DFB Pokal, Round 1: VfB Lübeck vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-4 (penalty shootout, 3-3 xtra time)

Posted: August 13, 2019 by AndyChristos in 2019-20
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In the end…it was simply Lübeck!!!

Exactly what the title says. It was just lousy Lübeck man. Having to endure xtra 30 minutes and penalty shootout to overcome the BEAST (Ooooohahahahaha) called VfB Lübeck??? No no no…Something is going horribly wrong here! The Greuther Fürth game was not good. Heavy loss in Millerntor that brought forth really early in the season problems to our team that shouldn’t be there, considering the fact that we had a whole summer break to be prepared for it. The first DFB Pokal round was against the hated Lübeck Scum and was a really good opportunity to gain lost ground in self-confidence and moral. Seeing the result and taking under consideration that these bastards are a Regionalliga Nord team….I dunno how much ground we covered…


First half underway and we’re happy to see Sobota and Buchtmann back in basic 11. Knoll was pulled back to cover for Avevor and this was clearly a big mistake as Knoll has been tested at this position in the past without much success. First minutes slide and we stop on 9’ with a soooo typical defense fuck up on Sankt Pauli’s behalf. Lübeck unfolds an offence with direct ground game and confuses our defensives. Ball ends with Arslan. He passes to Deichmann who shoots. Buballa pulls his hands to his chest and tries to block with his hips. Only thing he manages is to change the course of the ball leading it to the nets, leaving the already out of position Himmelmann unable to act. A bad start for this game with Sankt Pauli trying to recover, with no luck though. On 23’ Deichmann again on a header with no luck. Möller Daehli and Buchtmann mostly trying to organize something but FCSP looked dazed. Hopeless and everyone acting on their own. On 31’ a clear foul play of Halke against Conteh in VfB box was not whistled. Halke had no intention to go for the ball aiming for Conteh’s legs. Ref chooses to look the other way. VfB stands lucky there and the game proceeds with no excitement til the end of the first half. Just some distant pass of Miyaichi looking for Diamantakos on 44’ but without any luck. Final whistle in this first half.

Second half underway and the tables turned. Early on 48’, after a direct pass from BuballaDiamantakos tries a shot but finds VfB feet on the way and is blocked. The ball returns to Möller Daehli who shoots again but has the same luck. Although we seemed to be having a plan this time, defense-wise we still sucked. On 55’ the same tragedy with 9’, leading Lübeck in doubling the goals. Knoll tries to send the ball away but fucks it up and sends it to Arslan. He passes to Thiel who shoots. Möller Daehli is there now to change the course of the ball tricking Himmelmann and ending to our nets. Brilliant! (Noooot!!!). Second goal would stand heavy for any other but not us. It was time for the old schoolers to take over. On 63’ Miyaichi sends a nice pass to Sobota. Sobota literally executes Raeder with an impossible distant shot. Three minutes later, on 66’ a corner kick for Sankt Pauli and the ball ends with Möller Daehli. He sends a nice high pass aiming for Diamantakos’ head. The header from Diamantakos evens the score. VfB caught kind off-guard there and we seemed to stabilize the game which in the first half seemed lost. On 70’ Miyaichi sends to Sahin who misses the opportunity to score a third goal and end the game. No great moment til the end of this second half with both teams holding back, trying to preserve this score as mistakes were easily coming from both now. Final whistle for the second half, three minutes after 90’ and both teams started preparing for the xtra half hour.

First half of the xtra 30 minutes finds Sankt Pauli determined to end this and Marvin Knoll willing to make up for his tragic mistake on the second half. On 94’ Sahin in a corner kick and Knoll jumps through everyone and with a nice header scores a goal that would be more than enough for Sankt Pauli. On 100’ Buchtmann shoots but with no luck. Diamantakos caught offside on 105’ and this was pretty much the action in the first 15’

Second half of the xtra time besides the regular back and forth action from both teams had one moment that could have ended the agony for everyone, and a classic defense fuck up that made us put our own necks on the noose. On 114’ Diamantakos is left alone with the ball against a scared Raeder. Diamantakos though instead of sending a lobe above Raeder, to the nets, ending the game, decides to sprint left. His shot went to the outer net area hitting the post. One minute later, on 115’, a gift of Sankt Pauli to Lübeck. Sahin brings the ball sent out from VfB before, from the side. The ball ends to VfB again (Dude….you used your hands to send it in and you sent it to VfB players???????). Defense is nowhere and Arslan simply evens the score. Last moment in this game (leaving the penalty shootout aside) came on 120’ where we prove we can be stupid. Sahin shoots and Raeder blocks it. So far so good. Raeder falls to the ground to secure the ball and kind of pushes Diamantakos (unintentionally). Diamantakos falls a bit theatrically and  before he gets up, he kicks (pushes) Raeder in the back. Red card of course for Diamantakos and a big question mark above our heads considering our striker’s attitude. Final whistle with the tie being dominant, sending the players to the penalty shootout.

Sobota, Hoffmann, Lankford, Buchtmann and Knoll where the shooters for us.Things were quite simple here. Arslan misses the first kick for VfB. Hoffmann returns the favor by sending it to Raeder’s hands. All other players score until Himmelmann blocks the last penalty kick by Fernandes, sending Sankt Pauli to the next round.

So apparently we moved to the second round of DFB-Pokal. Now, this alone is the fact and we move on to the next game. But turning an easy game like that into this kind of drama, makes us wonder what the hell we are going to do with the serious games in our division. VfB is a team of the Regionalliga-Nord and we made them look like a hard boiled team ready to devour us by simply giving them three goals. Now moving on to more pressing issues. If the coach has to save anything from this mess….I suggest he starts working on the defense. We had issues the previous year and we moved on making no additions for our defense line as if it all was ok. Now Avevor is injured and our answer to that is pulling back an exquisite midfielder (Knoll) and turning him into the lousiest stopper in the planet??? If this circus continues its shows I am afraid that this year is going to be our last in this division, going down. This Saturday we play against Stuttgart out. Let’s see what happens. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Lankford for Gyökeres (57′)

Sahin for Conteh (67′)

Bednarczyk for Hornschuh (78′)

Hoffmann für Möller Daehli (108′)

Match goals:

1:0 Deichmann (9′, Left foot shot, Arslan)

2:0 Thiel (55′, Left foot shot, Arslan)

2:1 Sobota (63′, Right foot shot, Miyaichi)

2:2 Diamantakos (66′, Header, Möller Daehli)

2:3 Knoll (94′, Header, Sahin)

3:3 Arslan (115′, Right foot shot, Fernandes)

Spectators: 11500

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa(1), Lankford(1), Sobota(1). Diamantakos(direct red)

Match highlights here (require Adblocker deactivation but not really annoying)


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