12 Years of Antifa Madness – Athens Club 12 year anniversary

Posted: June 28, 2019 by AndyChristos in Scum funny / jerky stuff, Scum Sounds
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It’s been 12 years right? 12 years since Sankt Pauli Athens Club came to exist. And since then, it never stopped going. We used to be together back then, but even after we split, the same passion never left. All bout antifascism. So many trips together and so many actions…..We were more than happy to help the boys celebrate their 12 year anniversary with what we could offer.


Death/Grind tunes in one of Athens’s best antifascist bar active: BAD TOOTH. So the date was set. Sunday the 16th of June, downtown Athens, Psyri for a death/grind gig, celebrating the 12 years those bastards are active.
Arriving early for soundcheck we realize we have to move a big table soccer, placed were we supposed to be setting the stage. The decision was taken immediately by everyone. Screw soundcheck. Let’s play some Foosball. Exceptional tactics and lobes taking place for the next half hour. A big example of exquisite gameplay was unfolding……. (I can be full of shit if I want to right?? hahaha….Everyone sucked at fussball!!!) All that till finally, common sense took place and decided to move it out of the bar if we wanted to play live.

Soundcheck was over around 21:00 and then beers and friendly faces till the first band hit the stage at 21:45. BAD TOOTH is kinda small (Reminds of Jolly a lot…typical punk bar),so the 50-70 people being there at that time made it look full. Not everyone was inside of course but everyone was having a damn good time either drinking it or dancing it.
Teknokrater hit the stage on 21:45 and until 22:00 they delivered pure grind following the path of Napalm DeathScum era. Shortly after them came Grindbull. Raging grind core played by a drummer wearing a Mike Myers mask, a guitar player and a pig-squealing grunt on vocals. 20 minutes later they switch positions and turn to Βromostomoi. The drummer became the guitarist/vocalist, the guitarist became the bass player and the vocalist the drummer. Same path for them. Main difference was the vocals. Greek language and harsh/angry hue instead of the guttural/pig squeal before gave them bit more street aura than Grindbull. The time was 10:45 and Incineration hit the stage with large doses of brutal death metal until 23:15 where they give their place to Ten Million Basstards. Hardcore Carate Grind from 10MB mixing the traditional grind with whatever their guitar playing sensei, semi-fat had in mind! The live gig ended a little after 00:00 but the party carried on. Beers n beers outside of the joint, and chit chat about politics and Sankt Pauli.
It would have a worth mentioning here that all the profits of the show were used to aid the Kurdish refuges in Laurio. Great party, great cause with good people and in the best place it could be. So once again….
Happy Birthday FC Sankt Pauli Athens Club!









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