Matchday 03: VfB Stuttgart vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: August 19, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Finally…some football!!!

Ok, that was quick! Remember the circus we saw two weeks ago? The SGF game? Or even one week ago in the DFB-Pokal against the bozos of Lübeck. Nothing like that here. 180 degrees route change I tell ya! Serious in defense and aggressive. Following game plan and strategies. The game was literally lost in tiny details we need to work on!


The game had an intense pace right from the start. On 2’ Conteh receives the ball and tries to open for Diamantakos . Badstuber is there top block the really dangerous effort and then the tables turn. Header from Castro that ends way higher than Himmelmann’s upper post. Both teams where in for the kill and this was obvious. 2 minutes later, on 4’, Daehli  on a corner kick, sends the ball to Hoffmann. The second receives the header but sends it a bit more left than Kobel’s left post. Action flips on Stuttgart’s side on 11’ when Didavi tries his foot from 20 meters against Himmelmann. His shot goes slightly left from his left post. Defense was exceptional at that point, closing all the roads that led to our box, leading Stuttgart to attempt distant shots. On 18’ Conteh flies with the ball at his feet and leaves it for Daehli. Mats shoots on the spot, 15 meters away from the nets and catches everyone off-guard, opening the score for Sankt Pauli.  A barrage of attacks follows. Sankt Pauli reigns over Stuttgart who seemed hopeless at that point. On 23’, Conteh on a distant shot slightly misses it by sending the ball left from Kobel’s left post. On 25’ a 4 against 2 Sankt Pauli attack leads in Möller Daehli shooting again from 16 meters without the success of his first shot though. On 40’ Carstens tries to flank from the right unsuccessfully and on 42’ and 44’ Möller Daehli and Conteh share the same luck. First half ends with Stuttgart having ball possession but FCSP having the moments of it.

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli early enough could end the game. On 50’, Diamantakos receives from Möller Daehli. Instead of shooting as he should he dribbles and shoots after Badstuber made it to him and actually blocked his shot. On 52’ it was Stuttgart’s time to act with  Kempf from distance. Himmelmann repels the danger. The same player did not make the same mistake on 60’ though. Castro executes a corner kick for Stuttgart. The ball is send with to Kempf who stands in the penalty area . He simply shoots and evens the score. On 61’ we have the chance to score another one with Miyaichi  passing through everyone in the box of Stuttgart leaving the ball to Conteh who fails to rush to it. He shoots but his shot is blocked. Stuttgart threatens on 79’ when Gonzalez receives the ball and opens it for Didavi on the back of our defense. Luckily he fails to score sending the ball out. Looks like this was it for us as we kind of locked ourselves to our box, giving space to Stuttgart. Our defense although solid is keen on making goofy mistakes. One of many examples came on 90’+1 where a distant pass from Sosa  to Gonzalez, leads to the second goal for Stuttgart. Untroubled while our entire defense was taking a nap at the moment. Last moment of the game belonged to us although it didn’t make much of a difference. 90’+6 Buchtmann alone with the ball shoots but sends it directly to Kobel’s hands. Final whistle seconds after, sends the players to the lockers.

Despite the fact that we lost, we finally saw Sankt Pauli actually playing with strategy and dominating the game.  The most dangerous moments belonged to us although we didn’t make em work. The law of football stands. Those who miss their opportunities, will lose in the end. So many times we had the chance to take this game but all of them where either sent to the keeper or we were slow to react. Stuttgart had two lucky moments and scored. Anyway, it is still early in the season and taken for granted that after this matchday we will only improve, we expect the best to come. Of course this is Sankt Pauli we’re talking about so this could easily change to worse in the next match day, in Millerntor against Kiel, the upcoming Monday. Let’s see. As Sankt Pauli fans we’ve learnt one thing. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Gyökeres  for Diamantakos (60′)

Buchtmann for Möller Daehli (63′)

Sobota for Conteh (77′)

Match goals:

0:1 Möller Daehli (18′, Right foot shot, Conteh)

1:1 Kempf (60′, Left foot shot, Castro)

2:1 Gonzalez (90′, Left foot shot, Sosa)

Spectators: 50000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Carstens(1), Sobota(1)

Match highlights here (require Adblocker deactivation but not really annoying)

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