Matchday 19: SpVgg Greuther Fürth vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-0…

Posted: January 29, 2020 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Reality check…

On my way to Hamburg back in December for the Wiesbaden game I was struggling with the same dilemma that became a Scum (and not only) internal joke around this period. If we lose, we’ll probably get rid of him, if we win, there will be all cheering (us included, loved that game, from the ones you don’t forget), vote of confidence will be given, we’ll lose the entire winter break and we’ll be back next year to face the consequences… It’s not about the improvement we were promised when Kauczinski was sacked from 6th place and Luhukay came in, some 20 months ago, anymore… It’s about survival…


That was the exact pre-game mood, nobody got convinced that things had really changed after the insane double dealer before the winter break but this winter break, combined with a good (even though obsolete) momentum, can always help. Win was considered possible, so was defeat but not this way…

Game on, with FCSP defence raising suspicions about still being in Spain quite early. A fuck-up that almost happened on 2′ with a dangerous pass to Himmelmann and a fuck-up that indeed happened but we got away with in on 7′, when Hrgota, taking advantage of a Zander error, dribbled Himmelmann but ended up too far at the left and his shot ended sidenetting Himmelmann‘s left side… The overall Fürth supremacy in the opening 10′ was interrupted with our first (and big) chance on 11′, when Ohlsson after an excellent 1-2 with Veerman (what a pass from a 2.01 guy!) tried but failed to win Burchert, who was present at his near corner and saved the shot. Veerman actually managed to score on 17′, having controlled a long high ball in his own delicate way, only this time seems that his right arm was also slightly involved. Immediately called off by ref and verified by VAR review. Fürth complained for another handball on 22′ but this time inside OUR box… Two consecutive Wittek shots, both of them from a really acute angle (in the box from the right), first one on Östigard‘s right arm, second one on Himmelmann‘s legs, ref suggested play on… Ref had actually his hands full in the first half, hosts complained for another handball (Buballa 33′, marginal but seems like it wasn’t) and another Veerman goal was disallowed on 34′ (offensive foul on Burchert). With this and that, we reached 43′ and, right at the point where everyone was thinking that “0-0 is not so bad for the 1st half”, Hrgota first got rid of Becker and then tried from around 30m the shot that caught Himmelmann asleep and probably decided the game. 1-0 for Fürth and more annoying that the goal he conceded is Himmelmann‘s reaction (shouting) towards his defense after it… HT 1-0 out of the blue…

2nd half underway and Fürth was the one that had the first chance on 53′, thankfully Leweling‘s shot found Himmelmann ready at his near corner this time and shot was deflected. FCSP actually nowhere to be found (63% possession for Fürth on 63′), first thing that somehow woke us up was a Gyökeres solo from the left flank towards the box that ended with an off target shot on 67′. A Tashchy 15m shot from a really good position in the box just over the crossbar on 75′ was a more interesting case. Fürth, having a relatively easy time so far in the 2nd half, smelled the additional neglect in our defense, caused by the reshaping to a more attacking formation and almost finished the game on 80′ when Hrgota, who had previously executed Himmelmann from 30m, lost in front of him a certain goal from 6-7m… FCSP, playing all in, came close to the equalizer twice in 2′, first with Veerman on 82′ who was stopped (to corner) in the very last moment by Burchert and then on 83′ with a Tashchy header, following the corner kick. Didn’t happen and Leweling finished the game shortly afterwards (86′), by avoiding Östigard, tricking Himmelmann and scoring in the near corner from a quite difficult angle. Even more frustrating was the picture of complete disintegration that FCSP showed after 2-0, something that made 3-0 on 92′ by Keita-Ruel looking really normal, with more time available they could be more…

Aye, we regrouped alright in Spain… A squad that is every opponent’s joy at the back and derives hope only from Veerman‘s talent and maybe occasional set pieces at the front. A squad without a real beginning and end, a squad with some people that play more for themselves than for the Club, a squad having “untouchables” in its ranks, a squad with a Coach that exceeded himself in the press conference yesterday by speaking about Veerman‘s called off goals (2nd one a clear offensive foul) while forgetting the Fürth penalty claims in the same period. Seems that this will be another agonizing until the very end season. What can we do? Not more than stay calm (for now ^ ^) and support our Club heart and soul… On Saturday is Stuttgart at Millerntor, fasten your seat belts, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Benatelli for Becker (61′)

Tashchy for Buchtmann (61′)

Penney for Zander (86′)

Match goals:

1-0 Hrgota (43′, Left foot shot, Seguin)

2-0 Leweling (86′, Left foot shot, Ernst)

3-0 Keita-Ruel (90+2′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 9220

Sankt Pauli cards: Gyökeres(1)

Match highlights here

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