Matchday 01: Arminia Bielefeld vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: July 31, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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A tie for starters – Not Bad!

It has begun yo! The bets are on. Speculations’n’all  coming and going but mostly, this excitement before every match day, was sooo missed. The heavy clouds surrounding the game after our head coach’s recent statements (we’ll get to that later) kind of crippled the fun of it all as it got us thinking. We managed though to make it work especially after the good result (c’mon man…a tie for the opening game is considered good!) and the cake that followed. Read below!


First moments of the game found us kinda dizzy. Becker and Conteh  on the basic 11. On 17’,  Himmelmann repels an incoming ball that somehow ends with Clauss. Conteh tries to control but fails, leaving Clauss alone from Himmelmann’s left side. Luckily Robin was in a great day and repelled once again. Arminia looked determined to gain the three points in this first home game for them. Tried to dictate the pace by gaining control of the center for a while, but didn’t take us long to turn this. On 19’,  Knoll sends to Diamantakos, who messes around with the Arminia stoppers. Frees himself and attempts a nice shot but Behrendt is there and saves Ortega’s nets, sending the ball to a corner. The corner went to waste but the thing is that we moved to Arminia’s box, gaining the midfield battle and creating attempts on goal. On 32’, a big class from Conteh and Möller Daehli. Arminia tries an attempt but fails. Knoll sends to Möller Daehli who rushes cleverly pushing the pace. Conteh opens nicely to his left and receives the ball. Plays around with Salger and finally shoots nicely under Ortega’s legs, opening the score for Sankt Pauli. After the goal we kind of pulled back without Arminia doing anything noticeable for the remaining first half. Some attempts with no luck from Prietl and Voglsammer and a last minute corner that Himmelmann repelled would pretty much sum up the action in this first half.

Second half underway and really early, on 48’, we had the luck on our side. Yabo with the ball on his feet shoots and finds Himmelmann’s upper post almost passing behind the white line on its way down. Luckily for us it didn’t. Arminia wanted to make it happen though. On 50’ Clauss sends the ball to his left side, in our box where Hornschuh (Welcome back man!) manages to send to a corner. We had to react to this barrage of attempts from Arminia. On 54’ Buballa slides the ball to Conteh who shoots nicely from 18 meters but Ortega blocks it. Then 4 minutes later, on 58’, Becker tries to imitate Conteh but his shot is weaker making it easy for Ortega to block once again. On 72’ Clauss flanks and opens a ball inside our box. Buballa repels but his hand touches the ball. Ref shows the 11 meter dot for a penalty kick but luckily for us the VAR system proves Buballa did nothing illegal so the penalty kick was cancelled. A mediocre action for the rest of the game with Arminia though, having the first say. Their last word though came with the end of the game. On 90’, a corner kick from Clauss. Prietl finds his way through our defense and with a header evens the score. The 4 minutes of xtra time did nothing to change the score.

Ok…First things first. Sankt Pauli is not a new beast ready to devour the rest in the second league. Far from it actually. Defense still sucks and we were lucky in more than one occasions. This tie could easily be a big loss if Arminia was a bit more lucky. This of course doesn’t take away anything from our effort. Results are results and a tie for the first away game is something to be considered as positive. On top of that…We have seen two new good additions to the team. Both Becker and Conteh are players that seem really promising. Especially Conteh. The kid is fast, smart and looks like he is going to be one of the main characters starring in this new season. We’ll see. Best wishes from all the Scum for this new beginning. Celebrated the opening of the season with a super cake created by the expert in the cake business…Dorita. Next game is Friday. A home game against Greuther Fürth. Let’s see how the line of games continues. FORZA SANKT PAULI.

Ps. Something I’m sure we’ll discuss a lot in the coming match days is the lines our coach has almost crossed with his recent statements. Firstly stating that he didn’t like any of the preparation done and the cardio of the players and blah blah…like….Dude …Where the hell where you in all that? And then sayin’ that he didn’t like the fact that the players are close enough like friends while he would like them to have an army discipline and attitude, or something like that which is way worse than the first statement. Not much to comment right now as they are still both fresh and may have meanings we didn’t catch on a first sight (Noooot!!).. Be careful coach. We support you all the way, just try to remember which team you are the head coach of and mabe consider explaining a bit to us fools so we can understand better your “good intentions”!

Line Up:


Hoffmann for Hornschuh (63′)

Zehir for Möller Daehli (80′)

Gyökeres for Conteh (90+2′)

Match goals:

0:1 Conteh ( 32′, Right Foot Shot, Möller Daehli )

1:1 Prietl (90′, Header, Clauss )

Spectators: 23.857

Sankt Pauli cards: Miyaichi(1), Hoffmann (1)

Conteh‘s goal here

Further reading:

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