Matchday 25: SV Sandhausen vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: March 10, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Fair enough!

We really needed to maintain the momentum of the last two games. Didn’t know if we’d be there though as Sankt Pauli is having us used into watching them lose against the most worthless and winning against the best. This is Sankt Pauli man what can you do? Anyway this one was actually no bet as Sandhausen was fighting for points also. One below us and wanting to preserve their spot above relegation zone. I’d say they had lots of motivation to give us all kinds of hell.


First minute of the game and it is where our old familiar, Bouhaddouz, tries to open the score for Sandhausen. Quick pass from Behrens and good old Aziz misses his chance brilliantly bringing back memories (Aziz you’re still the lousiest shot on this planet man…😆 ), sending his shot way left from Himmelmann’s left post, although Robin was in place. He stays focused though and tries again on 2’. Himmelmann is in place again and repels his shot.  Besides Aziz’s terrible aim and Himmelmann’s quick and accurate reflexes, let’s say here that the defense looked nothing than what they did in the previous two games. Anyway. Mid line started working eventually and we went out on the hunt. On 14’ a combination of Miyaichi and Knoll leave the ball with Benatelli who shoots but sends the ball way above Fraisl’s upper right corner. Action remains with us and our pressure bares fruit as on 28’ Miyaichi sends a distant pass to Gyökeres who controls nicely, shooting hard, finding his way to Sandhausen’s nets, opening the score for Sankt Pauli. Team tried to maintain the pace dictated after the goal, and it looked we were going to head on to the lockers with this 0-1 in favor of us but on 44’ Penney kicks Diekmeier’s foot in our box and the ref immediately shows the white penalty dot. Behrens executes on 45’+1 and evens the score for Sandhausen.

Second half underway and after a corner from Sandhausen, on 55’, Knoll gets injured and has to be substituted by Becker. Not the best to lose such a key point player so early in the second half but what can you do?  Carry on playing and hope for the best. Our bad luck though wouldn’t leave us be. On 63’ Scheu catches a rebound shot after a corner executed by Paqarada cleared by Östigard. Scheu’s shot was clumsy enough, but Himmelmann fails to react properly and the ball ends in our nets. 2-1 for Sandhausen and we really did not see that coming. On 73’ they even attempted to score a third with Diekmeier shooting but Himmelmann responding properly this time, saving our nets. On 74’ Tashchy tries to go for a vol plané shot and sends the ball flying in another galaxy!! Then on 78′ Diamantakos  sets everything right. Receives a distant pass and stays up against Zhirov’s defense shooting against Fraisl and turning the score into a tie. On 89’ we even had the chance to lead the score when Miyaichi was left alone, during a counter attack with the ball, against Fraisl. Miyaichi was to slow to react. Did not shoot eventually and tried to pass to Diamantakos but defensives repelled it. On 92’+3 last chance in the game and it belonged to Sandhausen. Diekmeier flanks and Linsmayer goes for the header sending it to Himmelmann’s upper post. 2 minutes after that, the reff whistles for one last time.

A tie is what it is. Not the worst result out there. Yes of course three points would have been much better but still one is better than none. The team was just a tad below our expectations. There were moments where we could have scored but there were also the ones where we could have suffered goals. It was definitely a close game in which we managed to survive even though Sandhausen came in all guns blazing. Sunday against Nürnberg is our next big chance to earn some points more and move a step further to the safety of “above the middle” in the ranks. Nürnberg comes in Millerntor and they are not a team high in the ranks (below us actually), but still….they want to escape relegation zone so in no case should we consider this one an easy game. Heads down and lets work our way through it! FORZA SANKT PAULI!!

Line Up:


Lawrence for Penney (46′)

Becker for Knoll (57′)

Tashchy for Sobota (46′)

Match goals:

0-1 Gyökeres (28′, Left Foot Shot, Miyaichi)

1-1 Behrens (45’+1, Penalty Kick, Diekmeier)

2-1 Scheu (63′, Right Foot Shot)

2-2 Diamantakos (78′, Left Foot Shot, Tashchy)

Spectators: 9800

Sankt Pauli cards: Penney(1), Östigard(4)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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