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It’s been some time but, if anyone thinks that we quit, is seriously mistaken 😉 Scum Amateur department tour is back, this time with one of our oldest (and actually most successful) departments, going back to 1933. We wanted to do this for sometime, tried a few years back but something died (not sure what) along the process, 2nd time was more successful, we’re delighted to (finally) present to you FCSP Rugby 😎


Rugby may be not really popular in Greece (primordial conditions, the Greek Rugby League National Team plays international matches at secret places and strange times, in order not to get arrested – seriously!!!) but it’s quite popular all around. We didn’t want to “waste” the time of the people in questions about how exactly rugby is played, you can find these basics everywhere, just have in mind that the discipline is Rugby Union (there’s Rugby League as well, mentioned above 😇). This one is more concentrated (as most of these articles) to the department, not to the sport. Many thanks to Nils for spending time to deal with this!

OK, there’s a lot of history here. Rugby must be the third oldest department in the Club, following only football 1910 and chess 1929. Having been lucky to visit the Museum exhibition about FCSP in the 3rd Reich, we are in a position to know that there are some really significant chapters of this story like the Lang brothers who arrived already hunted by the Nazis and made their contribution in the non-establishment and later history of the department. Would you like to share with us a brief version of FCSP Rugby history?

The legend has it that Otto and Paul Lang arrived at the club in 1933, as they had to leave SV St. Georg due to the Jew laws in sport shortly after Hitler took power in Germany. Originally from the German South they were Rugby players and convinced the 6th men’s team to play Rugby, besides soccer. This was the birth of Rugby within St. Pauli. All developed from there. St. Pauli quickly became an established player in the northern league at the time. After the war training was taken up again and in 1952 the Hamburg Rugby Union was found by 17 clubs at the time.

St. Pauli became the strongest club in the North, later reduced to Hamburg as the number of clubs declined. In the 70s as well as in 1988 the club won Bundesliga status and since the 2000 we have been playing either 1st or second 2nd Bundesliga. The establishment of a women’s side in 1989 changed the club immensly, and with 8 titles we became the most successful department within the club. However, the last title was won in 2008…

More history of the club can be found here

We counted at least 11 sections belonging to the Department, starting from Boys U6 to the adults. How many people are actively involved in FCSP Rugby?

We have 650 members, nearly 300 below 18. We field the wolling teams U6 & U8 (not really competitively), , U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18, all play in leagues, sometimes organised as tournaments, 2 women sides (15 and 7s) and three 15-a-side mens teams.

The Men

Having so much age groups in place and with both squads quite successful can make someone think that probably there’s no space for adults in the department. Can anybody interested to know Rugby register and train with some FCSP squad?

Anybody can come and play with us, learn the sport. For the men’s, the 3rd team would be the place to try, train and play even if you are just a beginner.

Aside being potentially BIG and resilient to pain, which are the virtues that a person that wants to get into rugby should possess?

Hard so say really, willing to follow team rules, be a team player, enjoy the company of other, being a good athlete wont hurt. The more commitment, the better, I would say.

What’s going on regarding expenses? Having already an experience from previous departments, seems that sponsors are required for a smooth day-to-day operation. Is the situation one of the same with Rugby?

We have an annual budget of a low six-figure-sum of which only half comes from membership fees. So we need sponsors. One big sponsor is St. Pauli’s AFM, others are from local businesses and some are donations.  We could need a big sponsor, no question, but is is not easy fro Rugby and the competition is big in sports in Hamburg, with many clubs and sports in need for money.

The Ladies

Season ended with the Men getting relegated from BL Nord while Ladies survived in Women BL. What is the taste that this season leaves behind?

A bit disappointed, I must confess. But we also won the U16 league in Lower Saxony with 8 won games, we had a good trip to France in June, we made some efforts to develop the club and I am sure we are on the right way for a sustainable development of our youth and consequently our men’s and women’s teams. The girls have grown in numbers, so there is more to be happy about than the relegation is making us sad.

No idea how useful is this but can’t resist 😎 While watching from distance this season, we come to the conclusion that there’s a big “rival” in the city, Hamburger RC. They look like a decent Club, nothing “suspicious” on crest and colors, still we have to ask – are these people affiliated in any way with H$V?

No. They are their own club, founded in the 1950s. they have a strong French connection, always had. HSV had its own Rugby and has to a certain degree today, albeit very small.

How a typical matchday in Hamburg looks like? What’s the level of participation of the local fan scene and what kind of scene is it, FCSP loyals, dedicated rugby audience, a little of both?

A normal day, is depending on the weather: Average in Bundesliga, about 100-200 people watching. If it is getting towards summer, a bit more, if the game is interesting enough. The Derby against HRC has had a 1000, then many St. Pauli hardcore fans were supporting us.

A few things regarding the social side of the department?

Men and women like to party a lot. But they are engaged in a lot of voluntary work as well, be it for our annual youth tournament, the Störtebeker Cup, or other activities. So the social side is flourishing and very good.

The Youth (2016)

Any future plans (except of course for the men returning to BL where they belong) for the department?

More members, so more money. Developing our youth work and coaching therein. Being more than just a Rugby club, involving families, parents and our fans more.

No e-shop, any way to put our hands to some merchandise?

Mail to info@fcstpaulirugby.de, they will help you further. Julian, our office manager and at the time Finn, our voluntary worker for this year (until Sept) can tell you whats in store and sort out all the details for you.
We have a little overview here, however this needs to be overhauled: https://www.fcstpaulirugby.de/?page_id=387

Space for any message to the brown white mad fan base or anything we forgot to ask 🙂

Not really. Thanks for your interest and support. We appreciate this and I really hope to see you at the pitch someday and buy you a beer then!!


Big thanks once more to Nils for this one. A pleasure as always having the chance to get to know what’s happening within our amateur departments, where the Brown White values are apparently stronger comparing to professional football. We know a lot of people who are travelling frequently to Millerntor, hey people next time try to be a little more “organized” and combine one of your next trips with an amateur event, you will be pleasantly surprised with the things taking place there. Talking rugby in our case, this is our next target 🙂

You will never score a try alone – FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

Web page: https://www.fcstpaulirugby.de/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fcstpaulirugby/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fcstpaulirugby1

e-mail: info@fcstpaulirugby.de

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