Friendly: FC Teutonia 05 vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-3

Posted: June 30, 2019 by Zouz in 2019
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Shite but who cares?

The small treats of late June, a few days before my sorry ass gets back in Greece to see the crew for Summer and do some strategic planning for the forthcoming season (🥃🍻🦎), nothing happening in breezy (comparing to the rest of Europe including UK) Leeds and suddenly there you have it. Test vs FC Teutonia 05 live on the Club website, this could be interesting 😎


The fact that was making it “interesting”, aside the fact that it’s FCSP action in the first place, was Saturday’s result, a 0-11 over a Celle “selection“. Watching the news arriving real time, got curious if this was the result of squad being vulgar enough (boooooo 😁) to play full throttle against some local pub selection squad or the other guys were as lousy as someone can imagine. The answer would be ginen today, against a real squad. As Piratas Der Sur (covering consistenly the entire weekend!) pointed out, these guys almost made it to Regionalliga Nord, losing the train last moment because of Altona. Of course, no serious match, hence no serious punditry (😂), we’ll be relatively brief.

First half: football as expected this time of the year, with the hosts trying to stand decently on the pitch and actually making quite a good work, our guys being somehow superior but being unable to prove it with any goals, just a few chances. Goal actually came for the home side on 32′, with Kevin Krottke scoring after a messy-as-usual situation in our defense. A couple of more brown white chances and, out of the blue, the equalizer by Buchtmann (45+1′), after a shot that went in only because ball changed course, deflecting on someone, HT Teutonia 0 – FCSP 0, an excellent summer football afternoon, especially from the breezy safety of an apartment 😎

2nd half and almost everything happened before 50′. 1-2 fpr FCSP with Diamantakos on 48′, 2-2 for Teutonia with an Avevor own goal that even the camera (the automatic thing you see at the header picture) missed (welcome back Colossus Chris, don’t pay attention ✊🏿😎) and 2-3 on 50′, again by Diamantakos, this time with a penalty. Not really much after that, maybe we lost some action while watching a discussion about how the score really is, as screen scoreboard was presenting a different version of the result than the real one 😅. Nevertheless, Teutonia never quit the game and managed to punish once more our unrepentant defense on 81′ (Müller), FT 3-3, everybody happy, off to Austria now for the Boys In Brown, off to Athens for Greg 😎🏖️

Talking with friends during the game, noticed some frustration regarding both the way squad looked in the pitch and the overall quality of the “personnel” in place as we speak. People relax. This is end of June, nobody expects anything at this stage. Looking at the current list makes obvious that certain posts need reinforcement, this will happen. When this happens, let’s discuss how good solutions will be but no team around is completed at this stage. Let’s give the new technical team some time to show what they’re working on and we take it from here. Today (and the Saturday triumph as well 😅) simply don’t count. Have all a good summer and we’ll be around, FORZA 😎🏖️🏴‍☠️


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