Scum on Tour: YSP Antira 2019!

Posted: June 17, 2019 by Zouz in Other stuff, Scum Tourism
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OK, this must have been a kick-ass weekend all around, St. Paulinista tournament by FC St. Pauli Fanclub Catalunya in Barcelona, Antira 2019 by Yorkshire St. Pauli in Leeds, Sankt Pauli Athens Club 12th anniversary gig in Athens. OK, we can’t be everywhere but we managed to be in the two latter ones, let’s see what’s happened, starting by the YSP Antira 😎🏴‍☠️


The tournament

OK, we were there last year as well, this was supposed to be guaranteed fun. Lots of people from all around, among them some distinguished guests. Aside YSP who had a few teams in the tournament, you could see teams from Republica (of course), Mount Pleasant Park FC, Manchester St. Pauli, FC Kolectivo Victoria, Leeds Anti-Fascist Network, our Fanladen (kind enough to bring a mixed Ragazzi youth squad ❤️), Halli Galli from Hamburg (what a bunch!), St. Pauli D-Beat Diehards Göteborg (more about them later 🤘🏾), even a “corporate” squad (Suma).

The Ragazzi Boys and Girls warming up! (source: Fanladen on Twitter)

Tournament is completely non-competitive. It’s all about fun and having the chance to meet friends or make new ones. Still, there’s football and trophies involved. There were overall around 5 hours of action, with the 16 squads initially divided in 4 groups, playing 2 rounds of 10′ games in tournament mode. After 1st round was over, there were 2 different playoff branches, one for the higher trophy, including the Top 2 teams for every group, and another one for the lower trophy with the remaining ones. In the end the pie was shared as follows:

Higher trophy: Manchester St. Pauli I  (2nd one, they will have to add a star to their tournament t-shirt!)

Lower Trophy: FC Kolectivo Victoria

Fair Play Trophy: Halli Galli

Worst Goal Difference Trophy (!!!): Göteborg Yakuza Scum!!! (🤘🏾🏴‍☠️🤘🏾🏴‍☠️🤘🏾)

Talking about the financial side, around 450 quids were gathered from the event, that will be used for the support of the YSP FFA (Football For All) initiative. In case you’re not aware what FFA is about, you can have a look here. Even weather was kind to us this year, waiting for the conclusion of the tournament before it starts pissing over our heads. This must have left everybody happy, thank you YSP for another fine one 👍🏾

Halli Galli crew receiving the Fair Play Award 😎

The Scum EVIL involvement

As last year, too much talk and not so much action and eventually ended up unable to form a proper representation as South End Scum. However, this time we had our lucky break. When the St. Pauli D-Beat Diehards Göteborg crew announced that they are facing problems to come with full representation, we directly grabbed the opportunity. High Priests of Satan Erik and Joakim from Göteborg, my sorry ass representing the Scum, the two local YSP Traitors (always needed for the plot) Dick The C**t and CDC and there you have the Göteborg Yakuza Scum! We tried everything in our power to get something out of it and (as can read above), we eventually succeeded! We started with a psychological campaign of terror against the hosts a couple of weeks before and we actually escalated things on tournament day by HACKING (using treason of course) their Twitter Account, announcing us as official winners before the tournament starts 👊🏿🤣

Ready for action ^ ^







There were certain lessons learnt in the pitch that we will use in order to present an even more militant (if something like that is possible) squad in the future:

a) playing with balaclavas can create visibility issues

b) Proper breathing issues can arise too

c) It’s not a wise move assigning the megaphone to the goalkeeper, can create more problems than the ones that it’s supposed to solve

d) Don’t trust the US Military Forces. Our 8 quid megaphone (used by US Army, Navy and Marines according to the specs ^ ^) broke on the first challenge and required lots of industrial duct tape (the same one we used to attached the squad logo to the jerseys 🤣) to recover. Found the root of the problem by checking the product specs. Problem is actually the unlimited hypocrisy of that bastard Donald Trump who, while he declares all around that he wants to “Make America Great Again”, supplies the US troops with gear from…China!!!

e) Tactic of giving before kickoff a white flag to the opponent as souvenir, to use it in case they want to surrender didn’t work, message was understood the other way around ^ ^

However, regardless all odds, sweet vindication came and we managed to write some history and break some records

Outside the pitch

That was harder than “football” 😆 Three days of Rock’N’Roll, thanks primarily to the outrageous bunches of St. Pauli D-Beat Diehards Göteborg and Halli Galli! Finally, after a long time, some serious players in the noble sport of decay. It was a pleasure to share the same bar benches and the same outdoor facilities with you people, looking forward to even better performances and even more fun in Hamburg, Göteborg, Athens or wherever the fuck 😎👍🏾

To everyone else that didn’t follow all the way, thank you for being there, thanks for the good talk and the good fun, thanks all of you for being such nice dudes and making the local scene something worth dealing with. The biggest “hats off” of course will go to the local YSP crew who worked their asses for the past weeks in order to make out of it the best possible experience – that was sweeet, thank you Boys and Girls!!!

Three kick-ass days overall, having left memories that we will laugh our asses out recalling them in the future, an excellent gathering of people, sharing more or less the same perspectives on society and football, at the same time. We need more cool stuff like this, so for everyone available to do so, mark the next big one, coming up in August ^ ^

That was (in brief) Leeds Antira 2019, closing with the winners, Manchester St. Pauli I. They were lucky of course that they didn’t cross paths with the dreadful force called Göteborg Yakuza Scum, however they managed to beat everyone, including the ones that kicked our ass with scores that look more like snooker than football, something that leave us no other choice than bow to the real winner.

Congrats MSP crew, see you soon, call it Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow or Hamburg ✊🏾😎🏴‍☠️


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