Matchday 05: Dynamo Dresden vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-3

Posted: September 2, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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…and how can we not be suicidal when we let a game slip from our hands just like that? Leading the score by three until the first half hour and then on the last minute (Once again!!), fucking everything up by donating a goal to poor Dresden (fuckin nazi scumbags!!!). Better through the entire game but still…missing the winning element. Read below…


Action starts and Sankt Pauli is found in a serious Dresden beatdown. On 13’ Möller Daehli  on the corner kick. Ball hits the ground in Dresden box. Diamantakos catches the opportunity and shoots in the spot. 0-1 for Sankt Pauli with Dynamo wandering what just happened. Before they manage to re-arrange their game play though, on 16’, a ball-pass exchange between Möller Daehli, Knoll  and Diamantakos, leaves the ball to Sobota  who shoots and doubles the score for Sankt Pauli. On 22’ an attempt from Dynamo to catch up. A free kick from Ebert that couldn’t pass through our well set wall. Great game-play on our behalf and a phenomenal (considering our status so far and expectations) defense line. Every player knew his place and they all worked together creating an almost impenetrable line. On 29’ came the last beating to Dynamo’s face from us for this first half. Diamantakos receives from Möller Daehli against three players of Dresden. Turns around nicely and shoots. 0-3 for Sankt Pauli. The only way Dresden found possible to threaten was from distance. Like on 38’ with a really dangerous shot from Atik, Himmelmann  repels and then the ball is sent away from our box. On 40’ a corner kick for Dresden. Nikolaou  finds his place between our defensives. Jumps higher than everyone and scores in an empty area as Himmelmann was brought down (illegally??) after colliding with someone from Dresden. Kind of felt like a foul play against Himmelmann there, the ref though didn’t feel the same way and pointed at the midfield white dot. 2 minutes after 45’ he shows the way to the lockers.

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli kept on hammering Dresden. On 46’ A Becker Diamantakos combination, leaves Diamantakos alone with the ball, but before he shoots, Müller  sends it away saving the day for Dresden. On 54’ came the first major defense fuck up that cost us a second goal. Stor shoots from distance and Himmelmann repels temporarily. The ball though, is not sent away properly, using a header to send away a ball already in our box, leading it straight to Dresden feet, ending with Nikolaou who shoots from distance and doubles the goals for Dresden. Bad choice, bad call that came with a price. Sankt Pauli though did not bail or pull back (as we all expected they would). On the contrary. We pushed Dynamo back to their box. On 65’ Becker sends the ball to Conteh. He is fast enough for the defensive to catch him but his shot is sloppy sending the ball to the outer net area. On 76’ Diamantakos tries to control the ball in Dynamo’s area but stands no luck. On 82’ Conteh’s speed is no match for Nikolaou. Conteh is in a profound position of scoring as he was running away against Dynamo’s box alone. The only way for Nikolaou to stop him came with a yellow card. After VAR review, the yellow was drawn back and instead, Nikolaou was given a red card leaving Dynamo with 10 players. Dynamo seemed unable to score another goal. We kept pushing and the fear of our quick offense getting easily behind their ranks made them hesitant. Of course, there came a helping hand to them by us. 85’ and on a Dresden counter attack, Koné is somehow left alone with the ball far out of our box, having a Sankt Pauli defensive on him. Himmelmann though decides that this is not enough and rushes on to Koné (????????????) leaving his net area exposed. Of course Koné sees the gift and takes it. He goes sideways of Himmelmann with the ball and shoots against a free of defensives box making the score even. Last chance of the game though belonged to us. On 89’ Conteh slides the ball to Lawrence  in front of Broll . All Lawrence had to do was stretch his foot. He did it but not as much needed leaving the ball to slide out.

In these last three games all we see is quality in our game-play. Something we so much missed all that time. Getting better in every game. Still though we’re unable to maintain a win. In the last four games we’ve lost points we could have taken with a last minute suicide. With this game of course being the most typical. Giving Dresden all kinds of hell, taking the lead by three goals and then slowly turning this into a tie is called SUICIDE. From the three goals Dresden achieved, only one of them is a product of our defense malfunction. Their first one is doubted as many of us believe that there was a foul play against Himmelmann and the last one was Himmelmann’s inspirational outbreak. One thing is clear though. Our defense finally works. Dynamo could not find their way through, to our nets. We were closed and solid every time and all they could do was threaten with distant shooting and corner kicks. This is how we wanna see Sankt Pauli. Playing smart, playing tight and having the others on the run. These last minute suicides will heal as long as we maintain this exact pace.  Next game is THE GAME OF GAMES. Gegen Hamburg man. Gegen Hamburg inside Millerntor. Crushing H$V SCUM should be our goal for the next week. Not just winning them. Literally CRUSHING those bastards. Making them tremble at the sight of Millerntor. Don’t forget. Hamburg is Braun and White. Belongs to us damn it. The coming match day, on Monday, will be our chance to prove it. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Dresden Nazis in the game wearing shirts with the SS scull saying” Division for safety of German people” FUCK DYNAMO DRESDEN AND FUCK NAZI SCUM!! source: http://www.facebook.comAntifaschistischerFussball

Line Up:


Conteh  for Sobota  (61′)

Östigard  for Knoll (79′)

Buchtmann  for Möller Daehli  (89′)

Match goals:

0:1 Diamantakos (13′, Left foot shot, Möller Daehli)

0:2 Sobota (16′, Right foot shot, Möller Daehli)

0:3 Diamantakos (29′, Left foot shot, Möller Daehli)

1:3 Nikolau (40′, Header, Löwe)

2:3 Nikolau (54′, Left Foot shot, Atik)

3:3 Koné (85′, Right Foot Shot, Stor)

Spectators: 29953

Sankt Pauli cards: Carstens(2), Möller Daehli(1)

Match goals here

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  1. Zouz says:

    “One thing is clear though. Our defense finally works.”

    χαχαχαχαχααααααααααααααααααααααααααα, 3 (ΤΡΙΑ) φάγαμε ρε Αντίχριστέεεεεε 🤣🤣🤣

    • AndyChristos says:

      1 φάγαμε από λάθος της άμυνας….Τα άλλα δύο σ’αρέσει δε σ’αρέσει ήταν μαργαριτάρια του Himmelmann. Ειδικά το τρίτο…Το πρώτο παίζεται….

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