Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli vs Arminia Bielefeld 1-1

Posted: April 15, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Mediocre but still better than shit…

And of course no one expected anything more. After a barrage of bad results and the team literally looking like shit, Kauczinski was sacked and Luhukay took over. New coach only 6 games before the season finale. Some say it was a dum move, others said that it was about time, but most (myself included) still believe that there’s a lot more behind it than what we actually know. Anyway, the team had a home game this Sunday so we all gathered under a cloudy Spring Sunday midday more curious than ever to see how this would evolve.


First half underway and the worst possible start ever by Sankt Pauli. 4’ a terrible mistake from Park to Voglsammer as the second one was almost in our box (Park’s bad on this one for letting the ball get passed above his head) with the ball in his feet. Park raises his foot waaay too much (almost karate kick) bringing Voglsammer down. Ref whistles a penalty and this is where everyone argues as Voglsammer looks clearly out of our box in every replay. Ref seemed sure though so we leave it sink in there. Penalty kick executed and Klos opens the score for Arminia. What a bad start indeed. We couldn’t know what to expect but definitely a penalty kick on 4’ was not on our list. On 10’ the same player decides to go for a second. After a corner kick for Arminia and the ball goes to Klos. He goes for an exquisite, distant shot but Himmelmann repels it. Sankt Pauli looked kind of stiff and frozen in those first moments of the game. Defense looked kind of more self-aware of positioning and whose after whom,  but now we had to make sure we had the center. Many basic 11 players where benched and thus resulted in our mid line being unstable giving Arminia place to threaten. Our first serious attempt came on 26’ with Buchtmann going in for a distant shot but Ortega blocked it. Gained a bit more ground there for 5-8 minutes but still we looked kinda dizzy. A dull first half that kind of entirely belonged to Arminia if we got asked bout ball possession, without major moments though. Last one in this first half belonged to Bielefeld. On 41’ they could have easily ended the game. Klos again in our box going for a sloppy header but Himmelmann repels once again.

Second half underway and Knoll’s entry gives a new boost to our midline. Really early, on 48’ he sends the ball to Allagui. Allagui sends it back to him while he was already marching to flank. Knoll opens nicely and finds Miyaichi. Miyaichi goes for the header and sends the ball to the nets. A really nice game play from all three of them. This early outbreak from us and Knoll’s midline energy boost, made Arminia lose their first half confidence. Arminia looked stunned now. We kind of dominated the mid line bringing all the heat to their box. Mostly around it though cos now all of Bielefeld’s players where barricaded to their box making it hard to find a way to their nets. On 77’, Knoll sends the ball to Buchtmann. Buchtmann cleverly sees Miyaichi and opens the ball to him. Miyaichi shoots from a close distance but this time Ortega blocks it. Time was running out and everyone was looking for a second goal to secure the three points. We were dominant in this second half but this lead us nowhere as all our attempts crushed in Arminia’s defense. Final moment of the game belonged to Bielefeld. 85’ and Klos runs with the ball to his feet, the entire field shooting from distance. Easy job for Himmelmann to secure. Couple of minutes later, the ref whistles for the last time in this game.

OK, let’s face it. No one can take a team from the bottom and make it run Champion’s League in a week. Luhukay has a really hard work in front of him. Not bad at all for his first game in our bench. Considering the fact that Arminia still has a fighting spirit in them, a tie is not a bad result at all. If we were bit more lucky we could have easily won the three points (or left with no point at all if they were luckier). Still skeptical about the team’s decision in changing the coach right now where we could only assume they wanted to keep in track with the pursuit of Bundesliga but still….even if we got caught in a series of events that led us there. This wouldn’t be the best scenario, the way we play right now. Anyway….Just random thoughts on the recent events. Luhukay is our new coach and the first game with him on the bench was kind of a relief, cos finally we saw our beloved Sankt Pauli score and getting creative (maybe for a little but still…) First half belonged to Arminia but once we secured the midline in the second, they barricaded to their box. Kind of a split game between the both. Waiting to see how the next game will end, giving full support to Luhukay and the team. The next one is this Sunday against Heidenheim out. Let’s see what’ll happen. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


  Park   Carstens   Hoogma   Dudziak

Flum     Buchtmann

                Möller Daehli (Knoll 46′)    Miyaichi (Becker 87′)

      Allagui (Lankford 75′)      Meier


Match goals:

0:1 Klos (5′, Right foot penalty, Voglsammer)

1:1 Miyaichi (48′, Header, Knoll)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Park(1), Buchtman(7), Carstens(4)

Match highlights


Further reading:


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