Matchday 18: FC Sankt Pauli vs DSC Arminia Bielefeld 3-0!

Posted: December 22, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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When science gives up 😆

The same team that one week ago sweated to win (after two and a half months) the last team of the table on 85′, destroyed today the table leader, having actually finished the match long before the full time whistle. Unreal stuff, however we don’t have the slightest problem taking it as a holiday present 😎


FFS, nobody could imagine it beforehand but Arminia never had a chance here… 3′ in the game and BOOOOOM from Veerman in the form of a fine header, following a Sobota cross almost from the left corner spot, deep in the heart of the box. 1-0 for FCSP and the VERY FIRST TIME in modern FCSP times (correct us if wrong at the comment section) that this 1-2 bullshit thing that we do lots of time at corner kicks actually pays off 😅 Arminia, having been caught with the pants down, tried to respond with some fast football but no damage done and the next big chance belonged again to FCSP (14′), a Buchtmann 15m shot facing the net that ended up somewhere in the Nord instead of the target – preparation by Kamikaze Miyaichi with a crazy race from the right flank. Good game pace for both and absolute excitement for all of us on 25′ with the 2-0 again by Veerman, only this time incoming with a shot in the heart of the box, collecting the left wing assist from Gyökeres, MADNESS!!! Closing quarter of the 1st half was Arminia‘s chance to get back into the game. Having established ball possession they exercised pessure and there were a couple of times that they came really close to get back in business. A Voglsammer acute angled shot from the left that ended up centimetres from Himmelmann‘s left post (couldn’t do something here) on 32’, a Himmelmann interference to corner following a Hartherz long shot on 37′ and the big one by Klos on 44′ who lost a certain goal from 5m due to incorrect body position (our defense seriously exposed here) were the highlights. Thankfully we survived and the half time whistle found us looking stunned at the scoreboard 🙂

Henk Veerman, no prisoners (source:, ©️ Witters)

2nd half underway, some claim to initiative by Arminia to begin with and…3-0 thanks to an excellent Gyökeres 15m finish on 54′, reaping again the harvest of Miyaichi‘s work from the right! Stunned Arminia, stunned Luhukay on the bench (he really had a look like he doesn’t believe it 😆), stunned all of us watching, tragic for the past two and a half months, FCSP partying against the meanest team of the league this season 😅 Of course, a little dose of luck in such occasions always helps, Arminia lost a goal from 2m on 58′ (Himmelmann‘s right leg saved the day against Klos but when ball comes to you from such a short distance, there’s always luck involved) and never recovered afterwards, they kept possession until the end but their first true chance (a Voglsammer shot that smashed Himmelmann‘s low right post) took place on 87’, when everything has been decided. Not much from us as well but we already have got much more than we bargained for. A dangerous Arminia (Hartherz) free kick just by Himmelmann‘s left post on 90’, zero extra time by the ref, full time 3-0 with EVERYBODY (including the squad) still trying to believe it 😅

Fuck me, this is for real! (source:, ©️ Witters)

THIS. FEELS. SOOO. GOOOOD. Of course nobody is naive to believe that all our problems have been solved, our 11th place means just 2 pts over the relegation zone and return from the winter break has a lot of really tough tests in store but after two and a half months of pure frustration and with the winter break at the gates, we’re entitled to some happiness. If I should seek for the most obvious reasons behind this transformation, I would talk about the return of Henk Veerman (this guy when healthy can play football at a higher level than ours), his really good chemistry with Gyökeres (who suddenly is on fire as well) and some really hard work by Miyaichi. More serious football stuff, like the answer on how this FCSP without Möller Daehli can win 3-0 Arminia maybe by Millernton or some other more serious source when they’re out but even this kind of stuff doesn’t look enough to explain such a radical transformation in such a short time. Maybe Luhukay saw the light, changed his ways, stopped pulling shit and a new atmosphere flows through the dressing rooms? Would really love to be so but I don’t have the answer to such questions, I will personally stick with the party feeling for the winter break 😎 FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Ziereis for Ohlsson (51′)

Buballa for Buchtmann (65′)

Tashchy for Veerman (86′)

Match goals:

1-0 Veerman (3′, Header, Sobota)

2-0 Veerman (25′, Right foot shot, Gyökeres)

3-0 Gyökeres (54′, Right foot shot, Miyaichi)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Zander(2)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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