Matchday 30: FC Heidenheim vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-0!!!!

Posted: April 24, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Outta gas…..and no gas station around!!!

Nope. Didn’t happen this time either. The team can no longer produce anything and this is obvious. Luhukay is called to do what most coaches do before the season starts. He needs to find solutions and tactics for a team that in the entire season had a big portion of luck in each game and now everyone is running out of gas. The season is saved so no one is expecting anything. And let’s be honest… After this one, no one is actually thinking ’bout Αufstieg. Just observing and waiting to see where Luhukay can take us. Nothing to lose anymore.


Back to the early action days of Sankt Pauli. It is 9’ and after a midline battle, the ball ends to Buchtmann. He goes for a really dangerous shot but Müller is placed well and sends the ball to a corner. A new game plan for Sankt Pauli in this game. Luhukay tries a 4-1-4-1 positioning leaving Flum as the only central defensive player before the main defense line. Looks like this didn’t work as Heidenheim found it easy to place themselves behind our lines. On 18’ Schnatterer with the ball to his feet from distance unguarded. Defense made a terrible mistake by opening a path to Schnatterer, highlighting Himmelmann’s unprotected corner. Schnatterer takes the opportunity. Shoots and opens the score for Heidenheim. A big jam in our defence at that point which Heidenheim did not intend to let go. On  26’ Dovedan sends the ball to Glatzel and moves to our box where he receives it again and shoots. He aims for Himmelmann’s upper left corner. Imposible for Himmelmann to react. 2-0 for Heidenheim and this was not all. On 28’ Theuerkauf runs from our left side and sends the ball to Schnatterer. He cleverly leaves for Dovedan who shoots again. 3-0 for Heidenheim.  Couldn’t get any worse. Heidenheim pulled back after that leaving us some space to the midline with no luck at all of course.  We were so jammed that nothing could work. 15 minutes more and the ref whistled for the last time in this terrible first half.

Second half underway and Luhukay rushes for a quick substitution. Becker for Buchtmann and all we waited was to see how the team would react to this heavy first half. On 48’ a foul kick from close distance nicely executed by Knoll. Passes above the wall but unfortunately also above Müller’s upper post. 10 minutes later and after having survived a dangerous free kick from Schnatterer (on 50’….almost 4-0), Miyaichi with the ball to his feet, troubling Heidenheim’s defensives before leaving it to Park. Park sends to Becker who shoots. Unluckily the ball ends a little far from Müller’s left post. The same player, although showing skill and potential in the field, didn’t seem to be able to control his passion. On 73’ receives a second yellow for a dangerous foul play against Theuerkauf. Red card for Becker, leaving us with 10 players in the field. Eventually we had to back off. Heidenheim found themselves in our box again. On 90’ Neudecker saves us from the fourth goal as he sends Leipertz‘s shot away right before it crosses the line behind Himmelmann. A little later, the final whistle in this match sending the players to the locker rooms for the last time.

Again. We got nothing to lose no more. Just wanting to see Sankt Pauli play some nice football in the remaining match days. This of course is something no one can be sure of. The team really looks desperate. No will and no passion anymore and of course everyone looks tired as hell. Mostly psychologically. There’s no doubt that the players really want to play for the fans and if someone takes the time and reads what they’ve commented after the game, he will pretty much get the idea. The series of events after the HSV game between the fans and the players, weakened the team’s moral and everyone now seems to be playing having a 10ton rock in each foot. No need to argue and nag about it no more though. C’mon people…We’re Sankt Pauli damn it. Since when did we care bout results? The season is secure and there’s nothing more to lose. Let us all scream our lungs out for Sankt Pauli and send the best of vibes for the next game against Jahn Regensburg in Millerntor, this Saturday. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


  Park   Carstens (Zehir  58′)  Hoogma   Dudziak (Neudecker  68′)


                Miyaichi   Buchtmann (Becker 46′)  Knoll  Allagui



Match goals:

1:0 Schnatterer (18′, Right Foot Shot, Glatzel)

2:0 Dovedan (26′, Right Foot Shot, Glatzel)

3:0 Dovedan (28′, Right Foot Shot, Theuerkauf)

Spectators:  13700

Sankt Pauli cards: Becker(Second Yellow/Red)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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