Matchday 33: FC Sankt Pauli vs VfL Bochum 0-0

Posted: May 14, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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What’s best in life?

…to watch a game with no anxiety of counting points’n shit. Play a clear strategy and even though it didn’t work 100%, watch your team stand descent in their own field, dominating most of the game. Watch HSV suffer a shameful defeat and hear the lamentation of their ultras. Or at least this is what Conan the Barbarian would have answered had he been asked that question during the last match day.


Sankt Pauli broke the silence really early. 1st minute of the game and Allagui flanks from the left. Closes the distance and heads towards Riemann. He shoots but Riemann is lucky enough to block it somehow. Bad luck there for Sami and quite the opposite for VfL. On 8’ a shot from Bochum. Ganvoula tries his foot but sloppy. Doesn’t bother Himmelmann at all. Simply watches the ball out of his right post. Sankt Pauli finally forgets about the high lobes and works a really nice ground game. All attempts start from the midline mostly but since that moment everything stops at Bochum’s defense. On 20’ Becker sends a direct pass to Diamantakos. He shoots a dynamite but Riemann manages to send his shot to a corner. Midline battles but the ball is played mostly close to VfL’s box. All of Bochum stood back as they had already lost the midline struggle and they had somehow to protect their box and Riemann from a first half opener. Something that Allagui almost made possible in 40’ .Möller Daehli sends an exquisite pass and Sami flanks from the right. He shoots but Riemann says no once again.

Second half underway and Bochum tries to take the lead. After few in and outs, on 52’, Hinterseer tries a shot but causes no threat at all for Himmelmann who sends it to a corner. 3 minutes later, on 55’ though and after a nice pass from Lankford, Diamantakos tries to threaten Bochum but Riemann clears the scene before Diamantakos actually did anything. Game play passes to Sankt Pauli once again. After couple of attemps getting stopped by VfL defense, Möller Daehli manages, on 71’, to send an exquisite pass to Coordes. The 20 year old receives but shoots sloppy, sending the ball left from Riemann’s post. Punishment again for Bochum on 74’. Ball sent to Diamantakos. He manages to get himself free of everyone but Riemann clears the ball before he shot. The only thing VfL managed to pull in this second half came on 76’ from Ganvoula. Well played tactic from Bochum, hiding Ganvoula, and sending him the ball with all our defense away. Ganvoula shoots but there stood Himmelmann to secure our nets, repelling the shot. Action stayed in midline till the final whistle, 3 minutes after 90’.

Are we happy? Godamn right we are. Sankt Pauli led the pace and dictated the game play. At last we played a game inside Millerntor and made it look like a home game. Bochum stood lucky on more than one occasions where we could have ended the game. Seeing them barricade behind the midline early in the game was sooooo satisfying. We clearly got a badass attitude going and we soo love it. Nothing to win though as the teams fighting for relegation are obvious. goes Liga 1 no matter what, and as well as have to fight yet for another matchday to see who plays relegation and who follows  to direct aufstieg. H$V suffered humiliation against and this is what made the day even bigger. Well done boys. Job nicely done everyone…All that’s left now is to watch a good show on the next game against Greuther and finish the season, the best way possible. FUCK H$V. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


  Kalla(Coordes 61′)     Koglin   Hoogma Buballa

          Park     Möller Daehli      Becker     Lankford

    Allagui (Schneider 66′) Diamantakos (Meier 82′)   


Match goals:


Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights



Further reading:


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