Matchday 31: FC Sankt Pauli vs Jahn Regensburg 4-3!!!

Posted: April 30, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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About fuckin time… It took two match days for Luhukay to make the team working. Looks like he found the end of the rope and started working backwards. Stronger mid line and a fierce front line breaking any defense. Defense still needs working but nothing equal to the circus we’ve been watching for so long now…


First half underway and what we can see is a big difference to our midline compared to the state of it the previous match days. Great ball circulation and a perfect communication with the defense and our front line. Mistakes of course are something that will haunt us for long time. On 27’ Park fails to block Adamyan’s flank. The ball ends with Grüttner and then to Al Ghaddioui who is left untroubled to shot and opens the score for Regensburg. This is though, where the big difference lies. Instead of us backing off and falling to silly mistakes, we pushed forward as this never happened. On 29’ Miyaichi goes for the answer. Receives a high lobe and goes for the shoot 17 meters away from Regensburg’s nets. Unluckily for him, Weis is in place securing his box. We were ferocious. Direct passes and pressure in red. On 35’ Diamantakos receives a header from Buchtmann. Takes his time and avoids two of Regensburg’s defensives. Shoots with the left and aims for Weis’s down left corner where actually Weis couldn’t do much. 1-1 and there was time enough for another one. On 35’ the ball ends up with Diamantakos again. He fails to control the way he wanted giving Weis the chance to repel. Möller Daehli is there though. He receives and shoots. Weis repels again but the ball ends up with Daehli again. He enters Regensburg’s box but is brought down illegally. No whistle there for penalty, and the heat was finally taken away from SSV’s box. Just before the first half saw its end though our defense manages to make another mistake.  It is 40’ and  Adamyan passes through Carstens  and sends the ball downtown where Al Ghaddioui stands untroubled. Ball ends to his chest and he simply pushes it in the nets. 1-2 for Regensburg and shortly after came the final whistle for this first half.

Second half underway and Knoll takes over. On 51’ he executes a splendid foul kick, 17 meters away from SSV box, aiming for the nets but Weis repels. The ball is brought in the box again by Carstens finding Flum’s head. Flum goes for the header and evens the score once again. It was all downhill from now and on. On 62’ “Terror in the high seas” and a red alert for SSV as Knoll was preparing to fire off another dynamite. He slides the ball above the wall and Weis slightly makes it to repel. Flum’s rebound shot has no luck. Some minutes later, Knoll again. Clock shows 72’ and he takes his place behind the ball for a foul kick again unfolding his talent. While everyone thinks he is going above the wall, last minute he changes his stance and shoots low, under the wall, sending the ball to Weis’s down right corner where we had no other option than accept his fate. 3-2 for Sankt Pauli and this was not all. Normally we would expect the team to pull back and try to survive the next minutes and keep the score. No sir!!Sankt Pauli kept pushing forwards. On 83’ Buchtmann passes to Miyaichi who shoots but sends the ball way above Weis’s upper post. Something he made sure he corrected three minutes later. It is the 86’ and the ball is stolen by Buchtmann in the midline and sent to where Meier is standing. Meier brilliantly leaves it for Miyaichi as he was in offside position. Miyaichi dribbles through the keeper and scores. 2-4 and a tombstone for Regensburg who seemed incapable of breaking Sankt Pauli’s flow. The only thing they managed to accomplish is eat away the difference. 90’+5 and a foul executed by Regensburg close to our box. Ball sent to Correia who sends back to Adamyan. Adamyan is left alone and shoots. 4-3 for Sankt Pauli and some seconds later the reff whistles for the last time in the game.

First time after a looooong period that we see Sankt Pauli being the hunter and not the hunted. What if we stayed behind at the score board twice? We were 100% certain that we would win. It was the killer instinct. The red eyes the players had. Eye of the tiger man!!! No one would win against this Sankt Pauli. Ball down and direct passes. Players covering for each other and all of them following a main plan. Even the defense man. Ok there’s a lot of patching up needing to be done but just look at the main picture. Three basic mistakes in the 90 minutes and one goal for each one. Especially the last one was cheaper than ever. On 90’+5 everyone was sure of the win. Shouldn’t be this way but ok. SSV couldn’t hurt us by then. Everything was done. A Sankt Pauli out of this world. I dunno…Maybe I see it this way cos we were used in watching Sankt Pauli playing with utter mediocrity through the entire season and this was just a slap in the face. A biiiig slap in the face. Sankt Pauli had no luck against Jahn Regensburg. We just decided we’d win and this is what we did. All that’s left is for us to see is this team crushing Dresden this Friday. Eye of the tiger man. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


  Park (Buballa 46′)  Carstens   Hoogma   Dudziak

Flum (Zehir 66′)   Knoll

                Möller Daehli      Buchtmann     Miyaichi

      Diamantakos (Meier 76′)   


Match goals:

0:1 Al Ghaddioui (27′, Left Foot Shot, Grüttner)

1:1 Diamantakos (35′, Left Foot Shot, Buchtmann)

1:2 Al Ghaddioui (40′, Chest, Adamyan)

2:2 Flum (52′, Header, Carstens)

3:2 Knoll (72′, Direct Left Free Kick)

4:2 Miyaichi (86, Right Foot Shot, Buchtmann)

4:3 Adamyan (90+5′, Right Foot Shot, Correia)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Flum(8), Miyaichi(4)

Match highlights here


Further reading:

  1. Zouz says:

    “Defense still needs working”


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