DFB Pokal, Round 2: FC Sankt Pauli vs Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2

Posted: October 31, 2019 by Zouz in 2019-20
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It was alright 😎

Yeah, it was alright, especially considering the way it started. An ambitious (for the squad, fans are still trying to comprehend how we made it to 2nd round) evening that started like a bloody nightmare but ended in a completely dignified manner, leaving almost everybody (we can’t really tell about Haupttribune, they were really fast clearing the area) satisfied, if not by the football, by the tremendous effort that the Boys in Brown put into the game, well done 😉


Initial bliss lasted only 4′, as many as were required for SGE to open the score. Hinteregger took his meters, took his time (nobody close to bother him), lifted his head and made the cross into the heart of the box where Dost won Östigard on the air and let helpless Müller observing the orbit of the ball. There was a lot of talk before and during the match about Korbi Müller, personally I’m not certain that Himmelmann could do something better here… FCSP apparently tried to recover and it looked like we had regained control around 15′ – this was the time that SGE chose to give us another blow and take full control of the match, dream ball by Kohr to Dost, who scored his 2nd with an elegant finish that Müller tried but eventually couldn’t repel on 16’… FCSP, not willing to surrender, resumed pressure and while some of us were waiting for a 3rd in some counter attack, a Knoll 20m missile that shook well Rönnow‘s right post before deflecting to safety, almost set Millerntor on fire on 24’. No goal, no fire but no finishing blow by SGE as well. FCSP pressure instead but without any serious results except a good Gyökeres attempt on 38′ that found Rönnow ready in his front corner. Things became really vivid with the unexpected but fair penalty (handball) that was awarded to FCSP, converted to goal by Sobota on 42′ and left things completely open in view of the 2nd half.

1-2 (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️ Witters)

Whatever anybody (regardless of colors) expected in the 2nd half never happened. There were no big chances, if we have to speak about FCSP it was all about a Möller Daehli cross that Gyökeres arrived too late for (58′) and a few shots from various distances by the Brown White Icon (😎🤘🏾🏴‍☠️) Jan-Philipp Kalla. SGE offered even less. It was all about SGE having retreated (don’t know why but not our business ^ ^) and FCSP trying all ways possible to penetrate their defense, unfortunately with no results. Of course this was of really small significance for the home crowd which continued to push FCSP until the very end of the game and applauded generously the Boys in Brown after the end of the match. If there was a highlight in the 2nd half, this was heroic Conteh, entering the pitch at 79′, getting injured on 89′ and giving it all (eventually without success) to get back into the game and help the squad that had been left outnumbered in the pitch. Hopefully there’s nothing serious with the boy, no details on his condition so far, fingers crossed…

2nd half highlights 😇

Alright, end of the road for this season. If you ask me if yesterday was worthy of all weird stuff that Luhukay did on Sunday and maybe costed us the point(s) vs FCH, I would probably reply “no”, aside the will and passion, no secret cards were drawn from any sleeve and FCSP overall did not really threat SGE. However, the overall image of the squad that was really dignified has to be credited to him as well. Whatever, holidays are over, now Operation Klassenerhalt resumes, with FCSP welcoming KSC at Millerntor on Saturday. No Wednesday fatigue, no crap, we need to nail down this one, everybody behind the squad like yesterday, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


Conteh for Kalla (79′)

Becker for Flum (85′)

Tashchy für Möller Daehli (108′)

Match goals:

0:1 Dost (4′, Header, Hinteregger)

0:2 Dost (16′, Right foot shot, Kohr)

1:2 Sobota (42′, Right foot penalty)

Spectators: 29373 (says “sold out” but…)

Sankt Pauli cards: Flum(1), Knoll(1)

Match highlights


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