Matchday 11: FC Heidenheim vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: October 28, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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BEST Fans around ✌️🏾😎

There’s no other way to describe and pay our respects to certain people that made the above trip for the 6th consecutive time, to watch…this. There are no suckers here, probably most of them entered the bus knowing deep inside that they’re going for a 6th consecutive defeat, this is unconditional love, hats off 🙇🏾‍♂️ To the game now…bah, whatever, let’s get with the details as fast as we can, we have Pokal on Wednesday ^ ^


The, at least “experimental”, starting XI by Luhukay made apparent to a lot that he’s “preserving resources” in view of Wednesday but there are two sides on this coin as well (more towards the end ^ ^). Of course me, always the positive guy, preferred to stick with a theory, according to which, as Bremen test showed, with people slowly recovering, we have a lots of options, something that is not necessarily untrue…

Off to the game then, with FCSP taking the early initiative. Good teamwork and side movement by Gyökeres on 3′, a good diagonal cross to incoming Penney whose direct attempt didn’t have neither the force nor the orbit required and ended up in Müller‘s hands. Lots of action around FCH‘s box in the opening quarter and another Penney shot from a similar position, this time just over Müller‘s crossbar (14’). As has happened more than once this season, closing of the opening quarter signaled the end of our early dominance and first opportunity for FCH on 16′, a Busch shot not far from Himmelmann‘s left junction. Balanced game onwards and the BAD news on 34’, Buchtmann out with a knee problem (exact nature of the problem not known as we speak, hopefully it’s nothing serious, get well Buchti!), Becker in. Some brown white fast pay immediately afterwards, with the final shot by Möller Daehli, just out of the box directly facing the net, ended again in Müller‘s grasp. Remaining part of the half belonged to FCH

Get well boy! 🏴‍☠️ (source:, ©️ Witters)

Second half underway and the biggest chance until then for FCSP on 52′. Long vertical Zander pass to Gyökeres who entered the box all alone from the right, only to miss the finish in front of Müller. Funny thing here is that there was no way for the ball to end in the goal the way he decided to send it, next time Viktor do us all a favor and lift your head for a look before you shoot 😎 For anybody that was wondering yesterday at this stage of the game about how we’re going to screw it up, the answer came on 59′. Low corner execution by Schnatterer directly to Theuerkauf and then directly into the net, with Penney and everybody else still trying to understand what happened. You fell asleep boys, this is what happened… There was will of course to do something but squad simply didn’t have the ways to penetrate in anyway. Still a couple of chances were there, a double one on 67′ with two brown white shots from within the box, first one from Becker on Müller and the rebound shot from Tashchy to the sky… There was also a good combination with final recipient Möller Daehli that was interrupted by FCH defense on 73′, not really much… Final “chance”, a 93′ Östigard header way out…

<cough, cough> Ehm…Herr Luhukay, something really does not fit here… If you don’t want to feel “sorry and ashamed” then don’t take fuckin’ chances and, most of all, stop patronizing the fans… If you don’t want this to happen, you treat the game as highest possible priority, it became apparent even before kick off that this wasn’t the case. To be clear here, this is not about Luhukay‘s choice, we hope that it will be vindicated on Wednesday evening, it’s about Luhukay making a choice and selling people unnecessary bollocks to sweeten the pill. He put Wednesday higher than yesterday. this is clear and understood, “drama” about sorrow and shame is not required…

Of course, since there was the decision to make some preservation (or/and rehearsing stuff? Diamantakos (not allowed to play Wednesday) stayed on the bench) in view of Wednesday, we expect to see this paying off. Alright then, if Pokal is not a joke for us, we expect an FCSP bursting flames on Wednesday and, regardless of the final outcome, to make Eintracht remember for a while their Millerntor visit. Alright Mr. Luhukay, you have again our attention, let’s see what you have to offer, FORZA FCSP ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Becker for Buchtmann (34′)

Miyaichi for Kalla (65′)

Conteh for Gyökeres (65′)

Match goals:

1-0 Theuerkauf (59′, Left foot shot, Schnatterer)

Spectators: 13500

Sankt Pauli cards:  Diarra(1), Tashchy(1)

Match highlights here

Further reading:


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