Matchday 23: Hamburger SV vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!!!

Posted: February 24, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Hamburg is Brown White!

Are there any doubts out there? Anyone has a different opinion? No? Yeah that’s what I thought. H$V scum can crawl back to their little tiny fascist holes after that. Hoooly shit man….Hamfucks have been defeated not only once….but twice in a year…How about that? Hamburg is brown white you fuckers…Get that through your sculls. No need for a match report. It all sums up to this. Sankt Pauli entered Volksparkstadion, gave Hamburg an old school Muhammad Ali ass woopin, and then out for beers.


First half underway and it looks like H$V comes in more feisty than we expected. The game in the first round was an unexpected loss for them (Why though?? Everyone knows we are the boss in town!!), so this one was their chance to cover up for their lost moral of the first one. Early on 7’ Beyer  sends to Kittel, whose shot goes directly to our upper post. The rebound shot from Schaub  goes for the nets but  Buballa leads the ball to a corner. 3 minutes later, on 10’, Buballa makes a silly mistake considering that the ball was secure and out of bounds, but Jatta saves it and turns it back inside to  Pohjanpalo. He shoots but shot finds the outer side of the nets. Tough moments for us , able enough though to wake us up cos Sankt Pauli started gaining ground after that.  On 14’  Veerman goes for a counter attack. Shoots but Fernandes  repels it. Still the flying Dutch wasn’t over. On 20’ Henk against everyone. Noone can bring him down. Takes all of H$V defenses on him, shoots and scores. 0-1 for Sankt Paul we didn’t stop there. On 29’  Miyaichi sends to Becker whose shot is blocked. The rebound goes to Penney who shoots from distance and doubles the goals for Sankt Pauli. 0-2 for Sankt Pauli and H$V never looked more desperate.  Sankt Pauli do as they please now in the field. 34’ and Benatelli  combines with Veerman as the ball is left for Becker. He shoots lousy enough though to send the ball way above Fernandes’s upper post. The only time H$V tried to speak in the field after their first two opportunities came on 40’ with a desperate distant shot from Hunt, ending 2 meters away from Himmelmann’s left post.

Second half underway and the action is on our side. 51’ and Penney’s  flank ends with  Knoll. He goes for an excellent header but this time Fernandes is in the right place the last time and saves H$V nets from a third penetration. Sankt Pauli was dominant…No doubt about that. Instead of staying behind trying to preserve this 0-2 we kept hammering H$V. On 57’ Knoll again goes for a free kick from a really good position. His shot literally shaves Fernandes’s upper left corner but still the 0-2 stays intact. Knoll’s deadly left foot gave nightmares to H$V fans, watching his foul kick almost crush into their upper left corner. The nightmare seemed to have no end especially on 67’ when after a corner kick and a repelled ball ending from Benatelli’s head to H$V nets. Cancelled though cos Miyaichi was apparently blocking the way of Fernandes. The ref returned the favor of cancelling a goal rightfully though to H$V as well. 82’ and  Hinterseer who earlier took Jatta’s place scores after Pohjanpalo passed him the ball using his shoulder. We kept pushing with no serious outcome though. H$V tried one last time on 89’. Distant and desperate shot from  Harnik causing no trouble at all. 5’ minutes of xtra time till the ref blew his whistle for the last time in this game!

The face of the H$V idiots in Volksparkstadion  staring at Sankt Pauli players celebrating our victory was priceless. What were you thinking now …seriously? Hamburg is brown white and this victory was more than a statement. We dictated the pace and took it all the way to the end. Solid defense line and great mid line feeding the ball directly in the front. Diamantakos and Veerman were a deadly couple upfront and the team in general worked like a well-oiled Arlond Schwarzenegger Machine gun. Ready to kill. Of course the questions arise immediately after this one. How could this team play such great football here and be unable to win so many other teams? No time to answer that now cos we’re still humming rhymes of this glorious victory against the hated H$V. Next game is against Osnabrück on Sunday. Let’s hope we keep the momentum alive and gain some more three points in Millerntor this time. Once again. Hamburg is fuckin BRAUN WHITE……Forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Line Up:


Knoll for Becker (34′)

Tashchy for Diamantakos (87′)

Flum for Sobota  (90″+1)

Match goals:

0-1 Veerman (20′, Right Foot Shot, Miyaichi)

0-2 Penney (29′, Left Foot Shot)

Spectators: 57000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Diamantakos(2), Veerman(1), Buballa(2)

Match highlights here

Further reading:


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