Matchday 27: SV Darmstadt 98 vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-0!!!

Posted: May 25, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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The previous game was a face of Sankt Pauli we didn’t wanna see again. Or to put it better….we hoped we would never see again. But just a little before the game started, when we saw the basic 11 our mastermind coach picked for this game…Just read below.


First half is on. Early in the game we get the message that this is something we wouldn’t like. 7’ and on an attempt to send the ball away from our box, we fuck up and send it back to  Palsson who rushes it and sends to Honsak. Honsak shoots and opens the score for Darmstadt. Sankt Pauli really looked shittier than the previous match day. Defense looked like they had it worse. Unconnected and no one covered for anyone. On 16’ Darmstadt almost succeeds in 2-0 with Skarke. Receives the ball. Shoots twice from close distance but both his shots find Lawrence. The second time they complain about him using his hand to block but he clearly was not. Two minutes later, comes our first time in the game to prove we were there for a reason. 18’ and Benatelli shoots but his shot is blocked and the ball ends with Tashchy. He is unable to do anything with it so he sends it to Gyökeres  who shoots nicely but Schuhen  blocks it. The game kind of balanced after that without any major action from either side. On 36’ Gyökeres again shoots but Schuhen  once again says no. Two minutes later, on 38’,  Himmelmann does the same for Schnellhardt’s distant shot.

Second half underway and all starts crippling down once again. Our good coach proceeds early enough to make up for the shitty 11 he chose to start with. 61’ and out goes Tashchy, Gyökeres  Benatelli and Buballa while in comes Coordes, Diamantakos , Veerman and Flum. Just like that. On 70’ no one understands what anyone is doing. Defense is super chill as Himmelmann saves a dangerous shot from  Honsak. and then the rebound shot from the same player and then instead of sending it away, they send it back to Himmelmann while Darmstadt. player’s were in our box. Super clever don’t you think? Punishment of course couple minutes later. 74’ and while our defense is sleeping already, the distant shot from Stark ends up to our nets.  Four minutes later, the same situation. 78’ and Darmstadt. unfolds from our right with Dursun sending the ball to Mehlem who turns the score into a 3-0 easily.  The last nail to our coffin comes on 89’. The ball stays too long to our box for no reason. Honsak shoots magnificently and turns the score into a 4-0. Actually this one was something like a confirmation of the quote “Fortune favors the bold”,  cos the ball originally hit the upper post and then Himmelmann’s back before it got in. Just before the game ended, on 90’+1 Diamantakos fucks up our opportunity to take something back from this game, by sending the penalty kick won by Veerman a bit more to the right of Schuhen’s  right post.

I mean…You play against a team you have never won before. You need to create a safe distance from the relegation zone. You come from a win that showed your team needs work in getting solid once again and you choose to rotate? ROTATE???? And not only that…Early in the second half you decide to make all your substitutions in one moment, taking away anyone you found in handy? 4 out, 4 in and go get em boys?? What the fuck is wrong with you Mr Luhukay? The team looked worse than the previous match day. Defense was nowhere. No one covered for anyone and no one actually knew what they were doing there. I dunno. Smells like a deeper problem here but now it is not the time to open that. Wednesday is the next game at home with Heidenheim. Hoping to see a better Sankt Pauli. Hearts and minds with the Boys in Brown!

Line Up:


Diamantakos  for Gyökeres   (61′)

Veerman for Buballa (61′)

Flum for Tashchy (61′)

Coordes for Benatelli( (61′)

Becker for Knoll (77′)

Match goals:

1-0 Honsak (7′, Left Foot Shot, Palsson)

2-0 Stark (74′, Right Foot Shot, Schnellhardt)

3-0 Mehlem (78′, Left Foot Shot, Dursun)

4-0 Palsson (89′, Right Foot Shot)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa (3), Östigard(5, misses next match)

Match (extensive, require Adblocker deactivation but no issues) highlights here

Further reading:

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