News: “Happy” 2020, goodbye Mats…

Posted: January 4, 2020 by Zouz in FCSP Players, News, Zweite Liga 2019-20
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If the first omens of a year could be the way to predict how it will go, we would be (and maybe we are anyway, hopefully not) already fucked… News of Mats Möller Daehli’s departure to…Genk came as a shock, at least to all of us that don’t live and work in and around Millerntor… Too early to know whens and hows, all that we know is that Mats, who had already plenty of options last Summer when he extended his contract, is leaving at his own request…


What do we have here? To begin with, one of the very few in this squad that were really feeling FCSP leaving the Club… If you add the fact that he’s one of the few capable to play football at a really higher level and our current situation in the league, damage is more than double…

Some already argued that this was a matter of time to happen and we probaby got some good money for this. What do we know for sure is that similar options were available to him (he’s already international for 3 years) last summer, he chose to extend his contract with us instead. 18 months later (what changed in between?) he asks and leaves (NOT on loan) for a Club that will have no european presence at the second part of the season (they finished last in their CL group).

Transfer fee can’t be really significant (we sold him to Genk not to some Arab Sheik) but even if the money were good, they are not good enough. 1,56m profits were announced in the last AGM at the end of a well balanced financially decade, we DON’T need to sell silverware in order to eat… we are not missing money here, we are missing quality and values, Mats had both of these in a very high degree.

In the very same AGM mentioned above, Oke stated the incredible “sporting success as a platform for the values of our members” (!!!). First of all, it’s not this way, when you’re talking FCSP, it’s completely the other way around, VALUES ARE your solid foundations, you start building upon them… But let’s assume for a moment that Oke was right. How do we bulid sporting success? By bringing on board a coach with a philosophy that goes against everything FCSP is about? By bringing into the Club on loan mercenaries that don’t even care to change their Club to FCSP in their social media profile? No, you start with a compatible and capable coach at the bench and you do everything to protect “assets” like Mats, instead of driving them (even involuntarily) away…

The saddest part? Used a Heerwagen (YNWA!!!) post as template for this one. After looking at the last paragraph, realised that it would be just fine leaving it as is and just replace “Heerwagen” with “Mats“…

That’s why today’s news are so sad, even though they didn’t come as a shock… He will be incredibly missed, our warmest wishes as a Scum crew (he was always one of the People’s favorites 😊) for all the best in the years to come. You’ll never walk alone brother, stay passionate, stay healthy, stay Mats, good luck!!! ☠️☠️☠️

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