News: Timo Schultz is in the house!!!

Posted: July 12, 2020 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2020-21
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OK, this is not a bomb. There were a lot of rumors about it, even before we get rid of Luhukay but there were a lot of rumors in general. This is not a rumor anymore, this is news and, if you ask us, it’s fuckin’ good news!!! Not sure if “welcome” for a person being around since the beginning of time is fit but it’s for sure fit when talking for a change of approach towards certain things, so “WELCOME” (again) to Millerntor Timo, our warmest wishes for a looooooong and fruitful stay, more below 😊✊🏿🏴‍☠️


According to “street talk”, Timo was a strong contestant from the very beginning, being willing to take the risk and take over. From a personal (OK, haven’t ask the others here 😎) point of view this looked like a risky experiment, considering that he should maybe be “protected” at this (chaotic) point so he can be able to take over in the future. A conservative approach maybe but the recollections of the Meggle affair are still here… However, same “street talk” was also saying that he was not only willing but in case he doesn’t get the job, there was the possibiity of losing him, as Sirens from Kiel had already started singing – this would be a loss as well as Boll case has sadly proven, a delicate balance overall…

Not aware of the exact degree of truth in the above but thing is that Timo is eventually our new coach. This is a fuckin’ sunny day and not only because of the weather. It seems to signify a U-turn from the horrible Iron-Hand-Discipline model (towards the end, this guy couldn’t even discipline himself) to a much more compatible to FCSP way of doing things, based on mutual respect and FCSP ethos. If you ask me, this is the only model fit for this club, we shouldn’t try to adjust our ways depending on the personnel, it should happen vice versa, anyone not compatible with the above should be out, no matter his market/football value.

OK, step 1 has been made, what do we need now? Simply to stick by it. Club trusted Timo with the position, now must actively support this decision by giving him the time and “authority” to do the job. Time in terms of trust through the tough times that will probably come, something that Meggle did not enjoy. Authority, not in terms of playing Luhukay in the dressing rooms of course but rather “authority” in terms of involvement in the administrative decisions that affect the department. If the Club (and the fanbase, FUCK ANY PRICK that will ask his head because “we are not competitive enough” or “this is not the attractive football we want at Millerntor”) stick with the above, I think we have a trainer for the long run and maybe someone that could make us at some point “forget” (figurative, the man CAN’T and will never be forgotten) Stani 😎

For anyone not aware (?!?), who’s Timo Schultz? He didn’t grow up with us like others, he came to Millerntor from Kiel on 2005, at the age of…28, when the Club was in…Regionalliga Nord. On board for the entire magic trip from RL Nord to the Bundesliga as part of this unique Stani Armada, retired on 2012 after having spent a last honorary season with FCSP II. The very next day he took over the post of assistant coach for 2 years. 4 years head coach for the U17, 2 years head coach for U19 and…here we are 😎

This is a 2-year contract, the way I see it, it could be more but I can “understand” any reservations of technocratic nature on giving a 4-year contract to a “rookie” coach. No worries on that, as long as the Club sticks to the aforementioned stuff, next extension will be longer 😊

Not much more to say, just best wishes from all of us to Timo. This will probably be rather a difficult trip than a cruise ride (lots of issues with the squad at the moment and decreased budget to begin with) but at the end of the trip there’s the perspective of a squad that we finally can relate to again, after all these years. Get in there Timo, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


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