Matchday 04: FC Sankt Pauli vs Holstein Kiel 2-1

Posted: August 28, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Millerntor Hell baby!!

Well finally…the healing process started bringing results. We saw it with Stuttgart despite the fact that we lost. It was almost certain that we’d see the effort bare fruit if we carried on to the same route. And it did, against Kiel. Dominating the entire game despite the fact we run outta gas in the end. Two new players (Lawrence from Anderlecht and Penney from Sheffield Wednesday) in the basic 11 and luckily they blended in nice. Read below…


11’ is the first minute of the action and it is on our behalf.  Möller Daehli  attacking from the right side, passes to Diamantakos . Diamantakos sends the ball to Miyaichi  and then Miyaichi after managing to drag many Kiel defensives on him, inside the box, sends the ball back to Diamantakos. Unfortunately he kind of takes a bit more time than needed. His shot is blocked. A really good opportunity to open the score here but our sloppy reflexes fucked it up. The field was ours though. Sankt Pauli had won the midfield battle and all Kiel could do was to try and defend their box. Our game plan was mostly unfolded by Möller Daehli and Miyaichi who seemed unstoppable. On 17’ he passes through everyone on the left side of Kiel’s defense and sends the ball to Daehli. Mats shoots but the keeper is once again lucky having one of his defensives block the ball. Action continues on our side and Sankt Pauli keeps on giving all kinds of hell to Kiel who found themselves stuck in our swirl. On 26’ Becker  goes for a really distant shot. Neumann  clears is with his head to a corner. Executed by Daehli but gets stopped in the first post… Sankt Pauli dominated this first half. On 39’ Miyaichi dribbles on Kiel’s left side and opens a nice ball downtown but Reimann  blocks it. The only time Kiel tried something close to the nets in this first half was on 44’ with Baku  attempting a totally soulless shot. No threat to Himmelmann  who blocks it easily. One minute later, the players are sent to the lockers.

Second half underway and on 49’, a foul kick executed by Möller Daehli. Lawrence jumps higher than anyone and opens the score. It was about time though Kiel reacted. A whole first half of them being dominated and now one goal behind. On 57’ van den Bergh  with the ball in his feet opens for Lee who sends a strong header on Himmelmann’s left. Robin jumps though and sends the ball away. Then again on 66’ Serra on a distant shot aims for Himmelmann’s right post. He actually nails the post but the ball (luckily for us) is led out of our box. The response was immediate. Although our gas tanks started to empty, on 67’, Diamantakos receives the ball and is off for a counter attack. He cleverly sends the ball to Conteh . Conteh runs alone and shoots, doubling the score for Sankt Pauli. Kiel had no other way but push forward. On 75’ Atanga attempts another dangerous shot from close distance but Himmelmann once again says no. We’re not so lucky though on 81’. Baku with the ball on his feet leaves Miyaichi (his only mistake in the game) behind him and shoots from distance. 2:1 for Kiel and luckily this is where they stop. The last stop in this second half for us would be Penney’s red card. 90’ +3 and while he tries to eat away the xtra time, forgetting he already has a yellow card, he kicks away a ball set for foul kick execution , on Kiel. Second yellow for Penney. Unnecessary and luckily it caused no further trouble. 2 minutes later the final whistle sends the players away and leaves us with our first three points for this season.

Finally….It smelled like Millerntor. Millerntor shook by the voices of our fans and the beating Kiel received. Millerntor hell indeed! The first half was exceptional. Sankt Pauli everywhere dictating the pace, giving Kiel hell in every attempt. Finally a strong defense line that new their place and worked perfectly with the midline. Not that there were no mistakes this time but the thing is that this is the first time we kinda felt secure. Talking bout the first half. The second half just  brought our main problem to the surface. Our team’s gas tanks for this year are damn small. After 50’ we crash and this was something obvious from the first game. You can’t have players like Conteh having cramps on 70’. 19 years old and not being able to make it through the game…And I am talking bout him as an example. It was not just him. After 50’ the players kind of pushed back instead of forwards and this was because there was no more strength in them to do so. This is clearly a bad preparation through the Summer break and of course we all know whose fault this is. Anyway, let’s hope that this new line up will prove as solid as we expect it to and make it through. Next test is this Saturday against Dresden out. Let’s turn this game into our first three points away shall we? FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Lankford for Kalla (46′)

Hoffmann for Becker (67′)

Sobota for Conteh (84′)

Match goals:

1:0 Lawrence (49′, Header, Möller Daehli)

2:1 Conteh (66′, Right foot shot, Diamantakos)

2:1 Baku (81′, Right foot shot, Wahl )

Spectators: 29.546 (sold out, hmmm…)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(1), Miyaichi(2), Penney(red card, 2nd yellow)

Match goals here

Further reading:


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