Matchday 07: VfL Osnabrück vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: September 24, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Still Best In Hamburg!

And it would be such a shame to fuck up, just one game after the glorious 2-0 against H$V. The tie wasn’t bad at all, considering the fact that Osnabrück had the opportunity to double and even triple their goals. We had our fair share of opportunities as well though so in the end…A tie seemed to be the most fair of them all…


Early on 5’ came the first dangerous moment for us when Amenyido shoots from distance but Himmelmann is aware of the danger and repels the ball. Response comes 2 minutes later with Diamantakos  who runs through the entire right side of VfL with Heyer on his tail. His shot is predictable though making it easy for Kühn to block it. Our tight defense line early in the game, led VfL in shooting from distance trying to find their way through. On 13’ a foul kick well executed by Wolze, ends to our nets. Nothing Himmelmann could do against this well executed foul kick. Not only that. On 19’ they almost double the score with Alvarez aiming for the post and the rebound shot from Girth  stopped by Lawrence. On 22′ though Miyaichi set things right.  Diamantakos passes through every VfL defensive he found in his way and opens to Ryo who shoots exquisitely and evens the score. Game seems to find its balance with Sankt Pauli winning the midfield battle. It was Osnabrück though who came closer to scoring another one before the final whistle for the first half. 38’ and a high ball is sent to Girth who attempts a round volley-shot but the ball ends to Himmelmann’s grasp.

Second half underway and the actions starts early now but on our behalf. It is 55’ and Diamantakos fails to place his head correctly for a header, sending the ball way above Kühn ’s  upper post. The answer comes from Amenyido on 69’. A shot from 20 meters away which Himmelmann repels using both fists. Midline action mostly for the rest of the game with Sankt Pauli doing most of the work but VfL also being a constant threat, waiting in the corner for a possible mistake. Luckily for us these are limited nowadays. Still…On 84’ we are left with 10 due to Diarra’s incredibly stupid gameplay against Amenyido (unfinished business of them both couple of minutes earlier). Don’t know what was going on in his head, but entering as a substitution on 67’, receiving the first yellow on the exact same moment and then, 17 minutes later receiving another yellow for the same stupid gameplay doesn’t qualify you as player of the month. Anyway…On 88’  Becker almost scores our second goal but his 23 meters distant shot is coming slightly more left from Kühn ’s left post. Bad luck for a splendid shot. The final word still, belonged to Osnabrück though. 90’+4 and Girth receives a header but causes no threat to Himmelmann as he sends it way far from his right post.

A fair result for a game split between both teams. Both had their moments and in the end one point is better than none right? Our work needs no other focus than what we’re working on now. (I suppose). Defense, defense and more defense. A solid defense line is the key to success and finally, despite the few fuck ups in this match day, it seems that we got an anchor point we can work around. Nothing can bring us down. Next game is Sunday in Millerntor against Sandhausen. We got a long way to go till the winter break and still we got a lot of improvement to do despite being the FIRST TEAM IN HAMBURG…Hahahaha…Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Tashchy for Diamantakos  (62′)

Diarra for Knoll (67′)

Coordes  for Penney (79′)

Match goals:

1:0 Wolze (13′, Direct Free Kick)

1:1 Miyaichi (22′, Left foot shot, Diamantakos)

Spectators: 29953

Sankt Pauli cards: Miyaichi(3), Östigard(1),Diarra (Red-Second yellow)

Match highlights here

Further reading:


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