Blind football: Farewell to a Legend ☠️☠️☠️

Posted: June 27, 2020 by Zouz in Blind Football
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This should have been done a little earlier, back in February, when we got aware of his retirement during Brian Aarons Cup but lockdown came soon afterwards and thing was forgotten (shame Scum). Came back striking while reading past week’s news about Jan-Philipp Kalla‘s football farewell. We will get back to Kalla along the way, he will remain a part of the Club and plans are already in place for a proper farewell when conditions allow so, for now he can wait. Probably you haven’t read anywhere about it, due to the fact that he is not a profi footballer (where the spotlight is almost always on) but a member of FCSP Blind Football.  So, let’s talk a little about Serdal Celebi


Who’s Serdal Celebi? Captain of our FCSP Blind Football squad, member of the squad longer than the reach of the Scum memory (we go 2011, he goes 2009), German international, BundesligaMeister 2017. For anyone that all these are not enough, he’s the first ever blind footballer who won the “Tor des Monats” award in Germany, back in Summer 2018, in the otherwise unlucky final vs MTV Stuttgart. Been lucky enough to watch him in action, pure fuckin’ passion, couldn’t believe it observing him at a derby vs Marburg, storming in like an enraged dog while having a bandage around his head from an injury earlier in the match 😎 When his absence was noticed on February, we got aware of the news of his retirement and his absence was felt already, having him, we would probably had someone to guard that English Beast that won the tournament on his own (more here 😎). His absence will be felt during this season (was supposed to start back in May, will eventually start September 12th, stay tuned), both football (both in terms of skill and strength) and passion-wise…

To me (and us as Scum, actually), people like Serdal are more significant than the x profi that will come here with a good contract, honor it and then cash in his success by taking the next step in his career, leaving sweet memories behind… The way we see it, Serdal Celebi is as significant as Jan-Philipp Kalla, Deniz Naki, Marius Ebbers, Ralph Gunesch and all the flags of FCSP that flourished in Millerntor. In this sense, we would be really happy to see something happening to honor his contribution, maybe something in cooperation with the football club so people that follow FCSP but haven’t taken the “dive” towards the amateur section can be aware.

A big “THANK YOU” from the South End Scum to Serdal for all these years, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” can be sung in Borgweg as well, let’s close this with the man speaking about himself ✌️☠️



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