhukay can transform our circus defense to a granite wall before Saturday? Does anybody believe that Luhukay can teach in zero time to our defenders lessons that they haven’t learnt during their entire previous career?

OK, let’s leave some space for doubt here and let’s assume that Luhukay is not here to steal promotion out of our rivals hands but he has come to build the team of the future. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem the case here but we can’t say anything until we know the exact terms of his contract and, at this point, the fact that Club has officially announced him but hasn’t announced the duration of his contract at the moment this is written, leaves space for a lot of thoughts…

Contract duration…expected and nothing yet at the Club page either…

Answers to the above questions can be given only by the Club but this looks like a big mistake to me. Of course there are a lot of parameters that we’re not aware of but, at least imho, looks like we just got panicked here. However, all these are just scenarios, only time will tell, starting this weekend. For now, all can be done from here is a “THANK YOU” to both Kauczinski and Stöver. I personally believe that both of them deserved a little better. So thank you both, all the best for the future and fingers crossed regarding FCSP… Aye, and not to forget within all this mess, welcome Jos Luhukay 🙂


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